Beneath Nightmare Castle

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						backpack, bejeweled ring,
						10 GP
  1  Trust the unknown voice's offer of help	-Sword, -backpack
331  Escape up the steep staircase
215  The solid oak door suddenly opens		Sword, backpack
399  You head for the Southern Star tavern
119  Reveal your association with Baron Tholdur				St+4
164  Show the Margrave's ring to the innkeeper
343  He offers advice and shows you your room	[Old Huw]
179  Secure the shutters and go to bed
372  An appalling yelping rends the night
245  Walk about Neuburg town			-5 GP			St+4
137  Go west to the wharves at the riverside
 90  Spy on the cart of robed swordsmen
336  Continue to wait and watch
114  Emerge from hiding and look at the crate
259  Look inside the strange crate
199  You recoil and slam the lid down					Wi-1
135  You collapse on the jetty to recover
377  Explore the Temple Quarter
195  Press on and visit the derelict temple
322  Hide and watch the temple entrance
144  Fight the SNUFF HOUND 5/4 and
263  Accept Huw's invitation			Potion of Berserk Rage
398  Offer him Baron Tholdur's ring
344  You eat while Huw gives you information	-Bejeweled ring,	St+4
						3 Provisions
 22  Xakhaz is stirring beneath Neuburg Keep
100  Undertake the Ordeal for Oiden's gifts	[Loth, Cernic, side-entrance]
 54  A feeling of well-being flows through you
298  You must accomplish your mission					iSt+1 iWi+1
368  The old priest bids you farewell		[Curio dealer]
108  Make for the Merchants' Quarter
 32  You see a hand closing around your purse				Lu-1
390  Fight the GAMINE THIEF 4/3, continue				St-1
149  Buy three meals at the grocery stall
383  The shopkeeper wraps your selection	-1 GP, 3 Provisions
280  Buy a piece of old junk from the trader
129  Pay him for the rusty broken garden fork	-3 GP
 14  You make your way to the market-square	Spear-head
237  Venture up Castle Hill to Neuburg Keep
289  Take the overgrown right-hand trail
 95  Turn right in the untended garden
175  Enter the base of the battlement tower
284  Investigate the rotting compost heaps
122  You lower yourself into the cubical room
317  You throw yourself to the ground		Green globe		Wi-1
204  Kill the GIANT SPIDERS 6/8			-Green globe, -backpack
153  Put the bright globe into your backpack	Backpack
 36  You continue towards the next corner	Green globe
 44  Enter the tower through the wooden door
394  Defeat the UNKNOWN ASSAILANT 5/8,
     climb the stone stairs
 51  Yell "I've killed the Ogre. Let me in!"
235  Tell the frail old Dwarf about your quest
312  You have some Provisions in your backpack				Lu+1
  3  Offer food to the Dwarf			-Provisions		St+
334  Ask him about the three-pronged spear-head
375  The Dwarf has more information for you	[Trident of Skarlos]
396  Use the secret passage to the cellars
 25  Press on along the main passage		Lantern
248  You drink from one of the upright barrels
197  Look inside the barrel						St-2
366  The door opens as the implications sink in				Wi-1
286  Surrender to the robed swordsmen
 49  You are frog-marched to Baron Tholdur	-Lantern
127  Identify yourself to the Margrave
261  You have given the bejeweled ring away
392  Follow your captors down the spiral stairs
227  The guards adopt a relaxed	attitude				Lu+1
 64  Take the trident head from your backpack	-1 Provision		St+4
362  Try to pry up some ill-fitting flagstones
 80  Descend into the gaping darkness
264  You advance cautiously into an orange glow
170  You have a blue spear-head
207  Open the large wooden door to your right
200  Insert the trident into the keyhole
147  The door opens and you walk through
  7  Reply to the voice in complete darkness
 77  You shouted "Xakhaz"
258  Continue down the steps past the crystal
109  You avoid a step that gleams in the light				Lu+1
 16  Snatch the length of metal from the coffin
 52  You have a three-pointed spear-head	Metal shaft
251  You examine the remarkable weapon		-Spear-head, -metal shaft
182  The Trident is easy to use and powerful	Trident of Skarlos	At+2 Lu+1 Wi+2
240  Open the small wooden door and step inside
373  You can see very little
255  Stay and await the rising luminescence
287  Fight the VITRIOL ESSENCE 8/6					At+2
112  Sidle around the perimeter of the pool
345  You quickly shuffle along the uneven rock
 43  The Essence howls in fury as you leave	Keys
273  Unlock the massive metal door
190  You are content with the weapon you have
359  Return to your dungeon cell
206  Say you are on a mission to cleanse evil	-Provisions		St+
 85  The young man beckons you to follow him
 29  Restrain Cernic and demand information	Talisman of Loth
150  He scampers away out of the dungeon
376  Go down the stairs into darkness
300  Slink down the left-hand passage
252  Continue to the open double doors
 81  Go back to the raging wall of flame
145  Take a long run and jump through
231  You teeter on the edge of a limitless gulf				Lu-1
 48  You walk back to the right-hand passage
155  Slip away and await developments
293  Attack the SOUTHERN SWORDSMAN 6/8					Loth, At+2
126  Battle the SOUTHERN SWORDSMAN 9/6,		Robes			Loth, At+2
     sneak through the double doors
213  Go through the left door in the anteroom
387  Go back and try the right-hand door				St+4
  6  Attack the foul and bloated creature
 76  Wound the VLODBLAD 3/10,						At+2
     escape to follow the serving-girls					St-2
323  Leave through the right-hand door
115  Walk into the massive web
 89  Attack the sorceress immediately
160  Defeat SENYAKHAZ 9/8, inspect the box	Black box		At+2
131  Push the small metal rod towards "X"
288  You step into the rainbow maelstrom
335  Reveal the Talisman of Loth
 27  You have the Trident of Skarlos
378  Evade the warrior and taunt him
180  Peer through the workroom doorway
279  You stand staring in horror
389  You trip over unidentifiable fragments				Wi-1
201  Use the Talisman and the green globe
 18  The globe thuds into the pyramid of flesh	-Green globe
134  An ear-numbing crash ends Xakhaz
271  You cleave the monstrous cranium in two	Metal box
400  It's time to set off on another adventure	-Metal box, title of Margrave