Vault of the Vampire

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						backpack, shield, lantern,
						10 Provisions
  1  Ask a local how to get to Castle Heydrich
148  Parley with the slim figure in the forest	2 GP
344  You set off with Valderesse to the river	2 Provisions		St-2
 13  You approach a Gnome with the Ranger
 64  You cross the river free of charge
383  Talk with the man dozing before a stove
126  You eat and sleep at Barandrun's cottage	[Lothar], garlic	St+8
228  You head on to the base of a steep hill
362  Walk around the outside of the Castle
 50  You sense powerful good in the north wall
 99  You enter the half-open main gates
326  Open the south door around the corner
 18  Move to the west door in this storeroom
 67  Go through the west door past the rats
115  The two half-rotting Zombies hesitate
217  You dash up the stairs without a fight
311  Try to get past the talking door
342  Press on upwards to the bell tower					St-
 33  You drive the swarming bats off					Lu-1
 86  A silver bell glows with goodness
179  You ring the bell on impulse
280  The shade of Siegfried Heydrich speaks	[Armor, shield, Nightstar]
337  You return to the courtyard		-Sword, Magic Sword	Lu+1 Fa+1
380  Investigate the family Crypt
 90  Head for the brass doors to the north
  2  Leave the hall through the west door
 60  Search the dusty cobwebbed storage room
110  You make a lucky find in the junk
156  Return and take the east passage		Crystal vial
256  Open the door to the north
305  You recognize the portrait of Siegfried
355  Open the door at the junction
351  Talk to the small winged humanoid creature
  9  It gestures you to a door to the south
118  Engage the Alchemist in conversation
205  You leave through the west door
373  Open the opposite door in the corridor
240  Talk with the disheveled young man
288  Wilhelm Heydrich is fairly lucid today
151  You say goodbye and go to check the tower	[Mirror in relaxation room]
252  A smoky apparition drifts from a grille
330  The Wraith shrinks back from you
 44  Ascend the spiral staircase up the tower
316  Open the barred door with warding glyphs
390  The huge Ghoul backs away from you
 30  Ascend the stone stairs past it
159  Cobwebs bind a young girl in a chair
225  You sense a strong good and a strong evil
269  Try waking up the sleeping girl
301  Ignore her and search the room
368  You are about to get a nasty surprise
 62  The girl screams and casts a spell at you
150  You strike her and spoil the spell
263  Defeat the BAOBHAN SITH 9/7
324  You find a small secret door in one wall
 51  You open the north door back in the hall	-Shield,		Lu+1 Fa+1
						Shield of Faith
101  Open the east door in the tiled corridor
172  The Zombie workers keep well away from you
238  Go past them into the main kitchen
282  Return and open the west door		6 Provisions
221  Fight the TIGERSKIN RUG 7/7		Silver cutlery and utensils
364  Head down the eastern side-passage		Brandy x2, Silver Mirror
353  Open the dimly lit north door
307  You head for the end of the side-passage	Book of Healers [Gunthar]
258  Talk to Doktor Karl Adenauer
 75  Ask about the missing village girl		-Silver cutlery
185  The Count had her taken down to the Crypt
 75  Ask about what's in the Crypt		-Silver utensils
303  The Count has the iron key in his rooms
 75  Ask about getting into the library		-2 GP, -crystal vial
146  The Sage whips out a key from a pocket	Silver Key #378
 75  You leave and follow his directions
332* You open the lock with the Silver Key
378  You search for stairs to the floor above	Book of Swords [188]
 47  Fight each ZOMBIE 6/6 7/6
348  You climb the steps to a moonlit landing
154  Open the silver-handled door to the south
131  Talk to Gunthar Heydrich
 15  Show him a book				Silver Crucifix		St+4
317  You show Gunthar the Book of Healers
235  You open the west door on the landing	-Book of Healers, healing potion
294  Open the north door closest to you
182  Fight the four-armed skeletal figure				St-4
 52  Defeat the MINOR THASSALOSS 8/11, search				At-2 St-
352  The chest is securely locked and bound
320  Open the north door along the corridor
267  You must fight the swirling mist
 42  Fight the VAMPIRE MIST 7/9						At+1
 10  Leave and open the door at the west end	{1 Coffin}		Fa+1
