Improving retro gaming.

I submitted several changes to Gil Pedersen's Mac port of PCSX, to implement VBL sync, improve resizing, fix kernel panics and other problems.
I did some work on a hardware-accelerated GPU plugin, using OpenGL. The goal was to improve image quality while reducing CPU usage. However, there are many subtleties in the PSX hardware which are difficult to efficiently map to Mac video cards. Here's a few development screenshots, using a split-screen view to show the old software renderer on the left, and the new hardware renderer on the right. To the right of the screen is the VRAM debug view.
MGS, running at window resolution with filtering and FSAA. There are many problems here with texture clamping and cache updating, and the line primitives aren't scaled. Still, it looks pretty good.
SOTN, running at PSX resolution. You can see a transparency problem on Richter, and how filtering affects the top of Dracula's life bar.
SH, which uses the PSX mask bit. This is emulated with a convoluted combination of the stencil buffer and destination alpha. Still many problems with texture clamping.
SH after some texture cache rework to fix the texture clamping. Side-by-side shows 16bpp vs 24bpp.
Another side-by-side of MGS, showing higher resolution, antialiasing, texture filtering.

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