Armies of Death

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, body armor,
						100 Warriors, 50 Dwarfs,
						50 Elven Archers, 20 Knights,
						700 GP
  1  Sail on the Flying Toucan
 37  Haul in the barrel bobbing in the water	-50 GP
145  Toss the disappointing apples overboard
107  The barrel soon floats away out of sight
209  A large fireball flies between the masts				Lu-1
286  The fireball lands harmlessly in the river
 21  The catapult flings another fireball				Lu-1
159  The fireball splashes in the river
192  Let the River Raiders climb aboard
258  You sail on with additions to your army	10 Raiders, shield	Sk+1 Lu+1
309  Rescue the man floating downriver
119  Take the gold key hanging from his neck
318  You order Captain Barnock to sail on	Gold key #222
234  Investigate the ragged man waving his arms
298  Hire the Northmen to fight by your side
 30  Allow Laas to bestow a gift upon you	-100 GP, 10 Northmen
358  You will never be attacked by Werewolves	Yeti tooth
203  Sleep on the deck of the ship
 12  A silver trident flies over your head
246  None of your men are harmed					Lu-1
 43  You set sail not long after dawn
188  Turn towards the north bank
353  You set sail upriver for Zengis					Lu+1
175  Pick up the gold ring lying in the gutter
292  Fight the huge bald man			Gold ring #45
150  Defeat the AXEMAN 8/8
101  Run off without the leather pouch		Battle-axe
 64  You keep an eye out for a tavern
 52  Sit with a drunken rogue
378  Challenge the silent man to a bet
348  Bet 50 Gold Pieces against his gold brooch
161  A fly moves towards the jam that you chose
 80  Ask the expressionless rogue his name	Gold brooch #89		Lu+1
  3  Move to another table with three vagabonds
 18  Tell them about your mission
395  Pay the vagabonds 100 Gold Pieces
 56  You leave wondering who the Oracle is	-100 GP, map, [Starstone Caves]
382  Enter the curious pet shop
112  Buy a special creature
369  Buy the green kangaroo-like Hopper		[Invisibility spell 111]
335  You walk on up the street			-50 GP, Roob
218  Enter the pawnbroker's shop
287  You pay Bonny for your purchases		-30 GP, brass owl, green vase
141  Pay the entrance fee and go in the barn
217  Enter the pie-eating competition		-5 GP
 14  Eat the fish and custard pie		-10 GP, wooden spoon
 60  Stand on the table and make a speech	100 GP, -wooden spoon
165  You dodge the spy's flying dagger
293  You finish hiring and go outside again	-100 GP, 10 Warriors
 95  Investigate the barrels down the alley
352  Fight each SEWER GOBLIN 6/5 6/5
251  Descend into the sewers below the alley
 31  Walk ahead down the sewer
232  Ask the man about the Starstone Caves
 99  Walk back into the street			[Find a guide in Karn]
177  Enter the Swords for Hire building
 63  Haggle with Max over the price
255  Fight Max with wooden swords
 41  Strike MAX 11/7				Wooden sword
195  You turn the corner of the street		-100 GP, 10 Marauders
314  Spend the night at Helen's House
368  Be patient and listen to the man's story	-2 GP
183  See a drawing of the Harem's crew
230  Obigee wishes you goodnight		[8 crew],		Sk+1
						-sword, Demon-slaying sword
376  Turn right in the street						St+2
268  Turn left at another junction
338  Help the Dwarf with his reptilian attacker
 22  Kill the SHAPECHANGER 10/10
361  You say farewell and go back		Green pill, gold seal #332
149  You return to your waiting army
113  Cross the River Kok and march south
262  Head south with fifteen Warriors
296  Give the old woman a Gold Piece
156  She reads your palm and hobbles off	-1 GP, [Water of the Gods]
 38  Keep heading south towards Karn
266  Enter the Blue Pig tavern to find a guide
357  Say you want to go to the Starstone Caves
 57  Tell Thog you wish to see the Oracle
144  You go into the mouth of the dark cave	-30 GP, [always turn right, not four]
219  Go right in the dark passageway
121  Try key #93 in the stone slab
 93  Go right at the junction
381  Drink water from the fountain of Libra
 11  You walk through the cave refreshed
221  You proceed past the wooden box		-Wooden sword
 76  Go down the mouth of tunnel #273
273  Go right at yet another junction
393  You drank the water from the fountain
 42* You paid 10 Gold Pieces for a brass owl
 10* You paid 20 Gold Pieces for a green vase	-Brass owl
 20  The Oracle will ask you a question		-Green vase		Lu-1
341  The fountain's statue is the goddess Libra
250  You own a Hopper
224* You recall the numbers for invisibility
111* You possess a gold brooch
 89  You step into the tunnel with confidence	-Gold brooch #89, [Crystal of Light 321]
280  Pick up the paper and read it
343  You are carrying the Hopper
125  Roob yaps frantically and you walk on	[No right turns]
166* You have a gold seal for the exit permit
332  The Calacorm grunts and you cross the cave
377  Go left in the tunnel
 85  Skirmish 10 CENTAURS with 15 Warriors
299  You have Thog with you
 36  Your army threads through the dark forest
180  March on past the stagnant pool
 68  Wait on the edge of the wide clearing
252  Skirmish 15 HOBGOBLINS with 25 Warriors
191  You march on through the clearing		2 Dwarfs, gold necklace, war-banner
312  Go south along the path
  6  Walk through the clearing of spears
 48  Dig into the mound of freshly turned earth
 98  Dig on to enlarge the hole			Shovel
184* Open the iron door with the gold key	-Shovel
222  Lower yourself into the darkness on a rope
285  Climb back up and leave the clearing	Torch
315  Chase your attackers with ten Warriors	-Torch, -Warriors
265  You possess a shield to block the dart
 73  Chase the Blog into the bushes
171  Chop the tree down with your axe
257  Gesture to the Blog that you want treasure
247* Put a gold ring on the statue's finger
 45  You run back to your waiting troops	-Gold ring #45, Crystal of Light
130  You turn east once again
114  Follow the deep chasm north
241  Hear the bridge guardians' question
248  Yaztromo was the son of a Salamonis priest
174  You set up camp under the full moon	5 White Knights
278  You are wearing a Yeti tooth
 70  You lead your army across the plain	-1 Soldier
323  You have many Elven Archers
  4  All the Fire Imps are shot out of the sky
316  Lead your Knights into battle
359  Your Knights include five White Knights
118  Your army marches on the line of Trolls
178  You have more than one hundred troops	-Soldiers
 13  Battle the HILL TROLL 9/10
142  Fight the MOUNTAIN ORC 8/7
208  The noise of battle rings in your ears
356  Help the Warrior on your right		-20 Soldiers
 62  You hired Max's Marauders in Zengis
153  Fight each GOBLIN 5/5 5/6			-1 Marauder
379  Distract the enemy by throwing your gold
394  Use a crystal to attack Agglax		-GP
 39  Kill the ELITE FANATIC 10/10
254* Chant the rhyme to activate the crystal
321  Agglax is banished to the Outer Planes
400  You march back to Fang in triumph