Daggers of Darkness

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune,
						6 GP, iron coins, Death Spell Dagger
  1  Inspect the body sprawled on the obelisk	{Poison 2}		St-1
 89  Take the right path past Drago's Gate	[Mamliks rode left]
120  Stand your ground in the soft snow
 30  The Yigenik riders draw up close to you
250  Tell them you are one of Segrek's Select
181  Ride the gray mare to the Test
 41  The mare gives you a good restful ride	Horse			St+2
372  Escape from the Orcs into the darkness				St+1
203  Follow the way of the Fangtiger		-Horse
209  Run across the prickly forest floor				St-1
 33  Head left in the dark gloom					St-2 Lu+1
311  Follow the mumbling old man
266  Pick the Golden Eagle			[Necromancer Fighting]	St- Lu-
  2  The bird drops you in a soft patch of snow				Lu-1
275  Force yourself to go on through the storm				St-2
169  Fight the SNOW LEECH 5/7			{Poison 4}		St-1
370  Kill the GOBLIN 5/5, trust Fearslicer				Lu+1
 62  Order the Dragon brew at the tavern	[Darkfight]
149  You feel good and your body warms up				St+4
210  Fight your captors for your freedom				St-1
191  Spare URGENJ 10/12
 31  Zaranj leads you to the Korkut Test	Horse
287  You are called to the Chamber of Chance	-Horse			St+4
 77  You step across the floor of raised blocks				St-
160  You are at the start of the Maze
 35  You climb a stairway past a large snake
157  You pass a room with a long table		[The Fiend Loves Flowers]
160  You move to the next chamber
173  Pick a flower protected by thorns		Flower			St-2
160  You carry on through the Maze
262  You pass the corpse of a Mamlik Assassin				Lu+1
160  You continue your progress
302  You walk under a glass bowl of coins	GP
160  You continue through the Maze
358  Fight one MAZE FIEND 6/8			-Flower, {Poison 6},
						Snake Medallion [1000]
 69  Enter a tavern across the street
117  Gamble with the one-eyed individual	-1 Provision		St+4
354  Leave through the front door		GP
168  Head down to the harbor
239  Ask about passage on the ship to Kazalik
128  Give up the idea of traveling by boat
339  Try to hire a horse
220  Leave the horse-trader's shack
388  Refuse to let the hurdy-gurdy man play				St-1
108  Fight the MAMLIK ASSASSIN 8/10
286  Wait for the Grypvulture to put you down
227  You land in water surrounded by reeds				Lu+1
322  Play dead as the Kalamite encircles you
195  Hear the female warrior out		{Poison 7}
 49  Accompany Adana-Broussah to camp		[All the Medallions are taken]
200  Beat each MARAUDER 7/8 8/8			{Poison 8}
138  Kill a BANDIT TROLL 9/9, stay in shadows	{Poison 9}		St-1
319  Stay with Beshbalik's Marauders
386  Ride forward to the black-cloaked man	Horse
151  Defeat the NECROMANCER 9/10		-Horse, {Poison 10}, Fangtigers
197  Take a less obvious path to the city	[Wolfsbane], -Fangtigers
167  Choose the left path through the forest	[Forty Guilds]		St+4 Lu+1
 23  Offer the two Trolls an adequate bribe
106  You ride with the complaining cart-driver	-GP
155  Go left past the Sharrabbas city gate
343  Head for the small trading-post
 52  Refuse the bedraggled boy's services
318  Push through the crowd to the procession
396  Follow Mandrake Wolfsbane
  5  Approach the Street of the Forty Guilds
 98  Visit the Hammer and Anvil guild shop
246  A Mamlik is listening through the wall
 98  Enter the Prancing Pony guild shop
185  Snake-like coils squeeze and you black out
321  You are thrown over the Fortress parapet
244  A strange force catches you safely					Lu+1
381  Enter the tower chamber on the right				St-
 40  Clamber up the ridges and go south					St-
360  Attack the Goblins in Segrek's tomb
121  Fight each GOBLIN 5/5 5/6, climb chimney	{Poison 12}, Segrek's horn
 82  You kick the stone blocks out of the wall
140  Follow the blind rat into the hole
378  You blow Segrek's horn and the floor opens
332* You place a Medallion in the niche		-Snake Medallion
359  You enter a room full of jars and bottles
 45  Mix Eye of Newt and 1000-Fathom Seawater
 93  The mixture gives you a Power		[Invulnerable to Sword-Strike]
 45  Mix Dragon's Claw and Volcano Dust
356  The mixture gives you a second Power	[The Power of Persuasion]
 74  You are not harmed by the Mamlik, go right
369  You whisper and the Orcs let you pass	{Poison 15}
325  Defeat ZIZZADEK 11/14, go right		{Poison 17}		Lu-1
 54  You hear the Heart of the Throne		[Not just the sword]	St-4
363  You put the dagger in Chingiz's hand	-Death Spell Dagger	St+4
285  Walk straight to the Throne of Kazan
154  Meghan-na-Durr collapses and turns to dust
400  You are a worthy successor to Segrek