Portal of Evil

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						2 Provisions, map
  1  Help defend the enormous wounded lizard
229  Fight the SOLDIER 5/8
320  Find out more about Gartax
 74  Enter the forest south-east to find Gartax
263  Rescue the tired man from the Phororhacos
176  Sheathe your sword and surrender
292  Say you are on your way to Kleinkastel
 90  Ask for information about Gloten
362  Ask Gartax if anyone else can help		[Let Gloten the Dwarf win]
185  You should find the Wizard of Lake Mlubz	[Go south, downstream]
310  Stay with Gartax and help defend the camp
132  Hold your position and wait for the attack				St+4
370  Search the bodies of the pallid attackers
200  Return to Gartax's camp			Stone talisman
169  All the camp-dwellers wave goodbye		5 Provisions
  2  Head south into the green forest
155  Walk downstream towards the south-west
 57  Climb out of the ravine
365  You reach the top of the steep cliff
196  Draw your sword and attack the Spider
 67  Kill the GIANT SPIDER 7/7
220  Offer the exhausted Goblin some Provisions
136  You journey downstream along the clifftop	-1 Provision, Goblin letter,
						[no weapons on Wizard's island]
399  You progress downhill along the bank
 15  Go to the hut and knock on the door
275  Give the Dwarf some Provisions for a boat
323  You thank him and untie a boat		-1 Provision, [rapids], punt
227  Drift with the current past the commotion
 25  Steer to the right towards the west jetty
382  See if the tower can provide shelter	-Punt
 99  Lift the trapdoor and inspect the cellar
129  Fight the blind subterranean creature
273  Defeat the ARMORED MOLE 4/10		2 Provisions		At-2
359  Climb the staircase to the second story
269  Look for a way to reach the top story	Candle-stub
183  Climb the insubstantial moonlit ladder
290  Wait for the enormous nest's owner					St-2
 53  Kill the PTERANODON 5/8			10 GP, large egg
109  You wake at dawn and return to the path	-1 Provision
 36  Wait for the galloping riders to reach you
294  Obey the bandit and empty your backpack
  8  Your belongings include some Gold Pieces
 92  Gamble for your money in a game of chance
331  Three marked and unmarked sides land up	-GP
121  More blades land unmarked side uppermost	-Map
157  The honorable bandit leads his men away	GP+5, map, sack
 27  Toss a Gold Piece towards the black shape
 77  The coin disappears into the blackness	-1 GP
225  Say you are searching for a wizard
117  You have a letter from the Goblin King
 48  Throw your sword onto the rusty heap
357  Your sword lands on a pile of old blades	-Sword			Sk-4
 97  Ask the tiny old man if he is a wizard
175  Tell Gartax's story and give the letter
353  You tell the wizard what you have seen	-Goblin letter, Ring of Zombie Warding
234  You have a stone talisman on a thong	Sword of Gravalan	Sk+ St+4
 31  Wait while the wizard studies his books
 81  He explains the evil of the ancient Portal
199  You have clues to destroy the Warlord	[Two animals, many lights]
102  Go with the wizard to Kleinkastel
398  You wait an hour and follow him to town	2 GP
143  You have money for a bed for the night
271  You sleep well and wake very hungry	-1 GP, -1 Provision
 61  Volunteer for the tournament
190  Force yourself to remain still
285  Say Gloten has two Silver Pieces
147  Challenge Gloten to a pickaxe-handle duel
 10  Duel GLOTEN 9/16, collapse and submit	Wooden stave
389  Say he fights with the strength of a Dwarf
107  Search the huge armchair in his mansion	-Wooden stave
347  Await Gloten's return			Small mirror
211  The eagles will aid you only once		Dwarven hunting-horn
259  You set off into the forest invigorated	10 GP, 5 Provisions,	Sk+ St+ Lu+
						warrant, Potion of True Seeing,
						[Horfak and Dirlin]
 22  Combat the STRUTHIOMIMUS 9/12
189  You have a Ring of Zombie Warding
349  Run eastward out of the clearing
264  Wait at the village for the men to arrive
