The Seven Serpents

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Fine sword, leather tunic,
						locket, Ragnar's Armband,
						Gauntlet of Weaponry, Serpent Ring,
						large backpack, torch, tinderbox,
						20+ GP, Libra,
						Blimberry juice, 2 Goblin teeth,
						beeswax, Bone Bracelet, Sun Jewel,
						Green-Haired Wig, Gold-Backed Mirror,
						2 Lucky Talismans, bow and silver arrows
130  You can command the Serpents		[Serpent -14]
  1  Use your magic to deal with the Nighthawks
178  Use a LAW spell
430  You order them to fly off southwards				St-4
314  You must destroy the Archmage's Serpents	[Shadrack the Hermit]
 48  Head east as the face in the tree advised
150  Rejoin the main trail next morning		[Air Serpent body], Galehorn
230  Be friendly to the three Centaurs
111  Draw your weapon
313  Throw yourself into their midst and attack
 70  Kill HORSEMEN 8/7 7/6 7/8, allow surrender				At+2 Sk- St-
 35  You consider his advice and continue	4 GP, sand, [Moon serpent flame]
273  Head to the north-east
 85  Fight the Baddu-Beetle with magic					Lu-1
191  Choose a SUN spell
334  The Beetle retreats into its hole					St-1
 24  Trek north-east				Stone dust
 12  Approach the dark-cowled creature
104  Prepare to cast a spell
310  Choose a MAG spell
452  Spare the BALDING MAN 6/9						At+2 St-2
 72  You watch as he keels over backwards	9 GP, Chakram, yellow powder
143* Command the Serpent to reveal information
129  The Serpent hisses loudly			[4 guards protect the entrance]
143  You have the means to make fire
155  Fight the MOON SERPENT 7/6 with fire				Chakram
 62  It shrivels into a ball			Crystal Orb
285  Head north-westwards for several hours
137  Show the caravan you mean no harm
259  Tell the old Black Elf you are after food
215  Follow him to the kitchen tent
321  You don't wish to buy food
192  Tell them you wish to trade for food
 79  You will be given a meal in exchange	-Bow and silver arrows
163  The Whortle soup has a strange effect
 18  You are breaking out in red blotches	1 GP
231  Amuse the Elves by telling them jokes				St+2 Lu+
275  Ask to visit their store to trade
198  They will offer you their best prices	[Half price, one free]
315  The old Elf gives you a fine Pearl Ring
124  The ring is a fine piece of jewelry	Pearl Ring
 86  Barter for the suit of chainmail		-Sun Jewel
153  The Chainmail may minimize battle damage	Chainmail		Sk+1
 86  Barter for the bag of Vittles		-Stone dust
 17  Vittles are pastry balls with meat inside	4 Provisions
 86  Barter for the Crystal Orb			-Crystal Orb
 88  The Orb would make a dangerous missile	Crystal Orb
 86  Barter for "Secrets of the Baklands"	-Yellow powder
203  The parchment is worn and faded		Parchment, [Sham gifts, Snatta plants]
 86  Barter for the Spell Book			-Parchment
  8  You may brush up your knowledge		Spell Book
 86  Ask the old Elf for shelter for the night
 46  Pay and follow him to the trailer		-3 GP
125  March in a north-north-westerly direction				St+3
 15  Stop to wait for the wind to die down
 97  Ignore the miniature whirlwind and leave	-Spell Book
322  Head in a north-easterly direction
 73  Continue to see who the small creature is
162  Treat the gnome-like creature as a friend
134  Give it a gift as a token of friendship
 50  Your lucky choice has been a success	-Gold-Backed Mirror
290  The Sham has disappeared in the distance	Serpent Staff,		Lu+2
						[Earth Serpent contact],
						glass vial [Sleepless Ram]
114  Head northwards
283  Do not eat Provisions on the rock
300  Cast a WOK spell to avoid falling rocks				St-1
477  The magical shield will protect you	-1 GP			St-1
 30  You slip and land with a thump
 98  Cast a MUD spell on the boiling hot rock				St-1
371  You lift yourself out of the pit		-Sand			St-1
 43  Try to get rid of the small green snake
