City of Thieves

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune,
						30 GP, broadsword
  1  Say you wish to be taken to Nicodemus
202  Allow yourself to be taken away
151  Ignore the old man				-Sword
 29  Feign illness to attract the guards
143  Tell them that you've got the plague
306  You walk calmly out of the cell		2 GP, sword, merchant's pass
 74  Go east down Clock Street
 17  Stop to talk to the miserable man
331  Fight the MAD MAN 5/5
 86  Smash the glass ball on the ground
 45  Place the magnificent helmet on your head
376  You set off east again			Magic helmet		At+1 Lu+1
161  Enter the big house
245  Walk through the archway
178  Attempt to speak with the Ogre
264  Refuse his request for food
357  Defeat the OGRE 8/9						At+1
 71  Smash the box open with your sword
324  Leave the house and continue north		15 GP, 2 gems
282  Keep walking north past the small boy
247  You manage to duck to avoid the blow				Lu-1
384  Set off west again
396  Enter the flower shop
145  See what Mrs Pipe has to offer
293  You leave the shop and head west		-2 Provisions, flowers
 24  Enter the shop on the left
336  Offer to sell the jeweler gems
302  Accept the offer
240  Inquire about the price of his rings	9 GP, -2 gems
 36  You leave the shop to head west		-8 GP, Ring of Fire
196  You decide to follow the crowd north
148  You walk away from the crowd		-1 Provision
287  Stop and listen to the man playing a lyre	-1 GP			St+2
  3  Pay the musician for a song
 37  You walk on to the next stall		-3 GP			Lu+2
398  Take the bare-chested man on at his game
378  You walk on a bit further			5 GP
 52  You buy some items and walk north		-4 GP, Throwing Knife
200  Enter Madame Star's tent
394  Hear her predictions of the future
368  You leave the tent and head north		-2 GP
117  Press on ahead down Bridge Street
 31  Climb down the steps underneath the bridge
329  Leave and turn east down Candle Street	Map
238  Walk down the alley and open the door
 27  Play the deadly game
223  You choose a harmless pill and leave	20 GP
165  Turn right down Candle Street
139  Enter the open house
113  Give the old women something		-1 Provision
141  Drink some of the soup
 68  Swallow the disgusting soup
380  You feel revitalized and head east					St+4
375  Climb over the stone wall
 40  Ask to join in the Bays' Ball game
168  You hit the ball over the wall
359  You walk back west along Harbor Street	8 GP, silver flute,	St+2
						Potion of Mind Control,
						chalk, eye-patch
 91  Toss a Gold Piece into the beggar's tin
332  You continue west				-1 GP			Lu+1
124  Walk down the alleyway
326  Fight both WILD DOGS 4/4 4/3 together				At+1
184  You have one of Mrs Pipe's golden flowers
 55  You walk back to Harbor Street		10 GP
180  See who is in the horse-drawn carriage
344  Step out of the path of the carriage
 58  You curse the driver and set off west				St-1
171  Walk down the jetty to board the ship
399  Board the ship by climbing the rope ladder
 87  Creep along the deck to the stairs
 50  Open the door on the left
271  Creep up and try to cut the pouch loose
162  You manage without waking the pirates				Lu-1
  7  Open the other door			6 black pearls		Lu+2
232  Hide to see who is about to take a bath
 12  Draw your sword and utter a loud "Ahem"
176  Leave the ship and continue your search	[Ben Borryman]
 78  Continue north up Harbor Street
256  Stop to talk with the jolly women
320  You walk back and turn into Clog Street	[Sewers]
216  Stop to help the groaning boy
 72  Fight the GOBLIN 5/4						At+1
208  Head east again along Clog Street		2 GP, garlic, knucklebones
317  Continue east past the candle-maker
280  Enter Ben Borryman's shop
213  Talk to the silversmith
248  You can afford his asking price
 85  You thank him and set off east		-10 GP, silver arrow
100  Continue east into Stable Street
246  Pay the little old man for a drink
 98  You set off east again well refreshed	-2 GP			St+3 Lu+1
363  Lift the large manhole cover
 48  Climb down the iron ladder
321  Walk north along the sewer tunnel
356  Kill each GIANT RAT 4/4 5/4 5/5					At+1
 28  Continue further north along the tunnel
265  You possess a Potion of Mind Control
 82  You walk back to the entrance hole		-Potion of Mind Control,
						Hag's hair
104  Climb up the ladder to the street
205  Walk around the corner
 44  You have a Throwing Knife
 18  The knife sinks into the vagabond's chest
102  You walk quickly north			-Throwing Knife
372  Enter the white house
131  Tell the woman you are a tax collector
179  Open the jingling bag
 16  You leave the house quickly		12 GP			Lu+1
333  You decide to keep going north
 76  Walk through the barn doors
 25  Make conversation with the blacksmith
169  Pay for a chainmail coat
 46  You leave the stables and continue north	-20 GP, chainmail	Sk+2
115  Hand the wanted man over to the guards
274  You continue north along Stable Street	5 GP
222  Go into the Public Gardens
370  Risk picking one of the flowers		-1 GP
 14  You have a Ring of Fire			Lotus flower
237  You make your escape into Stable Street
133  Walk down the narrow lane
182  You can afford the tattooist's high price
279  You find your new appearance strange	-10 GP, tattoo
307  Risk walking past the two Trolls
290  You have a merchant's pass
219  Answer "No"
393  Attack the Trolls
 73  Fight SOURBELLY 10/11 then FATNOSE 9/10				At+1
110  You run off west along Mill Street
239  You have the items and have been tattooed
201  Fight the wandering APE MAN 7/6		Bow, -lotus flower,	At+1 St+2
						-Hag's hair, compound
138  You fought the Ape Man
312  You continue your journey			Golden owl
217  Kill each MOON DOG 9/10 11/9					At+1
259  Pull on a cord hanging down
  4  Attack the pale man with your sword
 35  Fire the silver arrow at him					St-2
189  Take the shield with the unicorn crest
374  You climb to the floor above		Unicorn shield		Sk+1
 21  Explore the tower further
 77  Open the second floor door
292  You have some garlic
254  You back out and climb the stairs
310  Open the third floor door
263  You have a golden owl
153  You climb up to the next floor
 65  Open the white door
319  Open the decorated sarcophagus
352  Fight the Mummy
193  You have a Ring of Fire
286  The Mummy is consumed by flames
163  You leave the room				Ring of the Golden Eye	Lu+2
231  Enter the black door
 96  Walk over to the open chest
257  You are wearing the Ring of the Golden Eye
385  Fight each SKELETON 6/7 8/6 7/7					At+1
203  The arrow pierces the Night Prince's chest				Lu-1
244  Rub lotus flower and Hag's hair compound
337  Zanbar Bone decays before your eyes	-Compound
400  You are given a hero's welcome		Gold orb