Island of the Lizard King

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune,
  1  Scramble around the rocks to your left
 24  Walk across the beach to the deserted hut
211  Help Mungo free himself
182  Attack the GIANT CRAB 10/11
366  You bury him and walk to the stone hut	-Mungo
198  Lift the trapdoor
267  Open the wooden box
354  Drink the liquid in Baskin's jug
238  You feel no effects and leave the hut
152  You decide to head west into the trees
391  Continue hacking your way west
 81  Fight each HEADHUNTER 6/6 7/6 6/7
177  Keep going west from the tree					St+1
229  Head south-west towards the drums
337  Set some of the bamboo huts on fire
171  The huts are soon blazing away					Lu-1
215  The spear misses both of you
323  Sama says goodbye and you continue		Bone charm
113  You orientate yourself and head west
  7  Call out to the reptilian creature
317  Follow the Marsh Hopper
 58  Keep heading west in the slimy marsh
 37  You need salt to get Leeches off your leg	-1 Provision		St-
280  You walk towards the gorge
362  Climb the hill to your right
194  Walk along the side of the hill					Lu+1
 83  You manage to stop yourself rolling				Lu-1
334  Reach into the dark hollow
145  The venom does not affect you too badly
 55  Drive the Rattlesnake out with your sword				St-2
  5  Place the winged helmet on your head
292  You continue west into the gorge		Sog's helmet
119  Open the oval snuff-box
 41  You follow the footprints			Gold nugget, paper
325  Fight the GIANT LIZARD 8/9						Helmet
196  Drink at the pond
128  You duck below the jet of sticky acid
248  Kill the SPIT TOAD 5/6						Helmet
 21  Drink the water
 92  Wade into the pool to reach the casket				St+1
259  Open the velvet pouch
 26  Try on the boots				Unlimited Pouch		Lu+1
 94  Continue west across the grassy plain	Red leather boots
222  You do not have a spear
167  You continue west thinking about dinner
170  You read the message in the snuff-box
288  You find the hidden raft and climb aboard	Pole
387  You do not have an iron bar
204  Attack the CROCODILE 6/7						Helmet
 31  You push on up-river
390  Keep pushing up-river past the prisoner
 14  You read the message in the snuff-box	-Pole
 63  Deal with the Lizard Men guards
329  They are standing with their backs to you				Lu-1
309  Fight the LIZARD MAN 9/8						Helmet
368  You run off to find the slave mines	Iron keys
147  Turn right in the mine
 28  Turn left at the junction
226  Carry on walking down this tunnel
213  Turn left
 68  Turn right in the narrow tunnel
 70  You manage to crawl out from the rubble				St-5 Lu-1
345  Walk back and turn left			Horn of Valhalla	Lu+2
172  Turn right
  4  Turn left in the wide tunnel
101  Continue down the tunnel
321  Turn left at the junction
 19  You are wearing red leather boots
392  You throw your old sword and walk back	-Sword, superb sword	Sk+2 Lu+1
135  Continue straight on
 39  You have been bitten by a Rattlesnake				St-1
207  You possess a Pouch of Unlimited Contents
371  You turn around and walk back		Grannit
 57  Turn left back at the junction
361  Walk past the bore-hole
 47  You decide to climb down the shaft
315  Hide in the shadows
 78  You have not drunk a Potion of Clumsiness
184  You continue to follow the Lizard Man				Lu+1
 51  You walk on into a chamber			Pail
223  Attack the LIZARD MAN 8/7			-Pail			Helmet
  3  You tell the Dwarfs to lead you deeper
161  The Lizard Man is not suspicious		Cloak, whip		Lu-1
 74  You pass by without any trouble
114  The Dwarfs attack the Orcs						Lu-1
265  The fight is soon over
121  You have released all the prisoners
 32  You have become leader of 63 followers
201  You set off to find the Shaman
363  Walk overland				Pole
376  Eat some of the fruit			-Pole
100  You see a flash of light on the volcano				St+1 Lu-1
352  You hurry on
399  Cut the bulging sack down
282  Save the food for later and set off	Honeycomb, fruit
 27  The night passes without incident					Lu-1
388  You wake early to continue your quest
212  Read the chalk marks on the rocks
 72  You set off to find a feather
 30  Fight the HILL TROLL 9/9						Helmet
 65  You have read the Shaman's chalk marks
 89  You tie the feather to your head		Feather
269  Climb up to the cave
 59  The spear whistles past your head					Lu-1
108  Defeat the CAVE WOMAN 5/5						Helmet
 79  Dab some red powder on your face
332  You decide to leave			Red powder		Lu+2
 17  You walk back towards the volcano
303  Climb straight up the side
178  Place one of your items in the circle
233  You follow the trail of red rocks		-Grannit
249  You are wearing a feather in your hair
199  Agree to the Shaman's terms
397  Take the Fear test first
 75  You are wearing red powder on your face
155  Try the Pain test next
151  Grit your teeth and bear the pain
125  Try the Strength test
220  Slowly but surely you lift the boulder
 98  You have passed three tests
214  You bid the Shaman farewell		[Rusty knives, monkey]
168  Try to bluff your way across the archway
127  Reply "What?"
193  You walk to the other side of the ravine
139  Kill the STYRACOSAURUS 11/10					Helmet
 95  Fight the MUTANT LIZARD MAN 9/9					Helmet
133  You set off again				Shield			Sk+1
218  You have drunk the liquid from the jug
258  You come to no harm and walk on
291  Take the monkey with you
330  You set off again with your new friend	Monkey
350  Try to communicate with the blonde girl
106  You back off and walk into the valley
279  You lunge at your nearest foe
 42  Fight the HOBGOBLIN 6/5						Helmet
341  You have the Horn of Valhalla
109  Walk through the doors to your left
268  Try to open the wooden door
227  You possess iron keys
273  You push the door open
395  Pick up a rusty knife
275  You make your way to the far wall		-Superb sword,		Sk+0 Lu+2
						fire sword
312  Look inside one of the barrels
231  Drink the musty liquid
  6  You walk over to the door refreshed				Sk+1 St+2
353  Hide under one of the benches
 77  Leap out to attack the mutant
289  Your sword pierces its heart					Lu-1
144  You kill the Lizard Man instantly
173  You do not own a picklock's wire
216  You run through the open doorway ahead
180  You climb up the staircase
 82  Kill the BLACK LION 11/11						Helmet
203  You are carrying a monkey
314  You are holding a fire sword
296  Slay the LIZARD KING 6/15						Helmet
153  Sever the Gonchong's proboscis
384  The Lizard King and the Gonchong are slain
400  The battle is over and victory is yours