Clash of the Princes - The Warrior's Way

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						backpack, horse,
						10 GP, 10 Provisions
  1  Do not travel with Lothar
148  You promise to meet him at the toll bridge
325  Fight each KOBOLD 9/6 8/4 8/4
102  Accompany the damsel to the monastery
377  You ride for several miles
309  Walk through the main gateway
195  Have a look in the magnificent chapel
 72  Fill your flask with Holy Water
429  You rush out of the monastery		Holy Water
163  You ride away back to your own quest	10 GP, -Holy Water
100  Follow the western path
175  Try to take the Gold Pieces from the well
126  You manage to grab two Gold Pieces					Lu-1
445  Crawl through the small hole		2 GP
108  Kill the GIANT TOAD 8/8
 74  Ride along the south road			Brown parchment
384  Continue along the rough track
149  You watch the Witch summon a Demon					Lu-1
281  You summon enough courage to continue
367  A strange smothering mist drops around you
  2  Continue towards a cluster of low hills	-GP, -horse
140  You have no time to react
 75  Drink the old bottle of Potion
477  Explore the cave				Potion
153  Kill the GIANT BAT 9/8
277  Continue along the dark passage
435  Have a closer look at the object
 53  You drank the Potion
210  Fight the BLACK BEAR 8/10
437  You return to the stairway			Lantern
307  You drank the Potion
 89  You are visible again
171  Continue down the deep valley
  6  Attempt to cross the rushing river
330  You dive deep into the bitterly cold water				Lu-1
 20  Land on the east bank
157  Have a closer look at the little well				Lu+1
284  You have a lantern
226  Fight the dark beast crouching in shadow
411  Climb out of the well			Red plate armor
 59  You follow the cliffs to a small clearing	-Lantern, [five items]	Sk+2 St+3 Lu+1
 87  Follow the left path towards the lowlands
137  Fight the loathsome white tube
215  Combat the ICEWORM 11/10
 49  You finally reach the lowlands		Brown parchment
217  You come to a small but rowdy inn
 96  You proceed past the mountain range	[Four parchments]
  4  Cross the rotted wooden bridge
 52  Look through the first doorway
220  Attack each WRAITH 9/4 8/4 8/4
318  Enter the second doorway			Gold cross
141  Follow the passageway into blackness
 33  Touch the mysterious green sphere
151  You follow the passage			[Green man scroll]
412  You have the gold cross
172  Fight the WITCH 7/8
 24  The evil chapel lies in ruins
430  Follow the deeply grooved wagon trail
 46  Follow the faint sound of metal
288  You find a holy book near the grave				Lu-1
390  You go back to the graveyard track		Holy book
276  Run towards the ancient mausoleum
119  Lift the emerald-green silk first
297  Peer beneath the scarlet cloth		Brown parchment
134  You have a gold cross and a holy book
263  The unearthly creature collapses		-Holy book
223  You journey once more with a joyous heart	-Gold cross		Lu+1
 61  You have not met Dragesima
451  You reach a leafy forest
282  Wade knee-deep through the cold brook
239  The frothy water begins to swirl and heave				Lu-1
 67  You drag your weary body onto a sandy bank				St-2
232  Ignore the Wood Elf's invitation
188  Seek shelter beside the stone monolith
273  Peer into the small burrow
218  Fill your pockets with gold
370  Battle the WIGHT 10/8			-Sword, Sword of Frost	Sk+2 Lu+1
197  Eat some large juicy mushrooms
293  The mushrooms have healing properties	2 mushrooms		St+ Lu+
374  Cut a path through the tall hedge
335  You do not have a birch seedling
109  Destroy the HEDGE 9/4
 63  Talk to the beautiful Wood Sprite
414  Help her by evicting the wicked Gnome
440  You dive to the ground just in time				Lu-1
363  The fireball explodes overhead
194  The Gnome pulls a dagger from his belt				Lu-1
103  Fight the GNOME 8/10
 54  The Sprite thanks you			Amulet of Protection	St+2 Lu+1
 78  You press your hand against the obelisk
344  You materialize in the desert
 86  You come to an immensely long rope bridge
 51  Steal the key without waking the Hydra
305  You recover the key from the beast's neck				Lu-1
 41  You proceed into the tower
473  You climb a tall tree onto a platform				Lu-1
409  Explore the interior of the tree
375  Fight the GORILLA 9/10
415  Fight the green lizard-like humanoid
227  You follow his directions to the volcano	Brown parchment
111  At your feet yawns a wide crevasse
319  Travel on your side of the chasm
 99  You have a Potion
156  Fight the CYCLOPS 8/10			-Potion
181  Your destiny is close			Power Stone		St+1 Lu+1
 31  The door opens into an immense cavern
 44  You have some brown parchments
433* You lay them on top of one another		-Brown parchments
465  Grasp the green gem in yellow light
454  The blue gem scintillates in your hand	Sacred Gem of Gundobad
500  You begin a long and just reign