Midnight Rogue

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Shortsword, leather jerkin,
						backpack, hand-lamp, torch, tinder-box,
						5 GP, 10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune,
						Pick Pocket, Spot Hidden, Secret Signs
  1  Try the Noose for gossip and rumors
203  Go to the Rat and Ferret tavern
309  Ask the landlord Bald Morri about Brass	-1 GP
195  Pay him for information			-GP
364  You recognize the symbol on the bar-top
253  Join the game of pin-finger		[Two keys]
278  You flick the knife between your fingers
 14  Try your luck elsewhere in the Noose	10 GP
203  Visit Madame Star the clairvoyant
117  Pay her to read your future
289  Thank her and look for a beggar		-2 GP, [place of death 289]
 26  Give Bargo the Wheeler a gold piece
234  Leave the Noose and try elsewhere		-1 GP,			Lu+1
						rope and grapnel
387  Go to the Merchant's Guild
129  Ignore the movement in the clump of trees
246  Hide and watch the guard manning the door
 74  Look around for an unguarded entrance
210  Carry on around the building
271  Try to force your way through the Footpads
151  You charge but the gang closes around you
 96  Defeat each FOOTPAD 7/5 6/6 5/6
196  The rest of the Footpads turn and run	5 GP, rags
386  Go in the back door
159  Stay where you are in the dark room
 61  Stand still and hope for the best
119  Tell the beggar that you are a friend
291  You wish him pleasant dreams and leave	Lock-picks		Lu+1
350  Check the carpeted passage for traps
357  Try the left-hand door with a coin symbol
  3  You pick the lock open with a faint click
259  Search the richly carved wooden desk
 90  Examine the strong-looking iron door	10 GP, key "L", [Barrow Hill 90]
377  Pick the large complicated lock
295  You leave the strongroom hurriedly
 21  Search for clues in Brass's house
156  A bobbing light shines into your face
293  Make a break for it
 97  You dodge between the guardsmen and run
188  You twist and turn through back-streets
177  Try the smaller house on the left
 32  Pick the locked door
211  Head for the door at the end of the hall	Black hooded cloak
318  You investigate across the street
384  Climb the drainpipe up to the windows
108  You rapidly reach the upper floor					Lu-1
238  Pick open the front door
276  Examine the suit of armor
 62  Retrieve the object behind the armor
147  Investigate the door beneath the landing	1 GP
 47  Open the door to the servants' quarters
255  You retreat from the sleeping dog quietly
 95  You decide to try the upper floor
368  Investigate the doors on the landing
 45  Try to hide from the young man
215  You wait and then creep across the balcony				Lu+1
325  Listen at the door on the left
277  You slip inside the moonlit bedroom
396  Take the key around Brass's neck		10 GP
361  Brass does not stir
185  Go to the door at the end of the landing	Key "R"
321  You pick the lock open with a soft click
134  Search the huge wooden desk
143  Search the rest of the study		Silver paper-knife
242  Investigate the safe behind the portrait	Bottle of brandy
104  You have both keys
 55  You turn the keys together			-Key "L", -key "R"
335  Leave the room via the window		20 GP, [E.O.B. 335]
306  Try to find the Eye of the Basilisk
144  Head for Singing Bridge
 22  Knock on the door painted "KEEP OUT"
307  Run away from the old man
144  Look for the Eye at Barrow Hill
284* You have all three clues
392  Start looking by the ancient barrow
 30  You spot something scratched in the stone
132  It looks like the sign meaning "mark"
100  You start to look around the garden
 77  Inspect the statue
301  Jump across the small walled pond
148  You reach the plinth safely
  8  Point the statue at the standing stone
383  The grassy mound reveals a small doorway
343  You spot a loose flagstone in the steps
286  You avoid the trap and carry on down
240  You do not have a silver whistle
280  Fight the BATS 5/12						At-2
 43  Look for a way around the great stone slab
198  You make a hole big enough to crawl in
150  Stay in the burial chamber alcove
366  Fight each SKELETON 6/5 5/4					Lu+1
 31  Destroy the SKELETON LORD 8/6
288  You recognize a symbol on the plinth	-Shortsword, helmet,	Sk+1
						longsword, stone axe	At+
102  It reveals a flight of steps going down
300  You sneak lightly past the sleeping Ogre
279  You carry on down the passage
342  Very slowly take the key by the scorpion
 13  You step through the great iron doorway
 79  Go right in the passage
351  Climb carefully down the hole
216  You drop cautiously to the floor
236  Advance into the darkened room
352  You sneak silently into the darkness
 24  You pick open the door in front of you
324  Ignore the glowing bottle and carry on
252  Try to disrupt your shadow
113  You hold your torch high before you
 67  You spot a series of holes in the walls
381  You evade the trap and follow the passage				Lu+1
191  Part of the symbol in blood is missing
 39  You pause and prepare to move on
302  You hurl yourself to the floor
 12  Fight the dead thief shambling towards you
 82  Destroy the ANIMATED CORPSE 5/6					At+
 23  You have a magic weapon
142  Fight the POSSESSOR SPIRIT 10/10					At+ Lu-
323  Drink the potion from the cracked flask	5 GP, throwing knife
247  The potion restores you						Sk+
323  Make sure the caged Dwarf is a thief
 86  Leave before the Shapechanger frees itself
229  You slam the door behind you
155  You sneak through the bones past the holes
 25  You let out a sigh and shudder
 84  Listen at the door
 10  Combat the WOOD GOLEM 8/6						St-2
123  You are using a torch
 98  The Golem stumbles about burning fiercely
136  Search through the huge pile of treasure
 46  Fight the SCITALIS 8/10						At+ St-2
168  You leave the bones and carry on		2 Provisions, maze map
374  You throw yourself to one side
207  Kill the GIANT SPIDER 7/8						At+
353  You climb the ceiling in darkness
265  Investigate the silk-wrapped bodies
290  You carefully avoid the sticky strands
382  You resume your climb			2 Provisions
341  You spot something glinting in the mold
 88  You grip the doorknob cautiously
197  You run through the cloud of spores
 69  You have a map
362  You follow the route through the maze
178  Wound the CRYSTAL WARRIOR 10/13
169  Shatter the CRYSTAL WARRIOR 10/11
 99  You pick the lock of the chest
360  You see the disc is on a fine wire					St-4
182  Slowly lift the disc off the trap
208  You breathe a sigh of relief		-Maze map, obsidian disc
316  Knock the gem out of the light
130  Block the light with something
292  Use an obsidian disc
 87  You keep the heavy disc steady
214  You hold the gem in both hands		-Obsidian disc, fake gem
400  You've passed your test