Starship Traveller

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Science Officer, Medical Officer,
						Engineering Officer,
						Security Officer, Security Guard x2
  1  You lose consciousness
256  Turn to port
273  Identify yourself to M'k Tel
281  Comply with his wishes
168  Take the intruder to the computer room
 26  Take no action				[Ganzigite disadvantage]
202  You beam back to your ship			[Ganzigite agreement]
 16  Head for the small star to port
180  Approach the dull blue planet
 86  Beam down to the city
209  Continue down the deserted road
125  Accept the spindly alien's hospitality
177  Rush to the aid of your escort
 19  Head for the Timol
231  Show you mean no harm
 42  Head for the main building
 73  Go to the main meeting hall
161  Go to the travel and map room
194  You beam back to the ship						St+2
290  Head onwards towards a purple sun
 44  Beam down to the advanced planet
171  Follow the insect-shaped creature
108  You follow the PCs outside
140  Enter the vehicle as they wish
317  Try to contact the ship
 67  You turn off your communicator
215  You already tried to contact the ship
238  You leave the transfixed room
160  You remove a helmet and beam up					St+2
269  You leave orbit				Electronic helmet	Sk+1
 34  Beam down to investigate the life-forms
 13  Wait for the podgy creatures to arrive
115  They take you to the village Elder
170  Ask him about the planet
291  Offer to contact the Rain Lord
199  Continue up to the castle gate
237  You decide to surrender
315  You are escorted inside the keep
 91  You enter a large computer complex
164  You introduce yourselves
227  Your Science Officer analyzes the program
 83  You beam back aboard			[Warp 3]		St+2
203  You head towards a large red planet
126  Investigate the small gray planet
261  Tell the recon party to investigate
176  Your crew return to the ship
 66  Seal off the docking bay
 18  Your crew seal off the area
337  Evacuate the air from affected sections
284  Your Science Officer checks the air
 11  Head for the blue planet
  2  Beam down and visit I-Abail
222  Politely decline the refreshments
144  Accept his offer of being a test subject
158  Step forward through the portal
 53  Take the left-hand fork
293  Take the left-hand fork
322  Take the right-hand fork
214  Take the left-hand fork
318  Step off the path into space
232  You beam back aboard			[Sector 159]		St+2
 41  Continue into deep space
253  Continue onwards past the spaceport
109  Ignore the large gray planet and continue
320  Jump towards a small black planet
331  Ignore this planet and proceed
104  Beam down to the greeny-gray planet
118  Follow the Terryal child
  4  Exchange technical details for help
148  You follow Luff into an observatory	[Stardate 21]
229  Honor your agreement
191  You beam back and allow Luff access				St+2
120  You leave orbit
296  You search for your next destination
324  You have the time and space coordinates
216* You set off towards your black hole
138  You pass out
340  You made it back into your own universe