Scorpion Swamp

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, chainmail armor,
						backpack, 3 GP,
						Brass Ring
  1  Politely explain that you are determined
 95  Agree with Gronar
240  Say that you will serve only Good
155  You feel very good indeed						iLu+2
335  Tell Selator about your ring
371  You must bring back an Antherica berry	Friendship, Bless,
						Fire, Ice, Stamina x2
  9  You follow the trail north into the swamp
195  Jump over the soft part of the ground
 91  Travel west
398  Cast a spell
191  Use Friendship on the Master of Wolves
294  Follow him inside his home and talk	-Friendship
172  You talk for some time and leave		[Wolves word]
314  Go north
 90  Use the Ice spell
370  Cross the bridge and travel north		-Ice
157  Fight the trees with your sword
 28  Defeat the SWORD TREES 9/12
362  You look around the clearing and go on	Seeds
 22  Quickly go north
320  Cast a spell
119  Cast Bless on the Unicorn
381  You thank it and go on your way		-Bless, Friendship, Luck
348  Exit east
 10  Examine the torn up clearing
 59  You give the fallen fighter a burial	Golden Magnet pendant
227  Go north
 66  Attack the evil man
267  Kill the THIEF 10/9
386  You continue on your way			Red Cloak
179  Go south
 10  You have been in the torn up clearing
142  You hurry through the clearing
227  Go west
320  You have been in the grassy clearing
265  There is nothing here now
348  Exit west
204  Run past the flowers						Sk-1
269  The fear subsides a little						Sk-1
367  Go north
304  Ask to meet the Parrot's mistress
131  Your patron is Selator
164  You accept the Mistress of Birds' help				Sk+
248  The Eagle deposits you on the ground
202  Travel west
 14  Leave while the monster feasts
 88  Go east
331  You did not fight the Eagle
112  Climb up and examine the nest
 73  You get to the nest safely and leave	Gold Chain		Lu-1
202  Travel west
 14  You have been in the small open spot
338  There is nothing left now but scraps
 88  Go north
121  Go north at the crossing
170  Your patron is Selator
 76  You have not found the Antherica bush				Sk+1
333  You thank the Ranger and go on
234  Go east
305  You are serving Selator
 36  You have not found the Antherica bush
396  You resume your travels west		Friendship
363  You parted from the Ranger in friendship
133  There is no sign of the Ranger now
234  Go south
121  Go east at the crossing
275  Try to reason with the angry Giant
229  You have a Red Cloak in your pack
286  You are serving Selator			-Red Cloak
244  You thank him and bid him good day
161  Travel north
 92  You do not have the Wolf Amulet
 68  You know a secret word
302  You command the beasts to lie down
247  Pick the berry and save it
232  You are serving Selator			Antherica berry
389  Half your mission is completed
342  You did not kill the Giant
300  You continue your journey
161  Travel west
121  Go west at the crossing
218  Ignore the Will-o'-the-wisp and go south
336  Try to jump over the viscous Slime
257  You jump right over						Lu+2
153  Quickly go west
 65  Confidently greet the group of five men
163  Agree to the leader's plan
 79  Hit the BRIGAND LEADER 9/10
360  You all laugh and joke
214  You say goodbye and leave
 19  Travel north
280  Go to the Bent Spear
 78  Visit the wizard				-1 GP			St+2
150  Exchange with Halicar and leave south	-Gold Chain, Stamina,
						-Golden Magnet, Skill
343  You parted from the Brigands in friendship
199  You call a greeting and pass by
 19  Go east
137  The Slime blocks your path as before
336  Try to jump over it
257  You jump right over						Lu+2
153  Quickly go north
218  Ignore the Will-o'-the-wisp and go east
121  Go south at the crossing
 14  You have been in the small open spot
338  There is nothing left now but scraps
 88  Go east
331  You did not fight the Eagle
112  Leave
202  Travel south
138  Go on to the bridge
101  Go south
118  Your reactions are quick						Lu-1
 70  Leap over the Scorpions to safety
377  You jump over them
319  Hurriedly go east
 47  Exit east
 31  Drink from the pool
 77  You leave and go back west						St+3
 47  Exit south
290  You do not have the Golden Magnet charm
151  Attack with your sword						Sk-1
281  Fight the SWAMP ORCS 6/7 7/7 6/5 together
135  You search the bodies			3 GP, map
309  Go south
 53  Greet the Master of Frogs in return
 13  You are in the service of Selator
212  Cast a spell on him
258  Try Friendship
127  You chat for a while			-Friendship
104  The clearing is empty
352  You travel north
323  You slew the Swamp Orcs
309  Go west
388  Use magic on the Crab Grass
167  Try Fire
310  You leave safely				-Fire
187  Go south
144  Attack immediately
 26  Kill the MASTER OF SPIDERS 9/6
354  You leave hurriedly			Spider Amulet
165  Go south
105  Sit down and rest on a stone
 21  You would rather not know						St+1
390  Go west
195  Jump over the soft part of the ground
 91  Travel south
208  You are ready to return
159  You undertook your quest for Selator
  6  You have the berry of the Antherica plant
175  You have succeeded in your quest		Healing potions