Deathtrap Dungeon

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						backpack, shield,
						10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune
  1  Open the box which has your name
270  You continue north along the tunnel	2 GP
 66  Head east at the arrow
119  Continue east following the footprints
 56  Climb over the spongy obstruction
373  You struggle over it and head east
 13  Drink the clear liquid
147  You start off north again in good spirits				St+1
182  You drank the liquid
 25  The liquid keeps you alive
197  Slide the iron plate in the door
156  Jump over the pit and take the rope
208  You leave the room and head north		Rope
326  The morning star crashes into your shield
380  Fight each ORC 5/5 6/4
257  You set off west				1 GP, wooden tube
164  Open the iron door
299  Walk over to search the impaled Barbarian
126  Eat the dried meat
226  Leave the chamber to continue west					St+3
 83  You decide to follow the footprints north
 37  Climb the idol to take the jewels
351  You have some rope
396  Pry out the left eye
151  Fight each FLYING GUARDIAN 7/8 8/8					At-2
240  Climb down the idol			Emerald
 89  You are able to shake the lasso free				Lu-1
 54  You run forward to the tunnel
239  Open the door
102  Shout "Sukumvit is a worm"
251  You step back into the tunnel		Gold ring
344  Walk through the blue light
229  You memorize the poem and head north	[Jump deep in]
107  Try the heavy stone door
168  Reach for the dagger among the worms
 94  You leave the cavern			Opal-studded dagger
174  You manage to evade the diving Giant Fly				Lu-1
 39  Kill the GIANT FLY 7/8
111  You walk quickly back into the tunnel
267  Head west in the narrow passage
352  Run back to head east
 68  Jump over the deep pit
 30  You manage to land safely on the far edge				Lu-1
160  You waste no time and head east
237  Open the wooden door
 12  Wait for the old man's question
382  Answer "200 pounds"
391  You bid the old man farewell and leave				Sk+1 St+1 Lu+1
100  Open the scratched door
 87  The door opens into a large room
381  Take the parchment from the skeleton
331  Fight the SKELETON WARRIOR 8/6
 71  You walk across to the alcove		[Manticore spikes], parchment
128  Step through the archway
 35  Burst through the trapdoor
124  Fight both GOBLINS 5/4 5/5 together
 81  Open the north door
136  Open the withered hand door
210  Cut the chained man free
 27  You decide to keep heading north
 78  Crawl down the open pipe
301  Crawl back out of the pipe
162  You set off north once again		Sapphire, iron key	Lu+1
142  You walk over to the bodies
338  Wear the necklace of teeth
123  Continue your quest north			Necklace		Sk+1 St+1
282  Head east alone
388  Pull the paper off the wall
 23  You run back down the tunnel
154  You catch up with the Barbarian
 22  Accept his offer to lower you
 63  You set off north				Throm
194  Open the red leather book
 52  Open the black book			[Bloodbeast description]
138  Drink the liquid
397  You continue north with Throm		[Detect traps]		Lu+2
369  Attack the CAVE TROLL 10/11
288  Put the bone ring on
 64  You manage to withstand the shock
115  You follow Throm east						St+3
221  Head straight for the archway
 60  Go through with the Dwarf's test
365  Guess less than eight			-Throm
191  The total is less than eight
152  With lightning speed, you grip the cobra
 55  Rearrange the letters RUIN MOAT
 40  Fight the MINOTAUR 9/9
163  Eat and drink the Dwarf's offerings
363  You await the Dwarf's return					St+2
302  Defend yourself against THROM 10/12
379  Walk straight into the tunnel
213  Investigate what is making the buzzing
108  Continue west past the torch-lit room
 59  Stand your ground
341  Talk to the crippled man
367  Pay for his advice
244  You continue your journey			-1 GP, [chair secret]
109  Go north at the junction
 24  Sit in the ornate chair
324  You have talked to the crippled servant
256  You search the chair and continue north	Doppelganger Potion
188  You can remember the poem
155  Dive into the water
378  All your other possessions remain intact				Lu-1
112  You set off north again			-2 Provisions
356  Enter the cavern and investigate
170  Help the Elf fighting for her life
281  Eat the unleavened bread			2 daggers, mirror, monkey charm
399  You leave the cavern to head north					St+3
192  Lift up the iron grille
120  Reach down into the hole
228  The effects are not too serious					Lu-1
150  You continue north				Grappling iron, bell	Sk-1
292  Open the unlocked door
 93  Enter the room and open the chest
284  You drank the potion in the black book
398  You storm out of the room
230  Drink a Doppelganger Potion
385  Run over the wooden bridge			-Doppelganger Potion
318  You have an iron key
 86  You decide to walk towards the voice
187  Give the little old man something
360  Try to talk your way out			-Bell
328  Continue the conversation with Ivy
 99  Leave by the door in the east wall
305  You do not have an old bone
148  Kill each GUARD DOG 7/7 7/8
175  You set off east along the tunnel		Leprechaun's tooth	Lu+2
315  You have rope and a grappling iron
129  Throw your monkey charm into the pit
361  You drop safely to the floor		-Monkey charm		Lu-1
 82  You head north along the tunnel		-Rope, -grappling iron
214  Ignore the notice and carry on
181  The disc whistles past your head					Lu-1
312  Defeat the NINJA 11/9
232  You still have your weapons
320  Eat the rice and drink the water
330  Rub the ointment into your wounds					St+1
269  Leave the hall				Diamond			St+3
127  You slide gently down the chute
 90  You have read about the Bloodbeast
172  Pierce the BLOODBEAST 12/10
278  You run to the tunnel exit
134  You have read the skeleton's parchment
222  You have a shield
196  Fight the MANTICORE 11/11
364  You possess an emerald
 31  You have a sapphire
376  You have found a diamond
 62  Place Sapphire, Emerald, Diamond
177  You avoid breathing in the gas					Lu-1
243  You walk out into brilliant sunshine
400  Baron Sukumvit proclaims you Champion	10,000 GP