Caverns of the Snow Witch

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune
  1  Cross the crevasse by the ice bridge
335  You tread carefully over the bridge				Lu-1
 41  You continue your trek through the snow
212  Fight each SNOW WOLF 8/7 7/7
202  You continue through the swirling snow
337  Use your sword to dig a shelter
281  You crawl out to continue your quest	-2 Provisions
169  Enter the small wooden hut
 36  Put some logs on the fire and warm up
118  You feel your strength returning					St+3
192  Take a couple of weapons with you
255  You leave the hut				Spear, war-hammer
263  You follow the footprints up the mountain
190  You scream at the Yeti and run to attack				St-1
 77  You are carrying a spear
391  You do not have frostbite
249  The spear thuds into the Yeti's chest	-Spear
219  Kill the YETI 10/9
 67  You set off to find the Crystal Caves
 25  You hear a distant rumbling from above				Lu-1
163  The avalanche sweeps an adjacent ridge
363  Turn right in the ice tunnel
215  Drink some of the yellow liquid
 24  You walk back out of the cavern					St+3
 56  You continue on down the main tunnel
395  Nod your head at the Mountain Elf
 89  He does not suspect you are an intruder				Lu-1
331  You are able to walk casually past
241  Run down the left branch of the tunnel
321  You fall down into an ice pit					St-
254  Pull hard on the rope			-Sword
314  Both Goblins tumble headlong into the pit				Lu-1
188  Defeat the GOBLIN 5/4 barehanded					At-3
366  Walk back to where the tunnel forked	2 GP, fish, candle, dagger, sword
 29  You turn left into the other branch
106  Enter the crude kitchen
 95  Attack the Snow Witch's servants
187  Fight the NEANDERTHAL 7/8
179  Search through the cupboards
194  Read the runes on the stick
345  Read the book				Carved rune stick
356  Open the book							St-4
 97  Put the chain around your neck
327  Blow the flute				Amulet of Courage	Sk+2
 74  Smell the rose				Silver flute
317  Leave the cave							St+3
198  You are not wearing a cloak
260  You walk casually through the cavern
370  Say you must play flute for the Snow Witch
 31  None of the worshippers suspect you				Lu-1
295  You walk through without trouble
137  Turn left towards the cries for help
311  Help the Dwarf out of the pit
376  You set off back along the tunnel		Sling, 3 iron balls
125  Attack the ugly robed man
156  Strike the identical man to your right
232  Try to smash his prism
 72  Enter the tunnel with the skull mouth	[Genie]
288  Attack the huge Frost Giant
112  You have a sling
373  The iron ball hits the Frost Giant		-1 iron ball
 12  Try on some of the rings
 65  Put on the gold ring
 21  Put on the copper ring			Cold resist ring	Lu+1
130  Walk through to the next tunnel		Summon ring		Lu+1
338  A strange humanoid is advancing
 59  Smash the CRYSTAL WARRIOR 11/13
148  Go right at the junction
368  Knock on the locked door
 83  Attack the sickly gray-white man
 62  Fight the ZOMBIE 6/6
200  You walk back to the junction		Minotaur horn, garlic, dragon's egg
150  You possess some ground minotaur horn
 52  You examine the open sarcophagus
297  You have some garlic
210  You possess a carved rune stick
 34  The stake pierces the Snow Witch's heart
  4  You investigate a vague shape in the ice
235  Defeat the SENTINEL 9/9
171  Turn left in the torchlit tunnel		399 GP, -minotaur horn, -garlic,
						-1 iron ball, -carved rune stick,
						-fish, -candle, -war-hammer
 61  Ignore Redswift's advice			Redswift, Stubb
 48  Keep hold of the orb
275  You continue down the tunnel					St+3 Lu+1
166  You decide to turn left
259  Redswift draws the short straw
353  You draw the short straw
379  You cheerfully lead the way		Elfin boots		Lu+1
 20  Fight the CAVE-MAN 8/8			-Redswift, -Stubb
141  You catch up with Redswift and Stubb	Star-shaped disc
365  You are wearing an Amulet of Courage
189  Kill the BRAIN SLAYER 10/10
309  Look inside the gray pot			Redswift, Stubb
344  Break the seal and read the scroll
224  You learn a spell before the writing fades
147  Look inside the red pot			[Gul Sang Abi Daar]	Lu+1
101  Leave the cavern by the opposite door	Square disc
176  Open the oak door
285  Go left after resting			-3 Provisions		St+4
298  Take the ornate shield
183  You remember the words "Gul Sang Abi Daar"
253  You walk back past the last junction	Shield			Sk+1
135  You have a shield
230  You are soon on your way again
339  Fire an iron ball at the globe
216  The iron ball flies straight and true	-1 iron ball
282  You quickly dive onto the floor					Lu-1
193  The energy bolt slams into the cavern wall
336  The Snow Witch watches you carefully
262  Fight the DWARF ZOMBIE 8/9
             and ELF ZOMBIE 9/9 together
 23  You have some small metal discs
113  Conceal the square disc
 15  You are not hit by the falling ice					Lu-1
  3  You agree to accompany Redswift and Stubb
104  Walk on past the raft
131  Wait for the boat's owner to arrive
289  Drink the green liquid						St+2
158  You feel revitalized						Sk+1 St+4 Lu+1
173  You set off south for Stonebridge					St+4
278  Pay the old man for his information
 69  He bids you farewell and walks off		-2 GP
348  You just manage to draw your sword in time				Lu-1
256  Fight the BIRD-MAN 12/8
 18  Resist the temptation to drink
 63  Your thirst makes you weary					St-1
 96  You set off again for Stonebridge					St+1
110  The rest of the night passes peacefully				Lu-1
399  In the morning you continue your journey
 13  Fight two HILL TROLLS 9/10 9/9 together
211  The Hill Trolls do not see you		-Stubb			Lu-1
218  You are able to slip by unnoticed
 38  You drank the Potion of Health
 30  Continue east following the river		-Redswift		Sk-1 St-1
 46  Pull the thick vine						St-1
312  You carry on walking up the river valley				Lu+1
119  Walk up the narrow footpath
168  Enter the wooden hut
341  Ask the old man if he is the Healer
 71  Threaten him
390  Swallow the green pills
346  You walk back feeling marginally better				St+4
205  Cross over the river by leaping
268  You nearly slip
162  You manage to reach the far bank safely
 50  Fight the WILD HILL MAN 6/5
320  Go back across the river over the rocks				St+4
364  You walk up the river valley					St-1
115  Ask the Elf where the Healer lives
100  You manage to scramble to the far bank				St-1 Lu-1
273  You follow Ash up the side of the hill
 85  Ash fires a perfect shot						St-1
175  You thank Ash and walk into the gorge
252  Climb up the ladder to the tree-house
398  Defeat the MAN-ORC 8/6
342  You climb back down and continue walking	Candle, tinder-box
 92  You are wearing elfin boots
128  You walk silently past the Barbarian
319  Enter the cave
 75  You are still alive						St-
258  You possess a candle and tinder-box
 54  You reach the other side of the pit
 91  You possess a dragon's egg
359  You walk ahead of the Healer		-Dragon's egg
154  You drank the dragon's egg concoction
  5  You resist the Banshee's temptation
 68  You manage to pass by her unharmed
 19  You possess a silver object
328  You sit down to rest and wait for sunrise	-Silver flute
217  You believe the bird to be a Phoenix
146  You are cured of the Death Spell
400  It is the beginning of a beautiful day