 34  Talk with Katarina Heydrich
363  Say that you are here to kill her brother
399* Show the Book of Swords to Katarina
376  Refuse to kill Lothar the Castellan
248  She fails to control you by magic
 80  You are fast enough to get away
 31  Open the second door to the east
227  Talk with the tall well-built man
397  You refused to kill Lothar for Katarina
291  He will tell you of the Heydrichs
196  He also has some items of value to you
116  You thank Lothar for his help		Castellan's Keys, Silvered Stake,
						[forward and back]
319  You unlock the large door to the south
 87  Open the second door along the balcony
302  Try to silence the droning pipe-organ
 37  Silence the organ with some nearby object				St-1
149  Strike it with the heavy candlesticks
203  Go through the north door past the rats				St-1
361  You guess this room is next to Gunthar's	Silver pin, Ring of Regeneration
312  You destroy a coffin beyond a secret door	{2 Coffins}		Fa+1
289  You emerge onto the balcony and head south
244  Head straight for the west door
 45  Kill the HORNED VAMPIRE BAT 8/7					St-, Regen
135  A sharp blade narrowly misses your hand	Trinkets		Lu-1
315  You push the door in the west wall	open				Lu+1
382  Open the first desk drawer			{3 Coffins}		Fa+1
392  Try opening the second drawer		4 GP
336  Use a key to unlock this drawer
219  You step back to avoid a cloud of gas				Lu-1
130  You open the Count's safe			Letters, Holy Water, gold brooch
271  The hairs on the nape of your neck rise	Crypt Key
 98  Strike at the green ghostly human shape
  3  You have a Magic Sword
173  You wound it before it can materialize
298  Fight the SPECTER 10/12						Regen
389  You have fought a Minor Thassaloss
333  The unlocked chest still won't open
123* You whisper Siegfried's name
350  You set off for the Crypt			-Leather armor,		At+1 Lu+1 Fa+1
						Siegfried's chainmail
191  You make your way back to the courtyard
 43  You sense something wrong in the Crypt				Lu-1
147  You skirt around a covered pit trap
157  Enter the tomb of Boris the Drunkard
210  Investigate the plain sarcophagus
262  Open the ornate brass bottle
306  Head for the junction along the corridor	Well-aged brandy
230  Open the north black wooden door
255  Leave and open the south door
  8  Walk towards the pale ghostly woman
102  Jandor's magical ring will help you	Gold ring
232  Forcewall conjures an invisible sphere
102  The ring has three spells stored in it
273  Jandor's Bolt creates a bolt of energy
102  Each spell is usable only once
222  Shatter destroys a creature made of bones
102  You leave with the ghost's blessing
 59  You quickly open the eastern door
371  Cast a spell at the huge skeletal creature
 93  Cast the Shatter spell
109  The great black scythe falls to the floor
224  Follow the northern steps downwards
257  Open the scratched door
338  Wait a while by the quartz-crystal coffin
229  You have a Silvered Stake			Holy Water
304  You have Crucifix and the Shield of Faith
104  You concentrate upon the bronze globe
 12  You feel a surge of well-being					St+
 35* You have the Book of Swords
 94  Give up blood to release Siegfried's sword
328  A glowing longsword lies before you	-Magic Sword,		At+2 St+4 Lu+2 Fa+1
 82  Go down the south stairs at the junction
161  A stone wolf-head snarls at you
356  You evade the magical guardian safely
341  The Count fails to control your mind
274  Get an item out of your backpack
 17  Throw Holy Water while Reiner recoils	[Free sword strike]
216  Attack the maddened Vampire by spell	-Holy Water x2
158  Cast Jandor's Bolt
 76  Now you must fight with the Count
 26  You have Nightstar
372  Battle COUNT REINER HEYDRICH 13/21					At+3
 28  Cast a Forcewall spell on the gas cloud
111  The Count returns to human form
212  Finish COUNT REINER HEYDRICH 11/					At+3, Regen
339  You have destroyed three coffins
 19  You have a Crucifix and a Silvered Stake
 32  The Vampire gradually crumbles to dust				Lu+2 Fa+2
132  You have met Katarina Heydrich before	Nastassia		St+4
176  Katarina failed to charm you before
 20  You are immune to any further tricks
106  Strike at her using your sword
164  She is not actually a Vampire
106  Fight KATARINA HEYDRICH 10/8					At+2, Regen
400  Castle Heydrich has been cleansed of evil