Slaves of the Abyss

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Fangthane sword, leather armor,
						5 Provisions, 5 GP
  1  Remain behind to defend Kallamehr
288  You focus on your image in the mirror
174  Change your mind and scout to the east
104  Read the folded paper straight away	[Temple of Fourga], paper
264  You are watched by a thousand eyes
234  A figure wreathed in flames staggers about
140  Sige quietly wishes you a safe journey	Horse, pomander
329  You ride until nightfall and settle down	{Time 1}
 63  Wait before attacking the stealthy forms
214  The other two Black Elves turn with a yelp
120  Fight both BLACK ELVES 7/6 7/6 together
311  The fingers are clenched around something	17 GP, Golden Fist
163  Seek hospitality at the Temple of Fourga	{Time 2}
  4  Refuse to empty your backpack
390  Surrender to the old priests
 56  The Golden Fist tumbles from your backpack
 73  The young priests lead you to a cell	-Golden Fist
353  You are free to continue your mission
136  Stick to the deeply rutted roads
256  Examine the ox and cart by the roadside
 13  You crumble the impostor's wax mask
139  Follow the villagers outside		{Time 3}		St+4
 66  Agree to the wise woman's demands
208  You settle back and stare up at the moon
319  A faint buzzing is growing louder
 86  Grab the Riddling Reaver's rope
 96  You are swept upwards through the air	Fish-shaped bottle
331  In the morning you remount your horse	{Time 4}, parchment	Lu+2
  7  Follow the faint knocking sound
349  Leave and look in the other buildings
128  Examine the wizard's paraphernalia
333  Continue rummaging on the desk		[Shifting forest gloves]
158  Risk drinking the cloudy brown liquid	Ghulsh potion, Arahl potion
258  The liquid tastes sour			-Ghulsh potion		iLu+1
270  Examine the dangling puppets and cupboard
244  Open the cupboard normally
 37  You smile at the sticky young girl		Blow-pipe
315  Leave the house with Mema the apprentice	[Aletheia the Sage]
  2  Do not wash off the green slime		Mema
396  You gallop back up the hillside		{Time 5}
 95  Take a closer look at the invading army
153  Mema points at a pulsing black mist
283  You whirl your steed around and race off
 69  A swarm of black hornets swirls above you
 35  It is time to make your escape		-Mema
 53  Ride to warn Kallamehr			{Time 6}
129  You must rest at the Kamadan inn
 44  Remove Sige's pomander to help you sleep
382  You sprawl unconscious on the bed		{Time 7}
 28  Climb out of the window
304  Let go immediately and fall
 97  A black-winged creature disappears
111  Try to disarm the weapon at your neck
292  You spin around and throw him off balance
246  You recognize your old blade-master Barolo
216  Learn how to throw your sword
226  You spend the night practicing		[Spitting Fly]
 19  Give Barolo something in return		-1 GP, buckler		At+1
134  You wave goodbye and ride off		{Time 8}, -Arahl potion
290  You see the Rangor Tower up ahead		{Time 9}
 67  Insist that you are on a vital mission	-Horse
 49  Bribe the guards to be allowed in
387  The guards are very happy to accept	-6 GP
185  They lead you into a small antechamber
310  Dunyazad is busy with Carolina's funeral
267  Go investigate the keep			{Time 10}
342  You creep along the walkway		Rope
 71  Lower yourself down the far left wall
397  Investigate the left center wall
 94  Investigate the far right wall
340  You notice a guardsman coming
 25  Slide down the rope to the courtyard
 99  You hurry into the shadows
204  Creep cautiously down the passage
363  Rush to open the barred trapdoor
162  Somebody kicks you into gurgling darkness
175  Use a blow-pipe on the gaping black maw
378  Defeat the QUAGRANT 6/8						At+1 St-
 64  Quickly use the Spitting Fly technique
259  The jailer slumps onto the grille
 10  Hide in the stables and wait		Leather pouch
359  You examine Ramedes's trophy
293  You settle down for the night		{Time 11}, Sealed Locket
276  You leave your hiding-place and mingle
344  Hold up the Sealed Locket for all to see
