House of Hell

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Coat			Sk-3
  1  Creep around the house to investigate
289  Walk up to one of the other windows
137  See where the light is coming from
345  Wait and listen for a little longer
 68  Try the kitchen door
306  Go back to the front door and knock
357  The butler leads you into a reception hall
  8  Study the paintings
304  Look at the middle-aged gentleman
 37  Look at another painting
250  You rub your eyes and look again		[Man in gray]		Fe+1
277  Relax and drink the brandy	with Kelnor
394  You go into the dining-room					Fe-1
309  Take red wine
395  Choose duck for your main course
115  You chat with the Earl of Drumer
 28  Take fruit, coffee and brandy
224  The butler leads you to the Erasmus room
  5  Leave the room
 59  Climb into bed
 23  Try to break down the door
128  You are unlikely to break it down					St-2
158  Surprise whoever is about to come in
373  Leap on the man and attack him
399  Battle the HUNCHBACK 7/7
220  Force him to answer your questions
234  Ask him about the people in the house
308  You leave the room, locking him in		[Gray in Asmodeus]
350  Follow the landing around to the left
257  Enter the Azazel room
358  Investigate the crude laboratory further
117  Examine the liquids in the glass vials
341  Take a sip of the yellow liquid
161  The liquid will protect you from injury
385  You came from the right
 26  Enter the Mephisto room
298  Force the door
390  You continue along the landing		Frayed rope
287  Go through the door with no name
 86  Investigate the window
110  You head back to the landing		[Mordana in Abaddon 88]
193  Try the unmarked door
377  Search through the storeroom shelves
 83  Leave and return to the landing		Meat-knife, garlic	Sk+3
233  Ignore the unmarked door and go on
374  Turn left down the passageway
339  Try the door to the Asmodeus room
154  Wound the WHITE-HAIRED MAN 7/9					Fe+1
162  Hold up your hands
313  Ask him how you can convince him
300  Ask him how you may defeat the Master
105  Follow him out to the passageway		[Kris knife, Mordana]
378  Continue back towards the landing
272  Follow the passage around to the left
175  Try the unmarked door ahead
103  Enter and investigate the bedside table
163  Eat the night-time snack
226  Leave the room							St+4 Lu+1
243  Enter the Belial room
312  Rest here
261  You catch your breath						St+4
380  Grab the rising sheet						Fe+1
 70  You breathe a sigh of relief and leave				Fe-1
329  Try the Abaddon room
335  Walk over and wake the old woman
139  Wait to see what will happen next					Fe+2
246  Ask her for information about the house
170  Defeat both GREAT DANES 7/6 6/6 and search
 19  Ask her about secret rooms in the house
321* You know her name is "Mordana"
 88  Ask her about secret rooms in the house
295  You consider the information and leave	[Shekou, under cellar stairs -10]
159  You creep downstairs
132  Try a door on the right
285  Try the door opposite
353  Have a little tipple from the decanter
292  Examine the corner shelf			Flask of brandy		St+3
192  Examine the fireplace			Silver dagger		Sk+2
303  Read through the letters
364  Turn back to the face on the mantelpiece
 85  Try another approach
145  Move slowly backwards towards the window
 64  You hurl the soil over the Fire Sprites
375  Press the secret button
392  A trap-door opens beneath you
397  Quickly search the room for a weapon				Lu-1 Fe+1
355  Wait to see whether the figure will help
263  Leap across the room and attack
 56  Battle the HUNCHBACK 7/7
 72  You have come across this hunchback before
138  Stop fighting and jog his memory
198  Offer Shekou a drink of brandy
 93  Look around				-Brandy, [mixed up]
166  Walk further up and try another door
209  Talk to the balding man in gray
363  Leave immediately				[Red room, key behind mirror]
 91  Continue along the corridor
 91  Try another door in the right-hand wall
112  Claim to be one of the Master's friends
 16  The assistants tie you onto the rack
381  The torturer will consider your answers
 38  Answer "Drumer" straight away					St-
352  Answer "Abaddon" straight away					St-
 57  Answer "Kelnor" quickly						St-
333  Answer "Mordana" immediately					St-
 76  Answer "Shekou" immediately					St-
315  The torturer turns to you
235  You answered "Drumer"			{5}
194  You answered "Abaddon"			{10}
130  You answered "Kelnor"			{15}
297  You answered "Mordana"			{20}
141  You answered "Shekou"			{25}
280  The torturer stammers humble apologies
265  Refuse his help and leave the room
248  You continue along the passageway
393  Hide under the stairs						Fe+1
320* You are in position to find a secret door
310  Look for secret doors
276  Try a password
237  Say "Murder"
174  Enter the small chamber
 48  You flip back the lid of the wood box
 35  Leave and climb the stairs			Kris knife		Lu+3
293  Enter the door opposite
113  Investigate the reception room further				Fe+1
324  Grab the leather box and take it with you
147  Quickly dive through the mirror		Leather box
  3  You open the leather box			Golden Key
160  Try the right-hand door
294  You have a Golden Key
 10  You leave the chamber			Cast-iron key #27	Lu+2
204  Step back through the mirror
349  You wait for silence and leave the room
131  Turn right and follow the hallway
 58  Try the door on the left
323* You have a cast-iron key
296  Pull the rope to ring for the butler
318  Attack Franklins the butler first
351  Continue pursuing him
336  Wound FRANKLINS 8/8						At+3
181  You are using the Kris knife					Fe+3
109  Battle the HELL DEMON 14/12					At+6
400  You watch the fire destroy the house