 41  Reach into the tree to pull out the heap
194  The sound of marching men is closer	Hand-mirror,		St-1 Lu+1
						sprig of Swords-ease
363  You are escorted into the village
255  Show the Margrave's warrant to the officer
 73  You eat a pleasant meal in the square				St+4
327  Stay and search the village quickly
303  You continue along your eastward path	Rope, torches, miner's helmet
 11  Continue past the two fur-covered bodies
230  Take the wide north-east path uphill
277  Take the side-turning near the summit
 84  Agree to help the bizarre old man
385  Test the clear liquid in the tank
137  Continue to help Azudraz move gold nuggets
316  Leave the old alchemist now		Sack of Igneolite
 45  You investigate the nearby mine entrance
106  Go through the narrow doorway
371  Release all the birds from their cages	Red bird, blue bird
240  The sky becomes a kaleidoscope of colors				Lu+1
  5  Take the path uphill towards the fighting
319  Wait until the battle is over
161  Pass the Goblin warren and climb the mound
103  You await the Troglodytes' assault		Piece of mirror
203  You have Gloten's Dwarven hunting-horn
120  The Eagle carries you up past the statue				iSk+1
144  Talk to the slender Wood Elves
 42  You have a Potion of True Seeing
335  You must escape at the first opportunity	-Potion of True Seeing
217  Leave the windowless hut and explore
177  Climb down with a length of rope
 91  Investigate the groan inside the tree	-Rope
249  Remove the talisman from the guard's neck
313  You emerge from the tree into the forest
150  You set off eastwards at dawn		-1 Provision
221  Go north to the Horfak and Dirlin Mines
356  You have an egg in your backpack
272  Give the baby Pteranodon a meal		-Large egg
112  The palisade gate is left unguarded	-1 Provision		Lu+1
 68  In the cavern stands a massive gateway	Torch
397  You have a sack of Igneolite to destroy it
158  Step into the shadow of the Portal		-Sack of Igneolite
289  You have a Ring of Zombie Warding
 96  Your mind survives the Portal's onslaught
105  You have two cage-birds with you
302  You grit your teeth and stand rigid
133  You have three sources of light
307  You have survived the final attack
 14  Go to the right into the jungle		-Torch
322  Take the right-hand path to the ruins
245  Place a Gold Piece on the wooden tongue
124  You make for the hilltop settlement	-1 GP, mirrored helmet	Lu+1
140  Surrender to the motley tribe of warriors
 49  Wait in the stone hut for Witta to return
360  You wait in your prison			[Mirrors, Queen Anxis]	St+4
110  You await the blades hurtling towards you				Lu-1
 85  Not a single weapon wounds you
174  Sleep and wait for the dinosaur-hunt	Sign of the Spear	St+4 Lu+1
350  Fight the huge horned herbivore alone
251  Wound the TRICERATOPS 8/18			Spear			At+2
390  Set out to infiltrate the Warlord's base	-Spear
348  Follow the right-hand uphill path
358  Toss some food to entice the beast to move
116  You continue uphill past the Ankylosaurus	-1 Provision
 32  Squeeze into the gully down the valley
156  Jump over the Giant Centipede and run
 75  You leap clear of the long body and tail
337  You run out of the gully into the jungle
  9  Go downwards at the staircase
201  Kill the GLACIATOR 6/8			Torch			Sk-2
242  Melt the ice with the Sword of Gravalan
315  In front of you stretches a corridor	-Torch			Sk+2
372  Unbolt the cell door and walk in
108  Approach the bear and sign for silence
208  Leave Dirlin and look for the jailer
295  Unbolt another door and enter
237  You bear the Sign of the Spear tattoo
 65  You lead Anxis back to Dirlin's cell	Keys
138  You prepare to face Horfak						St+4
395  Place your mirrors in front of his face
354  Defeat HORFAK 8/10
170  You hurry to the Portal cave
369  You left a sack of Igneolite		Torch
253  The Portal melts and is destroyed
400  You have saved Kleinkastel			Chest of gems, pack-horse