110  Open the locket
376  You turn to the four nobles
334  Ask Sige the Silent to kiss Carolina
279  Battle SIGE THE SILENT 7/5						At+1 St-
384  You have a duty to Carolina to fulfill	[Color changing wound]
183  Ride east and search for Enthymesis	{Time 12}, horse
  5  You calm your panicking steed					Lu-1
 77  You wait for the sandstorm to subside
 98  Examine the creeper-strewn tree		-Horse
356  Take the left path towards the sunlight	[3], foxgloves
268  Do not risk saving the ant-covered man
211  You hear scraping noises within the mound
 58  Go along the left-hand path		[2]
388  A short figure points a crossbow at you
189  Fight the OGRE 10/12 and GOBLIN 5/4				At+1
166  Carry straight on past the foxgloves	[1]
 17  Remain quietly at the river bank
180  You carry on refreshed by your rest
381* You follow a faint path into the forest
321  Take the trail downward to the left
 12  Take the right-hand path at the fork				St-1
366  Walk under the hut	sitting on four legs	{Time 13}		Lu+1
254  The hut descends towards you
372  Say the old woman's name is "Aletheia"
 80  You are lucky to have Sige's pomander
295  Caduceus's coils wrap around your neck	[Paa Maet Teth]
307  Jheera smoke is fatal to the black hornets
282  You follow clumsy footprints to the Troll
122  Suggest he strips the leaves off his tree
345  Defeat the TROLL 7/9			Leaves			At+1
 60  You make your way back to the trail
133  It is time to confront the vast horde	Horse
325  Prepare the Jheera leaves now		{Time 14}
 11  Light the Jheera torch			-Leaves, torch
 34  You ride forth with acrid fumes wafting
368  You have a lit Jheera torch prepared
138  The black hornets swirl around you
199  Make for the cave entrance
106  Defeat the CAVEMAN 7/7			-Torch			At+1
144  The cave is littered with dying hornets	Torch
235  Show the Reaver's bottle to the general
 55  Use Spitting Fly as he laughs		-Fish-shaped bottle
255  The blade catches him in the belly
302  Bythos's smoky form dissipates
238  You must follow Bythos to the Abyss	-Horse
 89  Investigate the flickering tunnel
362  Dive through the fierce wall of flames
157  Wait for the four Murkurons to react
253  Run to hold the door shut
 48  You follow the tunnel to a large chamber
 82  You see Enthymesis embedded in green slime
309  Wait to face the horror			Silver whistle
115  Battle the MAIJEM-NOSOTH 10/10					At+1
316  You step back into the sand
263  You take a deep breath as you sink lower
383  Open Sige's pomander and eat the herbs
  8  Examine the magical treasure strewn about	-Pomander
 87  You head into the shifting mist		Golden Fist
116  A silvery shape shoots past your head				Lu-1
193  You do not have a crossbow
322  Head for the muffled moaning noises
164  Climb the huge chain up into the clouds
294  You slowly progress into the starry void
219  You have found the stolen spirits
203  You bear the wound which changes color
 52  Leave Sige to rot within the crystal
 75  You can hear an ominous creaking ahead
237  You leap from the crystal just in time
339  You watch as the black shape advances
135  Kill the ANEMORUS 5/10						At+1
357  You flee from the sounds of screeching
  3  Wait to see if anything happens
330  Stay hidden from the approaching chanting
245  Surprise the cowled figure as he leaves
 40  Strike at him with your sword
 85  Beneath the cowl is an emaciated form
 27  Wrap yourself in the Gatherer's robe	Robe, silken sack
212  Drink some of the murky green broth	-Silken sack
 45  The foul broth settles in your stomach
 68  Bythos strides in, a towering giant
225  You have eaten Sige's pomander herbs
 31* The herbs are extremely rare
275  You gag as your body twists and buckles
280  Leave through the door you came in by	-Robe
354  Grab the chain before it floats away
266  Blow a chill blast on Bythos
380  He turns to a statue of solid crystal
108  Divide the blue liquid among the citizens
250  Kallamehr is rejoicing under its new Baron
400  You embark upon an adventure of legend