Clash of the Princes - The Warlock's Way

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						backpack, horse,
						10 GP, 10 Provisions
  1  Do not travel with Clovis
148  You part from Clovis with a wave
325  Fool the two Ogres into helping you
391  Eventually they agree						Lu-1
467  You describe Clovis as their victim	-1 GP
226  You continue through the thick underbrush
165  You come to a wide still lake
293  Approach the men by the boats
 13  Use a spell to get to the other side
386  Walk on water over the lake
440  You stroll to the other bank quite safely				Ma-2
209  Follow the left-hand path into the forest
432  Leave the path to investigate the music
377  Enter the small clearing
302  Join in the festivities
274  Offer to help the Faeries						Ma-
 45  Try to entice the Wight out of the cave
113  Lead it up the hill
177  Continue up the steep slope
262  The monster disintegrates in the sun
489  You return to the Faerie glade		Materials
  7  Resume your journey on the narrow path	-Materials, ring [1]	Ma+
340  Approach the hooded and robed men
251  Repeat the man's gesture
157  Draw another magical symbol in the dirt
328  Say the sun is Master and the moon Queen
430  Put the ivy in the fire
 52  Drink from the crystal goblet
228  You see a lucid vision and black out	[Green stone]
499  You return to the path in the forest
367  You are caught in a severe storm
  2  Continue through the forest		-Horse
257  Take the right branch in the marshland
 54  Turn right through the boggy expanses
193  Take the left path at the gloomy junction
114  Proceed along the left path into the dark
276  Leave the path and cut towards the light
292  Head up into the craggier hills					St+4
167  Climb down the vent to retrieve the rod
102  You see another rod further down the vent	Rod			Lu-1
415  Climb deeper into the ground
263  You return to the surface			Rod			Lu-1
 19  You turn your attention to the rock-pool	-Staff, -2 rods, metal staff
205  Jump across the stepping-stones
187  Defeat the SALAMANDER 9/8						Spell
 77  Climb up to the large white villa
300  Fight both GUARDS 7/6 7/6, enter the villa				Spell
463  Follow the corridor
243  Wake one of the floating meditators
110  Give a fat smiling woman a little shake
 16  You continue through the room					Ma+5
288  Leap onto the flying rug and escape
474  Exit the room from a window		Flying Carpet
 95  Drive the rug through the doorway
208  Fly through the open doorway
260  Turn down the left corridor					St-2
312  Go through the next open window
392  You roll up your magic rug and continue	Ring [8]
453  You come to a small but rowdy inn
 96  Take the right path into the mountains	[Four discs]
437  Take the track half-right at the cliff
153  Go left on the goat-tracks
342  Go left from the trees
495  Fight the HOBGOBLIN 8/6						Spell
  4  Take the right-hand rough-hewn tunnel	Torch
278  Go down the left path
413  Go straight from the rock-fall					St-1
396  You have no choice but to fight
459  Defeat both HOBGOBLINS 8/6 8/4					Spell
172  Travel cross-country
223  Cast a spell to escape the birds
441  Send the birds to sleep
216  The entire flock plummets into the lake				Ma-1
273  Look at one of the pungent flowering trees
358  Press on with your journey			Pink blooms
451  You find your way blocked by a desert
 90  You head for the port of Kalamdar
227  Escape from the bloodthirsty pirates
443  Look in your pack for a suitable item
281  Use the Flying Carpet
191  You return to find the corsair gone
237  Fight each SAILOR 7/6 6/4 6/4					Spell
 28  Continue traveling by ship
369  Cast a spell to breathe in water
137  Examine one of the large cave openings				Ma-2
456  Tell the Mermen you seek the sacred conch
158  You pass even deeper into the reef
410  Say the shellfish built one spiral
117  Wish to be back on dry land
232  You head across the wasteland		Conch, Serpent Torc
344  You arrive at the shore of the Great Ocean
 86  You come to an immensely long rope bridge
136  Steal the key without waking the Hydra
305  You recover the key from the beast's neck				Lu-1
 41  You proceed into the tower			Key
473  Offer the Kobold chief suitable tribute
141  Offer a Serpent Torc
299  The room disintegrates into panic		-Serpent Torc
 93  Go left in the corridor			Power Stone		Sk+ St+ Lu+ Ma+
494  The corridor leads to a subterranean hall
 22  A dark form materializes before you
398  Offer the supernatural being a gift
194  Offer the Sacred Conch
385  Go through the right-hand door		Ring [PITS]
 31  The door opens into an immense cavern
 44* You know the number of pits in hell
 18  Take the green gem in yellow light
454  The blue gem scintillates in your grasp	Sacred Gem of Gundobad
500  You begin a long and just reign