Battleblade Warrior

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, hunting knife,
						leather armor, cloak,
						rucksack, 4 Provisions
  1  Take your father's bow and silvered arrows
 13  Take the bottle of pale liquid		Bone bow, 3 arrows
388  The liquid is a healing draught
 42  It will cure some of your wounds		Healing draught x2
361  Sneak through the enemy lines before dawn
 93  Scuttle through the right trench
206  Keep your head down below the edge
 71  A huge riding lizard leaps the trench
104  Go left past the bloodied bodies
 18  Grab the two-headed Lizard Man's foot
 62  You clamber up the rough wooden steps				Lu+1
294  Put the siege catapult out of action
116  Fire an arrow at the cauldron of pitch
222  You hurry away from the smoldering ruins	-1 arrow		Lu+1
363  Duck into a tent
  8  Attack the repulsive Lizard Woman
149  Defeat the LIZARD WOMAN 6/8					At-1
280  The tent is decorated in appalling taste	Black lotus
319  Investigate the animal pens
148  Steal one of the riding lizards
350  A bell clangs as you leap onto its back
146  You are free of the city						Lu+1
 53  You are being chased by Lizard Men
177  An arrow whistles past your left ear				Lu-1
347  Ride for the copse just up ahead
303  Run for the trees
209  You scream at the tough-looking man
 21  You have your father's bow
284  The remaining Lizard Men turn and flee	-2 arrows
240  Julius Lecarte introduces himself		{4 escaped}
 79  Lure the Lizard Men into a trap
349  A sheet of flame explodes upward
 16  You set off for Capra
 89  You tell the townsfolk of the siege
202  Continue your journey in disguise		2 Provisions
141  You will pass for a non-human		Disguise
223  Bid Lecarte farewell and set off north	[White-eye]
300  You investigate in disguise
122  You creep closer to the Orc mourners				Lu-1
 73  Pretend to bite the corpse
250  You make convincingly disgusting noises				Lu-1
325  Meet the assembled relatives
287  Say you are Ugrat, child of Kuzbag
163  Pretend to drink the mug of Guursh
210  The gruesome liquid flows into your mouth
 45  You clutch your stomach and turn blue				St-
161  You stagger wildly east into the woods	-Disguise		Sk-2
185  Wait and see the approaching rider
145  Greet the tired messenger peacefully
396  Bid her farewell and set off alone
103  In the morning you see the jungle ahead
377  Hide somewhere before the riders arrive
139  You continue to head east
257  Walk along the ridge past the Triceratops
327  You lead the Tyrannosaurus to the ridge
 81  The Tyrannosaurus attacks the Triceratops				Lu-1
 34  You are well away from the battle
 76  Approach the gypsy caravan
268  A wizened old man beckons you to enter
 61  Tell White-eye your story
 11  Trade a black lotus
249  He erupts in a fit of giggling
 11  You have nothing to trade
111  You lie down and eventually sleep
  9  You slowly hack a path into the jungle	Provisions		St+4
 94  Make camp on the marshy ground					Sk+2
278  Darkness falls suddenly upon you
372  Defeat the SWAMP MUTANT 10/16
348  Climb up a tree				Provisions
393  Clamber down and continue your journey
170  You freeze at a roar way up ahead
 64  Defeat the PANTHER WARRIORS
     5/6 5/6 5/6 5/6 5/6 in pairs
155  A huge Pterodactyl swoops low overhead	-1 Provision		St+4 Lu-1
186  You watch the beast fly into the distance
164  You defeat your fear of the tiger illusion
239  Laskar commands you to sleep
236  You see Laskar muttering and swaying
190  You look down over Kharnek, accursed city
 48  Pause before descending into the darkness	Lantern, rope, 4 Provisions
367  You see Laskar surrounded by Lizard Men
289  Take the dark passage to the left
267  Exit the wide archway covered by a curtain
 14  Investigate the ancient catacombs further
351  You find only rotten bones
297  You shudder and tiptoe across the corpses
323  Exit the arch to the left
125  Retrace your steps to the narrow tunnel
 67  The floor beneath you crumbles
 19  Reach the large pile of rags
110  Fight the TOMB VIPERS 7/6
106  Go straight on from the stone slabs	Arm of Telak		Lu+2
357  Defeat the WARRIOR-KING 10/11
259  Pry the gemstones from the tarnished crown
197  They are two halves of the same stone	2 emeralds
310  Examine the fountain in the far corner
 50  The statue of Telak trickles blood
271  Continue ahead up the thin steps
154  Open the small shattered door
311  Enter the steeply angled room
138  You trip and knock over your lantern	2 jets			Lu-1
  5  You hear the shadow-creatures howl					Lu+1
152  You follow the winding passage to a door	Ceremonial robes
 74  Leave the altar by the small door
 87  The stairs spiral up to freedom
301  Enter the temple and join Laskar
217  You have the Arm of Telak
248  You kick Laskar in the jaw			-Arm of Telak, -2 emeralds, -2 jets
 46  Grab the sword and the emeralds		Arm of Telak
228  The Eyes gleam and you leap for Laskar	Eyes of Telak
400  You will free Vymorna from Evil and Chaos