Casket of Souls

Demon Across Table

Across the table is the Banner of Titans.

Hatred Overturned

Turn the page over (upside down) to see the Golden Chalice in the negative space between the orc faces and rocks.

This Open Throne

Upon the throne in the gem on the right is the Crystal Key.

Evil Spiders Mating

Fold the page over onto itself so the two spiders on the pillars "mate". Above the laughing face is the Horn of Calling.

Mist Of Mirrored Wood

Hold a mirror to the bottom edge of the page. The curved piece of wood in the right foreground reflects to form the White Ash Bow.

Into The Insect Maze

The maze on Remstar's breastplate resembles the insect-shaped Amulet of Courage.

Blast The Door Aside

Look at the page from the side. With perspective, the wooden barrier on the door becomes the Book of Magic Lore.

Casket Mirrors Face

Hold two mirrors at right angles over the top part of the face in the Window of Stares to see the Shimmering Shield.

Twist In Flight

Six of the Silver Arrows are frozen in flight in the top face of the maze, one on the closest wall, and two in the tower.

Kissed And Heaven Sent

The Blade of Braxus is mapped out in the heavens by the moon and stars.

Hissed At Paper Shields

The patterns on the shields around the page are instructions for folding the Helmet of Wisdom out of paper.

Darkness Reflects The Pit

Hold a mirror vertically across the pit to reflect the Crown of Kings.

The Spell

Put the first words of each page in the order of the Royal Treasures to form the spell: