Kharé - Cityport of Traps

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Fine sword, leather tunic,
						locket, Ragnar's Armband,
						backpack, torch, tinderbox,
						20+ GP, Bomba fruit, Libra,
						Bamboo Pipe, Blimberry juice,
						4 Goblin teeth, 1 Giant tooth,
						large key
 79  Flanker arrived in Kharé ahead of you	[244* 111, 110* 222]
  1* You have a large key from the Svinn chief
 12  Enter the building and greet the old man	-Large key
169  You are a prisoner
254  Cast a DOP spell to free yourself		[North Gate spell, scholar]
432  The door swings open and you escape				St-2
 81  Turn left at the outskirts of the city
 23  Sit down and draw on the hookah
150  The effect is pleasant and relaxing				St+2
242  You leave down the road ahead
213  Bend down closer to the small silver fish
320  Try to pick up the coin
 85  You manage to grab the coin and continue	1 GP			St-1 Lu-1
 28  Continue ahead past the stallion
233  Stop at the general store of this area
149  Decide which items you wish to buy		-10 GP
199  You bought some gauntlets			Beeswax honeycomb
210  You bought leather gauntlets
238  You also bought the vial of dust		Gauntlet of Weaponry
247  The dust is in fact grains of sand		Sand
259  You did not buy the Potion of Mystery
170  Join the crowd watching the street fight
185  You can see two tiny creatures grappling
 98  Aid one of the two creatures
321  Battle the SPRITE 5/6 with PIXIE 5/5				At+2
335  You thank the Pixie and continue		[Priest in chapel]	Lu+1
153  Enter the hut behind the spindly statue
 27  You search through the rubble and leave	15 GP, Bone Bracelet
 37  Cast a LAW spell at the statue
461  You order it to hand you the locket				St-4
117  You continue your journey			Gold locket, Sun Jewel	Lu+1
137  You carry on northwards at a junction
191  Turn to the right where roads converge
 84  Carry straight on at the crossroads
322  You turn towards the voices of a crowd
244* You recognize Flanker at the festival
111  Let him take you to his friend Lortag
140  Hand the elderly man your weapon
229  You follow Lortag into his study		-Fine sword
336  Choose the third rune
274  You thank him and press on			[Tumblers two],		Lu+
						Green-Haired Wig, fine sword
133  Stop and look at the tradesmen's wares
  3  Look at the firemaster's ornate fires
 96  Have a look inside his hut
108  Cast a MAG spell on yourself
453  You thank him and walk on down the road	10 GP,			St-2
						Gold-Backed Mirror
137  You carry on northwards at a junction
191  Turn to the right where roads converge
 84  Carry straight on at the crossroads
322  You turn towards the voices of a crowd
244* You recognize Flanker at the festival
111  You have already visited Lortag
244  Try your luck against the champion
 33  Bet on the outcome of the fight
190  Place a 3 to 1 bet on the Barbarian	-25 GP
234  Cast a DUM spell to help the Barbarian
507  Your aim makes the Ogre uncoordinated				St-4
234  The BARBARIAN 7/8 battles the OGRE 9/12	100 GP
136  Take up the next challenge
 82  Use a YOB spell to help you
451  Your champion will fight in your place	-Giant tooth		St-1
323  Your GIANT 8/9 battles the BARBARIAN 7/8	15 GP
263  See what is in the Cabinet of Fortune
240  Give Honest Hanna 2 Gold Pieces
318  You have received a Lucky Talisman		-2 GP			Lu-
167  You leave the tent and continue		Lucky Talisman
160  Turn left at the fork
202  Turn down another street to the right
139  Investigate the small chapel
187  Take up the challenge of Slangg
156  You are ready for the question
301* Call out your answer
 48  You ask the priest about the North Gate	[Portals open wide]	Lu+
165  Eventually you reach "The Wayfarer's Rest"
110* A familiar voice hails you
222  You recognize Flanker the Assassin		5 GP
110  Eat before you rest
331  Accept the sailor's offer of more ale	-4 GP, -Bomba fruit,	St+5
						[Kill the undead]
253  Tell him you must now get some sleep	[Courga's cheek]	St+2
 86  Pay the innkeeper for a room		-4 GP
282  You lie on your mattress and fall asleep
227  Release the rope to raise the blade
 15  You release your bonds and leave the inn				St+2 Lu+1
267  You ate yesterday
325  Turn left on the far bank of the Jabaji
132  Take a side street and avoid the creatures
 24  Turn first right, next right, first left
 41  You decide to nip into a hut
324  See what the Gnome has to barter
264  Cast a DUD spell
490  You can choose two of his items		-Bamboo Pipe		St-2
264  Choose the large backpack
166  You replace your backpack with this one	-Backpack, large backpack
264  Choose the Lucky Talisman
 20  The talisman is quite a find		Lucky Talisman
264  You have finished with the little Gnome
158  You find your way to the main street
 89  Grab a handful of coins from the pot
221  Cast a spell at the Bronze Statue		18 GP
 22  Try a MUD spell
358  Head towards the Gambling Halls of Vlada	-Sand			St-1
 56  Try your luck on the dice table
188  Play "Prediction" three times and leave	GP			Lu-
 39  Pass the "Portal Room" door and leave				Lu+
197  Browse through the market stalls
226  Buy food and weapons for your trip		-Gold locket, 1 Provision
162  You leave the market			Bow and silver arrows
 83  Enter the crypt of Lord Shinva
 47  Jump over the shimmering circle
258  You clear the circle and land in the arch				Lu-1
317  Delve into your pack for something useful
  7  You are carrying a bow and arrows
249  Follow the stone staircase downwards
164  Draw your weapon
 99  You are using a bow and arrows
147  Kill the DEATHWRAITH 9/8			-Silver arrows
 54  Rest for a few moments and eat		-1 Provision		St+2
209  You leave the crypt			[One lock], [The Sham]	Lu+2
 16  You head off down the road
127  Don't bother with the well
319  Give the blind beggar a Gold Piece
285  Help the old man				-1 GP
 97  Use your magic on the winged beasts
310  Use a GOB spell
365  You command the Goblins to help you fight	-2 Goblin teeth		St-2
118  Fight the HARPIES 7/6 6/6						At+2
     with GOBLINS 5/5 5/5 and BLIND BEGGAR 2/8
 74  The beggar is still alive
207  You thank him and collect your belongings	[Courga's grace, left eye],
						Serpent Ring [130]
148  Enter the Shrine of Courga
 73  Investigate the large golden idol
122  Try to talk to the god
252  Kiss the idol's left eye first
284  Kiss the right eye next
 78  Kiss the forehead next
 52  Kiss the lips
141  Ask the name of the god of pride
101  This information is useful to you		[Fourga's Pride]
109  You have to deal with the guards
175  Cast a spell
 26  Use a RAP spell
483  You persuade them to let you through				St-1
271* Speak the four lines of the spell
214  You have succeeded in opening the gate
511  The Baklands lay before you		-Libra			Sk+ St+ Lu+