The Shamutanti Hills

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather tunic,
						20 GP, 2 Provisions, Libra
  1  Your quest has begun
178  Tell the villager you are a trader
264  You are interested in a musical pipe
 22  Pay the price to purchase the instrument	-GP
280  Choose the herbalist's potion
141  Pay the money and take the flask		-4 GP
280  Choose the bag of teeth
  5  Buy the bag of creature teeth		-3 GP
280  You have considered three artifacts
 91  You bought artifacts from the merchant
126  Investigate the pipe
249  It gives off a lively little note		Bamboo Pipe
126  Investigate the potion
274  There is enough for one dose		Blimberry juice
126  Investigate the bag of teeth
190  The teeth are from various creatures	4 Goblin teeth, 1 Giant tooth,
						2 Snattacat fangs
126  You continue onwards through Cantopani
 95  Fight the two rough-cut villagers
104  Choose a JIG spell
308  The Bandits jerk in time to the music				St-1
131  You leave and continue into the hills
183  Investigate the buzzing around the tree	[Elvin key], page #102
200  Climb up the tree
270  You knock the hive down and cut it open	Beeswax, honey		St-
  9  Follow the path into the valley
164  Stop at a flat grassy bank to eat
136  You rest and then continue your journey	-Honey			St+2
 65  Find a suitable site to camp for the night
 76  Stand up and hail the three creatures
 12  Attempt to speak with one of them
113  Join his companions
216  You eventually get some sleep
148  Continue along your side of the river
209  Leave the path to avoid the village
156  Try to continue into the undergrowth
 94  You are soon walking through a prairie				Lu+1
105  Follow the trail through the grass
 57  You notice the grass bending towards you	12 GP, -beeswax
159  You eventually reach the river-bank again	Locket [portrait]
231  Protect yourself with a WOK spell
296  You pass safely through the acorns		-1 GP			St-1
  7  You follow the path into a hill village
 28  Find an ale-house and relax
266  Sit next to an old wrinkled man		-1 GP
192  Spend the night in the inn			Bomba fruit		Lu+2
211  Buy nourishing food
161  Have Skunkbear stew but do not rest	-2 GP			St+3
 62  You try to sleep under a tree					St+1
 45  Leave Kristatanti on a path into the hills
125  Continue westwards to Alianna
154  Enter the picturesque house
119  Help the young woman out of the cage
  4  Try a DOP spell on the cage door
409  You would like an aid in combat					St-2
122  She hands you an Armband of Swordmastery	Ragnar's Armband	At+2
 87  Cast a JIG spell on the Wood Golem		7 GP
339  The bulky creature starts twitching				St-1
169  You leave and head north towards Dhumpus
 54  You follow the path into a small village
176  Try to make contact with the villagers
 34  Ignore the Hill Dwellers and continue
106  Buy a finely crafted sword			-6 GP
194  Ask the merchant for your money back	6 GP, -sword,		Lu-1
						fine sword
 75  You leave in search of the local inn
134  Eat and stay at the inn for the night	-3 GP			St+3
115  You settle down for a refreshing sleep	-3 GP			St+2
 30  You rise early to leave Dhumpus
208  Follow a downhill route into a wood
127  Eat then cross the rope-and-wood bridge	-1 Provision		St+2
 27  Try answering Vancass' questions
 41  Answer "Alianna"
143  Answer "Cantopani, Kristatanti, Dhumpus"
262  You mark his words and cross the valley	[Left passageways]	Lu+2
220  Get rid of the creature with a SIX spell
387  You are wasting your time using magic				St-2
171  Tell Jann you would rather travel alone	Jann
 37  Jann has hitched a ride on your shoulder
111  Visit Glandragor's Tavern
230  You have something for the proprietor
182  You do not have an axe
 29  He offers you a mug of ale and chats	-2 Snattacat fangs
191  Try to lose Jann and creep off to the inn				St+2 Lu+1
 92  Leave Birritanti village and bed down
 21  You get a good night's sleep					St+3
 67  Choose the path downhill to the west
 51  Eat then talk with the tall man in black	-1 Provision		St+2
103  The stranger ignores your words
117  Spare the ASSASSIN 8/6						At+2
187  You have made a valuable contact here	[Flanker 79]		Lu+2
212  See what the old woman wants
243  Drink the cup of tea she has given you
146  You have a page from a Spell Book					St+1 Lu+1
184  You pull the page from your pack		-Page #102
114* She will rid you of the Minimite pest
205  You leave and continue along the path	-Jann
232  Attempt to make contact with the Svinns
282  They march you off to a hut
 71  Settle down to sleep for the night
109  You wake early the next morning					St+2
222  Think of the treasures you may win					St+2
100  You do not have Jann with you
197  Take the passageway on the right		Torch, tinderbox
  3  Turn left at the junction
 63  Call on Libra
273  Return and take the left-hand passage	-Libra
 16  Go left at the fork
151  You comfort the young Svinn girl		Girl
195  Cast a DOZ spell on the Manticore
325  Cast an attacking spell						St-2
364  Cast a HOT spell as the Manticore turns
346  You fling a large fireball at the beast				St-4
420  Choose a WAL spell
447  You fence it in and run from the cave				St-4
456  The path is leading you towards Kharé	10 GP, -girl,		Sk+ St+ iLu+1
						large key [12]