Crypt of the Sorcerer

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						backpack, horse
  1  Follow Silver River north into the hills	Healing Potion x5
146  Keep heading north in the marshy ground
249  You are hit by a poisoned needle
346  You continue your trek into the hills	-1 Healing Potion	St-4
185  Cross the river to look at the cave
 97  Enter the dark cave
310  Lift the lid of the large metal box
 45  Fight the blind Rad-Hulks
143  Fight each RAD-HULK 10/5 10/6
 87  Break the wooden crate open
295  Try on the chainmail suit
328  You walk back to your horse		Chainmail		Sk+1
235  You follow the river along the valley
284  Go see what is causing the smoke
 33  See if the old gold-miner is still alive
 52  Wear the strange crystal around your neck	Gold nugget, knife,	St+1
						holy water
352  You turn south-east to avoid the Orcs	Crystal of Sanity
137  You are able to stay in the saddle
 39  Three creatures materialize to ambush you
239  Fight each CHAMELEONITE 7/7 6/6 7/6				At+2
356  Dab some Chameleonite blood on your body
124  You wait and nothing terrible happens
361  You turn your horse east in high spirits				Lu+1
180  Approach the small black-cloaked figure
 70  Attack the little man
134  Fight the BONEKEEPER 5/6						Lu-3
287  Try on the Skull Ring
265  Ride east out of the Valley of Bones	Skull Ring
369  Examine the words chiseled in the boulder
306  You memorize the rhyme and ride on		[Granite door 184]
324  Allow your horse to drink at the stream
376  You remount and cross the cool stream				St+1
391  Gallop away from the Goblin raiding party
 16  Steer down the valley towards a small wood
100  You stopped to rest at the stream
129  You gallop between tall gnarled trees
365  You fend off the long arms with your sword
232  Attack the WOOD DEMON 9/10
 89  Trudge through the thick undergrowth
319  Examine the silver rod
360  Open the leather backpack			Silver rod #37
175  Open the scroll and read the writing	4 GP, candle
268  Return to your horse			Scroll [Gargantis Western Flatlands]
221  You set off once again
168  Ride around the edge of the clearing
302  Soon you are out of the wood
194  You turn east at some tree-covered hills
252  Fight the WEREWOLF 8/9
 36  You spur your horse towards the lake
178  Battle the GRIFFIN 10/10
230  Investigate the dead Barbarian girl
358  Take the etched circular shield
131  You ride off towards the lake		Defender shield		Sk+1 Lu+1
 29  Open the rusted iron box
205  Take the small clay doll
299  Fight the CLAY GOLEM 8/9
362  Put the gold ring on your finger
102  You are unable to trigger any power	Jeweled ring
339  You take the sword from Kull's skeleton	Razaak's sword
165  Battle the CENTAUR 10/10
289  Wear the bronze talisman
 75  You do not feel any different		Demon talisman
304  Ride to the girl's cry for help
127  Cut the young woman down
258  Swallow some of the brown powder
 48  You bid Jella farewell and ride west				St+
382  Attack the ugly brute with your sword
118  He hurls a large rock past your head
173  Fight the HILL GIANT 9/10
282  Search for the Giant's cave		1 GP, copper bracelet
241  Open the wooden chest
 80  Lift the lid of the chest
 25  You are wearing armor
192  You kill the rat quickly
211  Break the globe of swirling smoke		Parchment #66
367  Leave the cave							Lu+1
386  You resume your journey
 67  Ride over to the fire in the distance
183  Reply that you are Lawful
308  Trust the unseen man and join him
103  Ride around the Wild Hill Men		Symm			St+2
327  They shake their fists at you
148  Stop to investigate the voice
237  Ride on to the wooden hut			[Suma 11]
 68  Fight the DEMONIC SERVANT 8/7
 55  You ride off north into Darkwood forest
377  Slay the DEMONSPAWN 6/6
278  Set off for the haunted graveyard
157  Investigate the cry of somebody in pain	Healing Potion x5	St+2
244  You are wearing a bone skull ring		-1 Healing Potion	Lu+1
139  Defeat each SKELETON 6/5 6/6 5/6
290  Pull the silver rod out of the grave	[Tamal died age 108]
