Improving retro gaming.

I fixed up MacMAME 0.77u2a to build in Xcode, optimized the CPU usage and contributed many fixes such as VBL sync and aspect ratio correction. I also leveraged it to various later versions. Brad Oliver included all my fixes in the 0.96 release. MacMAME.xcode
One change which is not included in the official MacMAME yet is OpenGL vector renderering: higher quality antialiased vectors at much lower CPU cost.

This image is a composite showing:

Bottom Left: old software renderer (note line intersections and ends)

Bottom Right: new GL renderer (round intersections, phosphor persistence, color interpolation visible in flicker, real solid/translucent modes)

Top: GL renderer (intensity cranked up to create glow)

This implementation emulates "sparkle" used in some games and has correct clipping, rotation, and flipping.

Although this looks better, and uses much less CPU, it can't be included in the offical build because it is incompatible with the artwork system. The artwork compositor in the MAME core needs to be rewritten to work with the GL plugin.
Major Havoc composite

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