Sky Lord

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Laser-sword, laser-pistol, Starspray,
						electro-javelin, spiked buckler,
						10 Provision Tablets, 10 credits
  1  Time-travel in the 4th dimension to Aarok
164  Leave the ship and cut the fungus away
 62  Burn it off passing through an atmosphere
213  Combat the PELHON RANGERS 5/5/8					Ra+1
 14  You maneuver through the debris		Droid, high-tech device
311  Crash-land on the dark lake
 44  Your spacecraft sinks to the bottom	-Starspray, -droid,	St-3
						-high-tech device
117  Set off to find a village and obtain help
344  Continue stumbling along Spitflak's Street
394  Unbar the door and poke your head out
108  Leave the village in the morning		Lumpy nodules
160  Follow the trail left towards a ridge
354  Attack the GREEN MUTANT 7/6
 76  The droid leads you inside a cave
319  You encountered Schaine the Delphon sprite
236  Krill reverses the transmutation process	-Lumpy nodules
341  He helps you with a backwards time-loop
 91  You wait for the signal to attack		Starspray, ear-twinge
313  Combat the DELPHON BATTLESHIP 5/5/8				Ra+
328  Go to help the weak distress signal
137  Combat the AUTO-DRONE 6/4/7					Ra+1
 71  Enter the air-lock when it is vertical
209  Hit Barty Baxter with your pommel
300  Dive through a narrow metal chute
242  Leave via the small exit in the corner
124  Climb a ladder to the level above		Flame torch, oxygen cylinder
  9  Try your skill at snooker
 77  Flee from the blob on an exercise scooter	Cricket bat, medicine ball
266  Examine a run of strawberries
362  You have poisoned yourself	with pesticide	Strawberries, shovel	St-3
103  Fight LUDO KLUDWIG 7/4
 85  You go through the deceased's belongings	Poison, can of beer
 40  A very hungry blob devours your items	-Flame torch, -oxygen cylinder,
						-cricket bat, -medicine ball,
						-strawberries, -shovel,
						-poison, -can of beer
232  Continue towards Aarok in light-warp
182  You must destroy an enormous fighting ship
 56  Attempt a computer-scan of your enemy
163  Examine the weak spot using the scanscope
215  Activate the extinguishing spray					St-2 Sh-1
240  Combat the SKY-WASP 6/2/8
 23  Attack the STARFIRE VALIOOG 5/4/10
226  Immediately light-warp to Aarok
279  Combat the DEFENSE MODULE 6/2/6
 52  Veer towards a purple desert to crash-land
 84  You plummet into a valley of sand and ash	-Starspray		St-2
376  Climb one of the pillars for safety
281  Plant your heel in the face of the spider
210  You are dragged to the spiders' camp
327  You are strung up and a guard prods you	-Laser-sword, -laser-pistol,
						-electro-javelin, -spiked buckler
374  Pretend you have been killed					St-1
138  You have been left alone and free
114  Kill the SCORBEETLE 6/8			Laser-sword, laser-pistol,
						electro-javelin, spiked buckler
377  Hide and wait until the air-barge passes
 32  You agree to aid the toad-faced creature
 92  Kneel down and draw your laser-pistol
183  There is an explosion over your head				St-2
243  You quickly attack with your javelin				Lu-1
343  Defeat the BANDIT 7/8
293  Hand the heirloom to the toady creature
 88  He leads you to a tunnel into the city	Flask of acid
323  Turn the hatch handles counterclockwise
118  Two lamps focus a heat-beam on you					St-2
238  Follow Zud the lockmaster
 16  Tug at the cylinder merged in your chest	Zud's cylinder
 79  Help Zud with a small task
270  Obey his request to steal the brain
315  You enter the slime-green tavern
 83  Turn towards the drinking-pits
301  Answer "Tush, move ya' lack-knee on all"	-2 credits
334  Examine the man-sized candle		[42], dart-gun
365  It spits hot wax and awakens the Deik				St-1
 10  Obey the Deik and walk across to him
 51  You are trapped in the orange sphere
351  Answer "42 greater stars orbit destiny"
 42  Battle AXE ARM 10/2 SWORD ARM 8/4
            MACE ARM 8/6 FLAIL ARM 6/8
201  Twist a spongy nodule
 26  Push, pull or kick any control
264  You have a dart-gun						St-2
398  You have won just in time			-Dart-gun
222  Defeat the OGRE-OID 6/14			Bicephalon's brain
119  You trip and return to Zud's chambers
129  Jump on a desk and draw your laser-sword	-Zud's cylinder, -Bicephalon's brain
151  You search his chamber and depart		Bottle of acid
 25  Step beneath the black metal ring
  2  March along the causeway south-west
202  Relinquish your weapons
252  Help Sambuch the Snail
144  You heave the old iron barge into the lake
353  Steam at full speed across the enemy's bow
170  Combat MOGS' CUTTER 9/2/10	with					Ra+1
           YOUR OLD BARGE /3/7
 69  You storm angrily back north-east		Rock-salt
318  Hide in a nearby shrine
267  You have released a tyrannical gangster
359  Neck-chop Fog Farkin			{Oxygen 10}
105  Knee-kick him				{Oxygen 8}
120  Hit him with the pommel of your sword	{Oxygen 6}
357  Head-butt him				{Oxygen 4}
268  Attack FOG FARKIN 9/6
294  A figure has been observing your tussle	Steel file
349  Avail yourself of his generosity
  5  Drink Marsatu's blue liquid
 61  You drift into a jolly dream
 54  Follow the passage right from the parlor				St-1
284  Choose two crystalline spheres		Battle-armor,
						infra-red sensor helmet
233  You steer your mechanical beast		-Laser-sword,		Sk-1
						-electro-javelin, -credits, grasshopper
333  Attempt to sweet-talk giant Jym Ego
195  You go on groveling for some time
 21  You must joust on the Roundabout
 48  You must destroy one of each type of enemy
345  Fight YELLOW MUTANT 7/8, counterclockwise
150  Rotate the red ring counterclockwise
153  Attack GLIP 4/3/8 with
      GRASSHOPPER /2/10, counterclockwise
299  Attack SCUTTLEBUG 5/2/12 with
            GRASSHOPPER /3/10
258  You have reached the Dome of Marvels
337  Do not use the spheres Marsatu gave you	-Grasshopper
196  You slide over the steepening side					St-3
363  Use the sphere containing battle-armor
246  The rubber sphere bounces away		-Battle-armor
275  Defeat the PREFECTA 8/8
 24  The treacherous Marsatu knocks you down	-Laser-pistol,		Sk-1
						-spiked buckler
 75  Desist struggling and escape later on
322  You await a grueling interrogation
225  Help L'Bastin within the posidon tank
175  You have some rock-salt
306  Wrestle the WARDER 8/8						St-2
356  You enter L'Bastin's laboratory		Needle-gun		Sk+1 Lu-1
276  You hear a squad of Prefectas approach	-Rock-salt
115  Hide in a metal cabinet
 13  The facsimiles of yourself are arguing
187  Fight the LAST PREFECTA 6/6
400  You have saved the galaxy