No Artistic Merit

A random collection of things I've made.

Tak boards composited from various bits of wood, fabric.
Stone, glass, cork, hex nut piece sets.

Space Donut album
Photos and web sources.
Misc. "music":

NESplosion (guitar)
Teen Monkeys (guitars & bass)
Obligivania (guitars)
Silver Tux (guitar mix) (guitars)
The House on Belmont Hill (guitars & bass)
Klonky Dong (guitar & bass)
Debiru Hausu (guitar)
Horrible Night to Find a Chord (guitars)

Instanced asteroid field,
procedural planet gas system, starfield, nebulas.
Cell efficacy molecular electrostatics animation,
amortized ambient occlusion, impostor raytracing.

Procedural blobs with emulated MAX compositing,
bent normalmap for emphasized rim lighting.
Procedural nebula generation, coloring strange attractor point clouds.

Per-pixel depth of field blur, dynamic focal range.
8-bit projected self shadowing, distance attenuation, 3-tap penumbra.

Stick figure / iPod dancer,
geometry shader spline tessellation.
Melting wineglass with blowtorch,
geometry shader and transform feedback, chromatic refraction.

Weenie Roast album
Photos and web sources.
Product Satire.

Proto Biomorph.
Fractal animation in OpenGL.

Upsampling experiments.
Scale2x, Scale4x, subpixel Scale8x.

First try using Photoshop with a tablet: colorized Anakendis Zombie from Warlock 6.

Blood Sausage album
Composited from various web sources.

Rai's drawing of Jen,
colored & textured in Photoshop.

Real Butter album
Photographed in my oven, after several mouthfulls.
Creeping Banana album
Zog's idea composited into the local Safeway.

Three separate still-lifes drawn with pencil, charcoal and inkwash, overlaid on a filter-generated background.

The armory from Warlock of Firetop Mountain (reference 155), created a layer at a time from sections of the boardgame and Dungeon Floorplans.

Chun Li from the PC port of Street Fighter II. Hand-pixeled into high-res with Paintworks Gold on the IIgs.

I merged Akira Toriyama's original two color schemes to create this new combination, and made it into a T-shirt. The Capsule logo was created in Illustrator.

Frank Miller's Miho, drawn with a crude spline generating program I wrote with OpenGL on an SGI Indy.

Dragonball comic spine artwork. I scanned each of the 42 books and merged the strips in Photoshop.

Metroid Zoomer redrawn to fit 20x14 blocks on the IIgs.

Concept character art for "Aliens" level of SMT.

Mosaic of Fighting Fantasy books, stitched together from over 100 megs of scans. Since I don't own the UK editions of the first 21 books, several of them were reconstructed from composites of various collected parts. Click to see the full size 1280x2000 image.

A young Gokuh, pixeled by hand in the age before scanners. One of the first things I made on my IIgs.