Stealer of Souls

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						backpack, shield, lantern,
						10 Provisions
  1  Stay and fight the huge black bird
127  Combat the GIANT STORMBIRD 8/12
167  You made no attempt to run away
223  You set out for the Isle of Despair	Provisions		St+
143  The sailor commends you on your bravery	Jar of ointment
249  Throw some food at the giant Skull Crab
270  You row away to the shoreline		-1 Provision
102  Greet the huge muscular giant
328  Accept his offer of food and shelter
118  You set off inland to the west		Message Scroll [350], 3 Provisions
257  You feel wet and miserable			-2 Provisions
 38  Head north to hilly terrain and bracken
238  Settle down to sleep in the small cave
337  You get some sleep as a storm thunders	-1 Provision
 10  Say "Hello" to the strange talking lizard
 86  You have already killed one Stormbird
378  You won't have trouble with the one left
256  You set off for the rocky outcrop
206  You climb the slippery surface to the nest
368  Fight the GIANT STORMBIRD 7/12
288  You thank the lizard and speed back	3 GP, rose pearl, Silver Medallion
349  You settle into the hammock to sleep
158  You are awakened by the Sprite rummaging				Lu-1
239  Tell him you might spare his life
 39  You wake next morning fairly refreshed	Luck Powder x3		St+2
103  Go north past the skull at the crossroads
327  Clouds of buzzing insects swarm around	-Jar of ointment
191  Keep out of the fighting Hobgoblins' sight
311  You duck behind the vegetation					Lu-1
 14  They exchange blows and are both dead
135  Look around the shuttered cottage room
215  You step over a tripwire and untie the man
 71  Ask him the way to the Iron Crypts		-1 Provision
 56  Ask him about the scroll you have		[Evil south-west]
302  You set off southwards in good spirits	2 GP, [Alkandi south]	Lu+1
250  Go south past the bloodied feathers
128  Try to greet the two wildly gesturing men				St-2
168  They guide you into their village
208  Trade some Treasure with Alkandi					St+3
329  You complete your purchases		-4 GP, -rose pearl, silver feather,
						Ebony Key, ivory cat statuette,
						phial of white oil, 2 Provisions
101* Thank him and ask about the Message Scroll				Lu+1
350  You ponder his words and set off north	[Beware of singing]
181  Make for the small gray building		-1 Provision
379  Attack the man reaching out to you
 69  He wields a heavy ebony mace
367  Defeat the DARK PRIEST 9/13
117  You settle down in this evil place		5 GP			Lu-1
237  You have a Silver Medallion
192  Head to the trail and set off north-west				Lu+1
339  You enter the dreaded Iron Crypts
120  Fight each GOBLIN 5/5 5/6
300  Take the west door from the Goblin room	Bone dice
205  Go north at the junction
136  Look closely at the faint wall-carving
216  Take the north passage						Lu-1
184  Open the fetid smelling door
  6  Fight each RAT MAN 5/5 5/6						At-2
 57  Make a thorough search of the dirty room
259  You set off back south			2 GP, grappling iron,	St-2 Lu+1
						blue silk glove
303  Take the passage leading east
 72  You press on past the Goblin room
160  Enter the lamp-lit chamber to the north
225  Defeat the OGRE 8/10
 20  Thick iron bars block your way back	3 GP, 2 Provisions
280  Fight the CAVE SNAKE 6/7						At-2
330  Examine the unusual stalagmite formation
145  Chip away at the encrusted body
266  Investigate the slender white flask	-1 Provision
204  You trudge south along the passageway	Potion of Healing x2
156  Head west at the junction
356  Retrace your steps back from the singing
193  You press on further east
285  Enter the darkened chamber
335  Move in to attack the skeletal figure
169  Combat the SKELETAL WARRIOR 10/10
236  You take the steps down into a room
 52  Try a door in the south wall
121  Try to talk with whatever is inside
209  Sit down at the Orcs' table for a drink
359  You have a pair of bone dice
105  Take out a pair of bone dice
 41  Gamble some Treasure on a dice game
291  You win at the gambling game
 89  The Orcs drown their sorrows in more beer	GP
254  Search the unconscious Orcs' room
137  Go back to the north			6 GP
346  You open the east door away from the smoke
  4  Fight the TROLL 8/9
226  Search the Troll's room
130  You must escape the thick acrid smoke	4 GP, bunch of keys
260  Do not use the Ebony Key in the east door
243  You search and find a concealed door				Lu-1
146  Check where you heard the small voice
334  You have found a powerful ally		-Sword, Magical Sword	At+1 St-2
 58  You push open the trapdoor	in the ceiling	-1 Provision
375  You swiftly dispatch the snoring Orc
 99  Investigate a door to the east		15-foot rope
304  See what lies beyond the north door	1 Provision
 35  Investigate the dead end
365  Your Silver Medallion shines white light
170  You are unnerved by the gruesome illusion				St-1
203  Travel east and then north
  7  Enter the rock-strewn chamber
354  Offer the strange creature a gift
 67  Offer him a silver feather
 83  The Birdman thanks you and flies off	-Silver feather, [item west]
292  Go west along the passage from this roost
122  Continue on westwards past the fungi
