The Tasks of Tantalon

The Stinn Dungeon

Study the ropes and gears. To pull Sir Dunstable up, the lever must be moved to the left, so the answer is 5.

Fickling Rise

Follow the food chain. The Devilfish eats a red fish, which eats a fish with a red dot, which eats a fish with a black stripe, which eats a tiny striped fish, which eats a fly. Flies cost 6 Copper Pieces.


Count the Hag-Witches. Including the four corners and the one on the facing page, there are 13.

The Eede Dam

Trace each pipe up from the bottom to find which valves lead to each drain. Then eliminate extra valves. Numbering the drains A-I, only valve 4 leads to drain D, thus 4 is open. Valves 5 and 6 are overlapped by 7 for F, H, and I. 1 and 2 are overlapped by 3 for B, G, and H. Thus the sources of each drain are B: 3, D: 4, E: 4, F: 7, G: 3, 4, H: 3, 4, 7, I: 7, and the answer is 14.

The Brimstone Dragon

Count each Gold Piece to find 102.

The Princes of the Ham

Use coins to represent the frogs. Counting only the prince's hops, the answer is 12.

The Minotaur

Search the book to find four blue orbs numbered 3, 4, 5, and 6. The paths are numbered 2, 3, 5, 7, and you cannot reach the center by path 3. Thus 5 is the correct path.

The Ting Ring

Find the Ting Ring on the test tube rack at the bottom of the page. It has zero stones set in it.

King Tag

Fleeing Casper, 'King' Tag meets his wife Davina and heads south through Eacham to Greycloud Manor. At the dragon's hoard, Chauncey the dwarf mentioned Davnia is sick, so it is likely they would visit the Healing Well. Since he is "in exile living underground," Tag must be hiding under the well, in grid 5-1, so the answer is 6.

Forrin Town

Simply measure the trees to find the tallest one. It has four trees next to it. Following the map correctly, the bush is right in the center.


Return to the Stinn Dungeon to find the correct key, which bears the number 15.


Look back through the book for clues about Sir Duke. At the dragon's hoard, Chauncey the dwarf said Sir Beade is Sir Duke's identical twin. At Fickling Rise, the fisherman says Sir Beade was sent to the verminpit Weirtown. Comparing the statues to people at Weirtown, there are two possibilites, the knight on the horse, or the man with the axe. The introduction describes Sir Duke as bearded, so it must be the latter, and the answer is 14.

The Runesearch

Sum the answers from each puzzle to get 196. Rune 196 is on the Princes of the Ham page. Examine it very carefully. There are tiny instructions to follow, which lead through a series of runes validating each of the answers previously found. Eventually the directions lead to the Sword of Justice at Forrin Town, which gives the last task of finding the Crown of Courage. There is a crown on the last page, but as the text says, "Pretenders and fools will end their quests here." Continue to the back cover, where the true crown bears the final inscription.

Many thanks to Steve Dale, who provided the final puzzle solution, and Nikolai Tuuri, who corrected the King Tag solution.