Apple IIgs ROM3
Buggie mini-200W power supply
AE Conserver

1: (Hayes 14.4k faxmodem)
2: Grappler+ (HPDJ 550C)
3: (AppleColor RGB w/ SFC & N64)
4: Zip GSX 15/64, internal fan
5: Quickie (AEHD+ 3.5")
6: AE Audio Animator (AIWA NSX-5200)
7: RamFAST RevC 3.01e (Maxtor LXT200S)
M: OctoRam w/ 4 megs
Development Environment

GS/OS System 6.0.1
GNO/ME 2.0.4
Merlin 16+ 4.08
Orca/C 2.03	

I used this machine from 1989 through the late '90s, and then in emulators like Bernie to the Rescue.

Here are some of the graphics and sound projects I worked on:

[My Game]
"My Game"
Parallax sidescroller
"My Game"
Animasia-3D character model of myself
"My Game"
"Hiroe" custom sprite compositing tool
NES graphics redrawn for IIgs
"Out Of This World"
Existing cinema redrawn for scanline palettes
Custom music sequencer, editor
"Super Merryo Trolls"
Collaborative parody platform game, World 1-A secret room
"Super Merryo Trolls"
World 1's blockset
"Super Merryo Trolls"
Some of World 1's sprites