The Crown of Kings

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Fine sword, leather tunic, Chainmail,
						locket, Ragnar's Armband, Chakram,
						Gauntlet of Weaponry, Serpent Ring,
						large backpack, torch, tinderbox,
						10+ GP, 3 Provisions, Libra,
						Blimberry juice, beeswax, Bone Bracelet,
						Green-Haired Wig, 2 Lucky Talismans,
						Galehorn, Crystal Orb, glass vial,
						Serpent Staff, Jewel-Studded Medallion,
						ferry whistle, snake charm, scroll
237  You defeated the Archmage's messengers	["The Analander" -40]
  1  Try the far cave for shelter
534  Call out to attract attention
309  You decide to investigate and reach out
 62  Try one of the other caves
419  Try the smallest cave
222  Enter and face whatever is inside
123  Enter with your weapon drawn
286  Reassure yourself there is nothing else
 14  Open the dirty old bottle
318  You puzzle over the parchment fruitlessly	Parchment [translate -20]
 99  You settle down to sleep for the night
384  Climb to the right up the mountainside	Stone dust, 3 pebbles	St+2
339  You have come across these hybrids before
378  Keep quiet and wait to see how they react
522  Step forwards as the She-Satyr asks
244  Tell them that you are from Analand
  5  Accept their invitation to the village
545* Ask Sh'houri about the parchment
525  You accept her thanks and converse		-Parchment, [giving rewards]
371  You are a wizard				[4 Throben Doors], hardwood spear,
						[summon Colletus -30]
435  You take some spell artifacts and leave	Fire Water, Sun Jewel, Pearl Ring,
						Nose Plugs, Brass Pendulum
441  Rest in the little sheltered alcove
350  You gather your things and set off		-1 Provision,		St+2
						[Groaning Bridge]
539  Investigate the rope hanging down
323  Cast a PEP spell
612  You have a Potion of Fire Water					St-1
678  The rope snaps in your hands		-Fire Water
 59  Try crossing the wooden bridge
183* Make a whistling sound to summon Colletus
153  Call on his skills as a holy man
283  You have a hardwood spear
204  You thank Colletus and ask about Mampang	-Hardwood spear, blessed spear
103  You thank him and cross the bridge		Medicinal Potion,	iLu+1
						Holy Water, Cloth Skullcap
411  Run to get through the pass					Sk-1
 67  Ignore the two drunk guards and run on
342  You are still faithful to Libra
439  You did not spend last night in the cave	-Libra, [password -92]
113  Cast a ZEN spell on yourself					St+2
736  You stop in mid-flight and return					St-1
304  Wait to see what the guard does
496  Wait to see whether any more guards appear
364  Wait
432  Try dropping to the ground
572  You step through into the Fortress
129  Try the large double doors ahead					Sk+1
253  You have another plan
193  Cast a FAR spell
640  You have a Crystal Orb						St-1
615  Turn around and try the door on the right
206  Continue inching the creaking door open
311  You manage to keep the noise minimal				Lu-1
280  Investigate the door on the right
307  Open the door and investigate the smell
 73  Step back and investigate the other door				St-1
144  Laugh and try to befriend the Black Elves
295  You apologize and they calm down					Lu-1
191  Ask whether they know the Crown of Kings
213* You are not recognized as "The Analander"
173  You change the subject quickly		[Samaritans of Schinn]
377  They argue and you decide to leave
566  Try the door across the way
493  Stay to listen at the doorway
330  Smash the door into whoever is coming	[Samaritan Birdmen]
446  Cast a RAZ spell
765  You quickly rub beeswax on your weapon				St-1
453  Battle both GUARDS 5/6 7/7 together				Chakram, At+2
 44  You open the double doors			Large key
467  Steer left towards another group
109  Ignore the Red-Eyes' taunts and continue
216  Change direction to approach them
242  Claim to be from Kristatanti
125  Insist that you are from Kristatanti
291  They seem to accept your explanation				Lu-1
271  Accept his flask of ale offering
 97  Refuse to pay for your drink					St+2
 12  Attack with a TEL spell
639  You have a Cloth Skullcap						St-1
600  Your plan has worked, all three lie dead
425  Head left towards a bundle of rags
233  Toss the blind woman a Gold Piece
 61  Ask Javinne about her friends from Schinn	-1 GP
372  Allow her to lay her hands on you
353  You do not have any illnesses or diseases
436  Ask her how she became a beggar		[Samaritan mothers]	Lu+2
388  Ask her about "the mongrels"		[Deaf Mucalytics]
302  Offer to rid Javinne of her tormentors
 27  You must find and kill all three		[Searching bodies -100]
  8  Head towards the vaguely familiar group
325  Approach as the Sightmaster wishes
568* You are not recognized as "The Analander"
528  Accept their offer for advice
459  You have more than 5 Gold Pieces
 45  The Sightmasters draw their swords		-3 GP
 90  You have a blessed hardwood spear
313  The three of them lie dead
340* You search the Sightmasters' pockets	23 GP, sand, glue, 3 Provisions,
						Ring of Green Metal
240  You thank Javinne and continue		Luck pendant,		iLu+1
						[Valignya password], Tinpang Water
135  Step up to the large wooden double doors
397  Follow the right-hand wall into the corner
519  Pass through the door on the right
221  Try a RAZ spell
630  You rub some beeswax on your weapon				St-1
221  Turn back and go through the other door
