Phantoms of Fear

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Telessa, leather armor,
						Potion of Fortune
  1  Proceed towards the health of Affen forest
306  You stand in a ring of six elder trees				Pw+1
380  Head west through the familiar forest
344  Seek the company of the indistinct voices
387  Step through the trees into the clearing
 59  Tell the six travelers of your mission				Pw+1
209  They tell you of traps marked by saplings
298  The animals have been harvesting food
 50  You are able to find some Provisions	Provisions
376  Fight the WILD BOAR 6/5			Boar tusks
326  Walk past with the sapling to your right
265  Spend the night in a mighty oak's branches
198  Do not struggle free from the Tree Devil
289  Sharpened twigs pierce your eyes
 49  The dream abruptly changes
144  Start walking on the featureless plain
 91  Stay where you are in the eye of the storm
164  The eye is formed by wind, water and fire				Pw+2
253  Go back to sleep
341  You must get on with your mission
172  Take a north-west direction
150  Continue through the valley
282  Approach the vast pile of bones
101  Ask the stag statues for a gift
 28  You thank them and proceed up the valley	Antler-horn [12]	Lu+1
383  Search for a suitable large cave					Lu+1
181  Spend the night in the recently used cave
357  You dream of a ring formed by six pools				Pw+2
319  Explore the narrow tunnel into darkness
 35  Risk exploring it without foreknowledge
279  Carry on ahead to the dim glow
124  Examine the trapped skeleton
295  Avoid any contact with the boulder
110  Carry on across the small cavern
 61  You look out over the blighted forest
386  Stay where you are observing the scene
373  You are struck while breathing out					Lu-1
175  None of the evil blast entered your lungs
 57  You will enter a region of unknown terrors
239  Bathe in the clear pool
199  You rest in the sun and drift off to sleep				St+2 Lu+2
160  You spurn the temptation of the fairy folk
 31  You step into Ishtra's cruel kingdom	Elder branch [22]
259  Walk around the patch of bare ground
191  Hack through the ROOTS 6/12
  6  Follow the trail across the soggy ground
 69  Go into the fenced-off area
122  Crawl through the prickly holly bushes
277  You receive no scratches						Lu-1
206  Watch the ramshackle hut for a while
 47  Throw your sword away from you
375  Bide your time with the insane Wild Man	-Telessa
301  You pierce the veil of madness in his mind
152  Spend the night in his humble abode	Telessa, amber cube #20
 86  Defeat the TREE /16
 23  The Wild Man introduces himself					Pw+1
215  Accept his company
183  Morpheus must be weakened, not killed	Eric Rune-axe		Lu+2
 89  Do not investigate the peaceful deer
146  Eric takes on three of the raiding party
323  Fight each DARK ELF 8/6 7/6 7/8
 19  Fight both DARK ELVES 8/7 5/4 together	-Eric Rune-axe
392  You step through the Gate of Ivory		Disguise		Lu+2
350  The dream world and real world overlap	[* -20, # +50]
362  Take the path to your right
151  Go over to the pile of ancient bones
 27  These warrens were once home to heroes				Lu+1
 84* Flip from the tunnels to the dream world
 64  Follow a wide river which runs north
365  Carry on past the silver tower
192  Fight the serpentine tiger
 40  The peaceful village recedes away					Pw+1
231  Obey the unspoken voice
371  You are sucked back through a vortex
331  Explore the tranquil garden
139* Flip from Galana to the real world					Lu+1 Pw+1
189  Kill the groggy ORC GUARD 7/6
 92  Lock the door behind you			Key, wooden bowl #9
 63  You carry on north				-Key			Lu+1
274  Go in the narrow tunnel straight ahead
143  You are not carrying a two-handed axe
381  Turn west in the well-lit passage
348  Kill the CHAOTIC ORC 7/6, go left
 90  Go along the passage leading east
179* Flip to the dream world at the crossroads				Lu-1
159  The huge Drake will obey your commands
260  Ask it to take you to more Power
 46  Defeat the HOATZIN /12
340  You gain some Power for your victory				Pw+1
361  Walk left along the smoking river
238* Flip from the beach to the real world
288  There is a smell of fear in the air
188  Go straight ahead past the "DANGER" sign
 21  You manage to resist the petrifying wail
102  Fight the BANSHEE 9/8, search the cavern
195  Walk along the eastward passage		Crystal ball #30
388  Turn right past the Troglodytes
123  Open the imposing double doors
176  Say you are on your way to the kitchen
299  Head straight ahead past the squad leader
269  Enter the steamy kitchen
113  Fight the COOK 6/10
379  You leave the dining-hall and return north				Lu+1
310  Try a numbered door
 55  Eat some food and try another door					St+4
 33  Walk on up the corridor			Lump of ice [33]
217  Turn left to the feeling of terrible doom
 73* Flip to the dream world in the evil aura
 53  Combat the HARPY /10 then						Pw-1
        the CLAWBEAST /12 then						Pw-1
           the WRAITH /14						Pw-1
364  Battle MORPHEUS 8/20, stop fighting
250  Face Ishtra in the real world					Pw+
346* You have acquired some numbered artifacts
126  Arrange the objects opposite in a circle
173  The goat-headed crocodile shrieks in agony
234  The Demon Prince's spirit is banished	-Antler-horn, -crystal ball #30,
                                                -elder branch, -amber cube #20,
                                                -lump of ice, -wooden bowl #9
400  You have rid Titan of Ishtra