Chasms of Malice

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Shining Sword, leather armor,
						cloak, backpack,
						5 Provisions, Tabasha the Bazouk
  1  Take the exit on the left
 50  Turn left along the tunnel with deep ruts
211  Eat the fat furry worm
 37  You are surprised at the wonderful taste				St+1
247  Hide from the Orcs and see what happens
303  Take the same tunnel as the Orcs
383  Enter the tunnel on the right
187  You carry on past the caged Dwarfs					Lu-1
302  Walk upstream by the rushing river
145  You must wade across the freezing water				St-4
253  Cross the deep chasm			2 Provisions, 2 Fuel
119  Fight the DARK ELF 8/6 on the bridge
249  You sit down and have a meal		-1 Provision, -1 Fuel	St+6
 10  Kill the GRIPHAWK 9/10
 74  Keep a low profile outside the inn
353  You loiter and then enter the alehouse
381  Go into the room on your right
262  Stay in the smoky chamber with the Orcs
284  Fight the black-cloaked figure
299  Battle KHUDDAM GESHRAK 10/12
251  Leave the room at once
 43  Orcs grab you and hit you over the head				Sk-1 St-4
123  Wait and prepare yourself for an escape	-Shining Sword
280  You memorize the Troll chant		[Right, left, diagonal left]
371  Tell the dark woman who you are
 32  Battle KHUDDAM CHURKA 10/12, rush right
268  The spear misses you, run outside		Shining Sword		Lu-1
312  Battle KHUDDAM FRIANKARA 10/12
236  Jump on the right stepping-stone
319  Jump diagonally left
 54  Jump left across the lava river
108  Crawl in the small hole and hide					St-2
141  You slip through a flooded tunnel		-Provisions		Lu-1
296  Will Tabasha to help you						Sk-1 St-4
336  The old woman gives you some potion
 79  Turn left in the tunnel outside		[Minosaddurr, Stone Wraiths]
144  Enter the left tunnel near the screaming
317  Eat then hide in a hole in the ground	-1 Fuel			St+6
290  You chop off the swamp creature's arm				St- Lu+1
201  Fight the TAILSPIKER 7/10 dragging an Orc
  5  Help the warriors being attacked by Orcs
 96  You explain your quest to Alkis Fearslicer				St- Lu-1
190  Run from the Khuddam in the dark
377  Chorista leads you to a Gaddon settlement
 72  You are taught the Feelbrethren secrets	Sensefight
399  The Secret Cyphers will open ancient doors
 72  Take the Govanthian tunnel going down
 33* Utter the Cypher for the closed right door
  8  You find yourself in another dark tunnel
 77  You are filled with determination		[Heartflame]		Sk+1
252  Enter the third open door
173  You walk into the darkness						Lu+2
  2  Go through the north-west door
277  Enter the north-west metal door
205  Exit the purple glowing room north-east	[33 crystals]		Lu+2
264  Exit the cave of illusion south-east
382  Exit the empty cave north-east
334  Exit the cave of swords north-east
200  Go through the metal trapdoor
 61  You plunge your Sword into the Heartflame	[Left knee]		Sk+1 Lu+2
100  Climb the rope down the well
215  Swing to the hole on the right					St-1
373  Attack the buzzing red dots
248  Take the narrow tunnel on the level
393  Crawl downwards through the roots
255  Put away your Sword
 63  You follow Gregory, son of Baldwin
313  Choose a sliver of Everlasting Wood
278  The tunnel begins to get unbearably hot	Everlasting Wood	Lu+2
112  Drop your Sword into the river of lava
365  Get Tabasha to help			-Shining Sword
 11  The blinded woman screams and falls
203  You are close to the evil of Orghuz	Shining Sword, Spell of Life
310  Rush quickly past the sentry-post
 73  Run up some stairs on the left
182  Battle KHUDDAM BARKEK 10/12
 64  Run for your life down the cliff
138  Take the ledge sloping down to the left
287  Go down the steep track to the left
361  Take the route sloping to the right
156  Jump across and drop down to a wider ledge
291  Fight the GRYPHON 8/10, go right
195  Strike two Orcs, go down the right rope
 58  Head off to the left in the vast cavern				St+6 Lu+1
259  Look at Pierskat the Trader's goods
213  Accept the trade
181* Speak the Cypher on the ring		-Gauntlets, ring
 31  It can make you invisible in one combat				Lu+2
369  Go to the left on the marshy path
271  Stay where you are up to your knees
137  Hand over your Sword to the Marsh Goblin
 26  Refuse to wear the metal collar		-Shining Sword
295  Throw the black slime out the window
354  Slip away in the dark			Shining Sword, [crossed daggers]
388  Go right in the narrow alleyway
209  Stay where you are behind a pillar
127  Battle KHUDDAM GRIFFKEK 10/12
298  Strike at the dark figure rushing you
 34  Run up the steps to the volcano
 56  You reach the top and enter the volcano				St-
356  Go through the large hole on the right
218  Go in the hole on the right
 71  Go right as the ground shakes
327  Head for the two small figures
233  Look at the roll of parchment
270  It is a map of the wall to Orghuz's tower
 53  Stay in the Trogs' loaded cart
 95  You slip off as a thick mist descends				Lu+2
320  Fight the MIST WRAITH 8/8, head right
243  Climb the high wall between watchtowers
315  You climb gaps between the stones
 30  Prepare for combat on the wall
244  Battle KHUDDAM KAHHRAC 10/12
364* Use the Cypher on the tower's entrance	-Bazouk			Lu+2
258  Go through the door leading north
 51  Choose the west exit from the trophy room				Lu-1
224  Combat the CHEF ORC 6/6 and
     APPRENTICE CHEF ORC 5/4, go to the floor
 19  A large chunk of rock crushes the Orc				Lu+1
337  Creep around the table to the north exit
122  Creep silently to the door leading east
370  Fight the SILENT WARRIOR 9/10, go right
297  You make your way up the carved staircase
106  Go through the exit west
180  Hurry through the door heading west
325  You rush south through the black fumes
 68  Choose the left-hand door heading west
219  Fight the TAILSPIKER 7/10 on the ledge
 78  Strike the Gargoyle, dash across the room				St- Lu-1
110  Go west past the crack in the wall
 20* Speak the Cypher and open the trapdoor
235  Head south from the staircase
344  Take the path through a door east
 24  Go to an exit north past the metal traps				St-
339  Go north
196  Strike the laughing figure on the right
386  Orghuz holds a sword just like yours
309  Defeat ORGHUZ 10/12 with the Heartflame				Ring
385  Strike his left knee and lower leg
392  His flesh crumbles to dust			True Shield
238  The third knight is the traitor
 48  He runs but is cut down by Astragal
400  You are hailed as Tancred's heir