 18  Rush towards the other doors
515  Cast a NIF spell
665  The creature's convulsions finally stop				St-1
443  Head through the door opposite		5 GP, Bone Bracelet, 2 Goblin teeth
263  Go into the empty room to rest
167  You have visited Shadrack on your travels	-1 Provision		St+2
 77  Turn left and head for the room		[Valignya, Naggamanteh]
428  Ask the fat turbaned man his name
 42  Refuse to give Valignya a Gold Piece
132  Do not offer him any gold
160  Cast a NAP spell on him
621  You have a Brass Pendulum						St-1
759  You memorize the password and leave	10 GP, [Alaralatanalara]
141* You are not recognized as "The Analander"
101  You step outside to the courtyard
392  Open the double doors with a password
498  You know the password "Alaralatanalara"
 32  You pass through and enter the inner keep
538  Take the left path and risk the Birdmen
565  Hide behind the nearest door on the left
161  Try to talk to the three Birdmen
  9  Be polite and ask how their families are
200  Apologize and continue the conversation
429  Tell them you are from Analand
578  Admit your interest in the Crown of Kings
 82  You thank Peewit Croo and leave		Silver whistle		Lu+2
479  Turn right and try the door straight ahead
319  Step through the door past the bell-pull
127  Yell at the smooth-skinned creature
506  Order it to tell you the best way through
390  Follow his instructions
  6  Knock on the solid metal door
178  You avoid the impact of the morning star				Lu-1
190  It swings past and you enter the room				St-1
251* You are not recognized as "The Analander"
211  Accept Naggamanteh's offer
361  Compliment him on a fine torture-chamber
215  You thank him for his advice and continue	[Hell-fire illusion 399]
230  Take the door in the corner on the left
236  See what Nylock the merchant has for sale
 91  Purchase some of his merchandise
494  Buy the set of two candles
303  The two candles are self-lighting		-2 GP, candle, blood candle
473  You leave the merchant and continue
310  You turn right and follow the passage
124  Try the smaller ornate door
 54  The machine splutters and springs to life				Lu-1
460  You sharpen your weapons and return				At+1
 81  Investigate the large double doors
256* Run through the inferno without hesitation
399  You walk comfortably through the inferno
150  You have a candle to light your way
 13  Use the ordinary candle
 72  You step carefully between the blades
239  You manage to keep your balance
359  Your hand touches the wall ahead
 52  You grasp the handle and turn it
 33  Face Cartoum, Captain of the Guards
508* You are not recognized as "The Analander"
468  Offer him something from your backpack	[Portrait]
232  You have a locket found along your journey
290  You leave the pining captain		-Locket, key #17 [Throben -17]
463  You open a door leading onwards
580  Cast a MUD spell at the marble sculpture
719  You have some sand							St-1
681  Your trap will slow down your opponent	-Sand
504  You fling yourself out of the way
329  The creature turns again to face you
 58  Use something against this creature
152  Try a glass vial of liquid
 92  You were given it by a woman
241  You race for and reach the doors safely	-Glass vial
224  Turn the handle of the double doors
196  You have a key to use in the lock
224* Open the Throben Doors with the key
207  You climb a spiral staircase to a door
321  Calm the balding man down and talk to him
  7  Farren Whyde tells you his story
 79  Cast a DOC spell
587  You have a Medicinal Potion		-Medicinal Potion	St+
245  Turn left and investigate the stone wall
546* Try the password Libra whispered to you
454  You finally open the firmly locked door	Libra			St-
102  Take the door on the left
 37  Enter the odd-shaped room and look around
114  Ignore the bulky shape and continue
470  Step back and consider your next move
265  Realization dawns as the shape rises
499  Cast a BIG spell on yourself
689  You stand like a Giant before the Hydra				St-2
 65  Wound the GOD-HEADED HYDRA 17/24					Chakram, Orb, At+7 St-1
458  Scream and wound the Hydra			-Fine sword		At+7 St-2
398  Advance again and wound the Hydra		Fine sword		At+7 St-2
 84  Your skills are worthy of the Academy
305  You try the door in the wall
220  You set off up the stairs
198* You are not recognized as "The Analander"
158  Your identity is known to your host
198  Cast a KID spell on the scrawny fellow
706  You cast your spell and watch in amazement				St-1
552  Three guards rush in and bundle you off
  4  Tell Jann Farren Whyde's story		Jann
 69  You had better plan an escape		[Farren Whyde -111]
 98  Ask Jann his opinion
414  Consider a powerful spell to cast
337  You have "strength to waste"		-Blimberry juice	St+3
356  Listen to the Minimite's story
374  You must concentrate hard on where to go
402  You now know the secret of the spell	[ZED control 631]
427  Cast the ZED spell
753* You travel backwards through time		-Jann			St-7
631  You are on a spiral stairway		-Libra
321* Expose Farren Whyde
210  Cast a ZAP spell at the creature forming
683  The Demon's head explodes from inside				St-4
351  Open your pack for something to use	Crown of Kings
148  Use holy water from the Tinpang River
537  You sprinkle holy water on the body	-Tinpang Water
526  The Samaritans will return you to Analand	Silver whistle
800  Your journey is over