389  The lighting bolt hits a nearby tree				Lu-1
121  You are lucky to have escaped injury
300* You have the other half of the rod		Silver rod #13
 50  You ride north-east towards Stonebridge	-Silver rods,		Lu+1
						Rod of Paralysis
234  Ride into Stonebridge at nightfall
316  In the morning you see Borri's invention	-Horse			St+2
353  Take the balloon to the Plain of Bronze	Borri
210  You land on the ground with a thump
 43  The whirlwind passes by your shelter				Lu-1
132  Ride north-west with the caravan		-Gold nugget
277  Turn right at the junction			-Demon talisman, torch
 90  Battle each DORAGAR 9/9 9/10
144  Continue along the tunnel			Bronze key
398  Investigate the dull sound of hammers
214  Walk up to the Zombie tunnelers
256  You walk back to the junction		[#5 tattoo]
338  Open the section of solid rock wall
 78  Investigate the unnerving noise
269  Walk back to the main tunnel
222  Symm pushes you out of the way
166  You walk on along the tunnel
151  Keep on walking past the battered helmet
281  You step over a small rock on the floor				Lu-1
392  You unknowingly avoid a trap
 79  Fight CAVE TROLL 8/9 with Symm and Borri
 19  Open the small wooden box
188  You knock the spider off your arm
204  Tip up the cart loaded with bones
366  Open the large wooden box
104  Let Borri read the book of Troll records
266  You and Symm hurry after Borri		[119 Hobbits' ears]
 40  Go left to the dead end
202  Leave the amulet with its former owner
315  You evade the vapor-like Ice Ghosts
 72  You press on down the tunnel
245  Pass between the Skeleton Warrior statues
 56  You daubed Chameleonite blood on yourself
 24  You are wearing a crystal around your neck
193  Use something else to defeat the Gargantis
375  Use a silver rod
128  You know it is a Rod of Paralysis
 38  You mentally release the rabbit
311  You are not confronted by any creatures	Gargantis horn		Lu-1
 54  You make your way out of the tunnels
279  The Hobgoblin just misses your foot	-Torch
253  You haul yourself up into the basket
226  You see six Hobgoblins loosing arrows				St-
294  Continue the conversation with Borri
198  You focus on the object in the sky		[War-hammer costs 35 GP]
152* Call on the Suma to help you
 11  Walk to the edge of the hills to sleep
 28  Wait to meet the robed figure approaching				St+2
167  Talk to the little old blind man
 96  Reply that you intend to slay Razaak
179  You have a piece of parchment
336  You have found useful protective magic	[Hamakei spell 66]
313  Investigate the battle-cry
  7  Help the wounded adventurer
 44  Battle the WILD ELF 7/6
212  Yaztromo is still helping you from afar	[Escape crypt immediately]
162  Wait for a servant of Razaak to appear
 81  Fight the DEMONIC SERVANT 8/7
 93  Press on to find Razaak's crypt		-Borri, -Symm, robe
181  Squeeze through the crack in the wall
396  Walk down the narrow tunnel
297  Walk through the sculpted archway
264  Go left at the T-junction
156  Wait to see if anybody comes along
191  Attack the chained Zombie
101  You have a phial of holy water
 41  The undead being slumps to the floor	-Holy water
 74  Turn back along the other branch		5 candles, identity tag #283
199  Sit in the huge goat-headed Demon chair
 26* You are wearing an identity tag
283  Lock the door before opening it
189  Reply that you have been in Port Blacksand
364* A war-hammer costs 35 Gold Pieces
 35* The record for eating Hobbits' ears is 119
119* Razaak tattoos 5 on his Zombie tunnelers
  5* Razaak's father Tamal was 108 when he died
108* Pull the rods numbered 1, 8 and 4
184  You are not wearing a Demon talisman
276  You are wearing a gold ring with a jewel
326  You inhaled the smoke from a smashed globe
351* Use the Hamakeian parchment
 66  You are carrying the Defender shield
271  Slay RAZAAK 12/20 with his own sword
 84  Look inside the stone sarcophagus
390  Leave the treasure untouched and get out
233  You reach the steps as the tunnels cave in
400  It's time to start celebrating