263* Command the Serpent to reveal information
249  The Earth Serpent hisses at you		[Offer no gold to Valignya]
263  Fight it with a HUF spell
351  A gust blasts the Serpent into the air				St-1
127  It is easy to destroy the small snake
220  You catch your breath then set off again
165  Ahead of you is the Forest of the Snatta
133  Camp on the outskirts of the forest
 55  You settle down and drift off to sleep	-1 Provision		St+2
235  Choose the left-hand path into the forest				St+3
 13  You take some useful gatherings		Sand, 2 Provisions
117  Leave the path and follow the red snake
226  Walk up to the tree ready for danger
123* Command the Serpent to reveal information				Sk- St-
109  The Serpent coils and hisses at you	[Eat not from Throg's larder]
123  You have something else in mind
197  You have some sand with you
148  Kill the SNAKE 5/6				-Sand			Chakram, At+2
306  Take the right fork on the trail
214  investigate the soft plop sound
193  Learn more about your invisible attacker	-Large backpack		St-2
 90  You pick up your pack to continue		Large backpack
 25  Cast a YAZ spell on yourself
398  You leave under your cloak of invisibility				St-1
271  Follow the path to the right
329  Cast a FIX spell on the bush
448  You free yourself from the Stranglebush				St-1
106  Take the left-hand path through the woods
119  Creep up to the wooden door
171  Cast a FAR spell first
354  You have a Crystal Orb						St-1
492  You see a figure gazing into a similar Orb
171  Open the door
265  Creep along to the end of the passageway
190  Politely announce yourself
282  Ask Fenestra whether she has any magic
234  You chat and exchange spell artifacts	-2 Goblin teeth, Jewel-Studded Medallion
183* Command the Serpent to reveal information	[Water cannot abide oil], flask of oil
169  The trapped creature hisses		[Beware the Mucalytics' breath]
183  Ask her for other advice on the Serpents
 76  Ask for advice on crossing Lake Ilklala	[Marsh Goblins chant]
132  Exchange for the ferrymaster whistle	-Pearl Ring, ferry whistle
324  Choose a lucky charm gift
195  You collected a whistle earlier		Snake charm		Lu+
221  You thank Fenestra and leave her home	[Morning shore 199]	Lu+3
 92  Take the center path
146  You stop to rest in a clearing		-1 Provision		St+2
 20  You camp on the shores of the great lake
264* Blow the whistle to summon the ferryman
199  Pay the scruffy man his fee		-4 GP
110  Do as he says and start rowing
293* Command the Serpent to reveal information				Sk-1
279  The Serpent hisses				[Do not light the blood candle]
293  See what has happened to the ferryman
 21  Rip the shriveled snakeskin apart
 34  All that remains are puffs of smoke
213  See what the bubbling ahead is
 28  You hold on to the side of the boat				Lu-1
118  An unnatural stillness hangs in the air
303* Command the Serpent to reveal information
289  The creature hisses			[Pay respect to Naggamanteh]
303  Fight it another way
172  Look through your backpack for something
245  Use a flask of oil
 14  You have defeated the Water Serpent	-Flask of oil
 75  You have crossed the lake						Sk+1
147  You wade through onto marshy ground				Lu-1
182  Stay where you are but hide		-1 Provision		St+2
136  Reveal yourself to the Marsh Goblins
 91  Cast a RAP spell
396  You have a Green-Haired Wig					St-1
410  You promise to destroy the Serpent		Scroll [LIX]
295  Cast a spell
 53* Command the Serpent to reveal information
 39  The Serpent hisses as it hangs in the air	[The Archmage may be disguised]
 53* Hold up the scroll and recite the chant
 59  Defeat the SERPENT OF TIME 1/14					Chakram, Staff, At+2
  4  You rest and leave the swamplands
393  You have killed or trapped seven Serpents
357  You are a worthy champion of Analand	[Unannounced 237]	iSk+2 St+ iLu+1
498  Ahead of you lies the Mampang Fortress