 51  Go north into a daylight-filled chamber
385  Kill the RAZORBEAK BIRD 8/7					At+1 St+
 26  You have a grappling iron and a rope
162  You clamber back down and set off south	Spider Headband
 42  You head west and then southwards
218  Open the east door
 90  Use the phial of white oil on the rust
138  Press on southwards			-Phial of white oil, incense x3
283  Investigate the door with an iron grille
131  Open the door and help the slumped people
 18  You have a bunch of keys to open the lock
211  Offer the sick prisoner food and water
242  Investigate the slightly loosened brick	-1 Provision, [secret door]
178  Open the small wooden box
374  You go back and check for the secret door	Potion of Healing
 98  You surprise and slay one of the two Orcs
 59  Fight the ORC 5/6							At+1 St+
264  Open the easterly door of the guard room	1 GP
315  A brief vision passes before your eyes
147  You leave and open the south door		[Amber cross door]
333  Open the darkwood door to the west
 34  You have an Ebony Key
386  Enter the room and open the chest
293  The ring bears runes you cannot decipher	Silver Ring
114  You open a door marked with an amber cross
393  Fight the ORC 5/6 shouting for his Master				At+1 St+
202  You rush a cowled figure ruining his spell
 11  He curses and draws a wicked studded flail
321  Combat the DARK PRIEST 9/12					At+1 St+
187  Search the minion's bodies
353  Try the east door in the Orc's room	1 GP
123  You check the south door and open it	1 Provision		St+2
 50  You have some incense
234  You can burn incense and inhale the fumes	Incense-burner
305  Open the east door on the landing					St+2
219  You discover a comfortable room
107  Kill the man sleeping on the bed
290  Search the guard's room						Lu-1
 91  You leave and try the southern door	-Leather armor,		Sk+1
						chain-mail, crowbar
245  Sit down at the table and eat some food
324  Say the people upstairs sent you					St+3
196  Ask the young man for directions
320  You thank him and leave the dining room	[West, right, left]
 17  Take the eastern passage at the junction
228  Open the door and investigate the fight
262  Help one Orc against the other
148  Talk to the Orc you helped
 33  You ask about torturers and prisoners
 97  Investigate the "DANGER" sign door
172  Open the door with an Ebony Key
201  Enter the pitch-dark room
392  Fight the DIADRONE 8/12						At+1 St+
 12  You try to open the banded chest					Lu-1
399  A scything blade swings up opposite you
246  Open the locked chest with an Ebony Key
355  The key fits and the chest springs open	-Ebony Key
153  You go back and open the south door	Bronze Ring, Platinum Amulet
124  Look around the half-open east door
 28  Go in and talk with the misshapen creature
220  Wait for him to return with his prisoner
383  Help the haggard old man
108  You have a bunch of keys to free his hands
289  The prisoner conjures a ball of fire
 76  Finish off the HALF-OGRE TORTURER 8/8				At+1 St+
273  You help the weak wizard to a chair	-1 Provision
140  You hand Alsander his wizard robes
325  He will teach you three spells
188  Choose the "Dispel Fear" spell
  2  You may negate the effects fear has on you
188  Choose the "Fire Globe" spell
 16  A ball of fire will shoot from your hand
188  Choose the "Speed" spell
213  You may avoid blows in swordfights
188  You have decided which spells to learn	[Dispel Fear, Fire Globe, Speed]
 61  You make your preparations and set off
281  Fight each DARK ELF 8/6 7/5					At+1 St+
 96  You step into a swirl of rainbow colors	8 GP, 6 Provisions
229  Take the black shifting passage
149  Cast a "Dispel Fear" spell
200  Follow the gray passageway
112  Fight the SPECTER 7/7						At+1 Sk- St+
189  Take the green passage past the tombs
395  Water fills your lungs as you drown
 13  Open the flask and sip its contents
165  Mocking laughter echoes down the corridor
387  Search your backpack for something to use
 48  Use an ivory statuette against the rats
 93  A huge spectral cat chases them		-Ivory cat statuette
152  Follow the fork filled with rainbow light
125  Let the shimmering figure touch you
398  Take the yellow-green passage					Sk+1 St+4 Lu+1
307  Hold out a hand wearing a glove
 29  Take the azure passageway past the snakes				St+4 Lu+1
272  You cross the chasm to a dark tunnel
296  Combat the DEATH SKULL 9/10					St-
 15  Take the frosty passage beyond iron gates
331  Say a prayer for the souls of the dead
134  Take the dark-brown earthy way out					Sk+1 Lu+1
247  Fight the Skeletal Illusion
397  Your Silver Medallion shines brightly
 95  Follow the blue passageway past the statue
261  Attack the Blue Dragon with your sword
214  Laughter resounds through the cavern
150  Fight the huge Spider with your sword				St-2
175  You are wearing a headband
198  A vortex of light dissolves the Spider
269  Cast a "Fire Globe" spell at Mordraneth
 94  He is engulfed in flame and smoke
222  You run up the right-hand set of steps
351  You are wearing a Silver Ring
 79  The ring absorbs the whirling black bolus
 46  Slay MORDRANETH 8/11						Speed, At+1 St+
400  You have earned glory and rewards