Creature of Havoc

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Scaly skin
  1  Try to talk to the wounded Dwarf
364  Leave the area immediately						St-2
248  Your body will not respond
399  You travel west along a twisting passage	Piece of hide [337]
308  You bare your claws and stride forward
205  Defeat the HOBBIT 5/6
160  Your reaction is immediate						Lu-1
292  Fight the ARMORED KNIGHT 8/9					St-2
446  You heave at the door with your shoulder				St+
101  You decide to investigate the four bodies
234  Three shapes materialize in front of you
447  Battle FLESH-FEEDERS 6/6 6/7 6/6 together
 89  The purple vapors swirl tempestuously
382  Leave through the door to the west					Lu+2
 51  Finish off the STRONGARM 7/8
320  Fight the WARRIOR 7/7
             and THIEF 8/6 together
281  The dull metal pendant is of interest
306  You carry it proudly around your neck	Pendant			Lu+1
						[you cannot see -20]
115  You stumble on the slippery steps					St+4 Lu-1
166  Continue north out of the cavern
358  You enter a large chamber
257* You cannot see a thing
237  Enter the secret door you have found	[Find yourself +20]	Lu+1
458  Take the brittle green rock
110  You leave and continue your journey	Crystal club [333]
257  Turn to the west at the junction
309  Go west along the corridor
280  Continue towards the distant footsteps
342  Attack the two humans
258  Fight the WARRIOR 8/9
 13  Poke through the first adventurer's sack
147  The Vapor bestows its gift of language
283  You can translate coded speech					Lu+1
337  You re-examine the piece of hide
283  You continue bewildered by your experience
137  Turn east in the main passageway
204  Hit the metal plate to attract attention
435* You can understand the Rhino-Man
 62  You leave and follow his directions	Legionnaire message [+29]
298  Turn east after climbing the staircase
373  Try the door to your left
241  Fight both BLOOD ORCS 7/7 8/7 together
  7* You can understand the elderly human
200  Do not give the ring back to Hannicus	Silver ring		Lu+2
360  You brush him aside and leave		[Grab Darramouss +50]
138  You head south to the sturdy wooden door
 15  Investigate the hole in the wall
319  Push the tall wooden boxes into the hole
322  The boxes splash into water and you leave
436  Try the door in the east wall
 49  You hurry across the slippery bridge				Lu-1
457  You continue eastwards past a side passage
122  Try the door in the north wall
154  Break the heavy door down
396  Pick up a rolled parchment						St-1
100  Battle the huge Rock Demon
327  Return your attentions to the parchment
192  Leave through the door in the south wall	[Marr's world -93]	Lu+
450  You charge the door ahead to the east
263  Battle the MANIC BEAST 7/8						St-1
209  Feast on the half-eaten human carcass
249  Drink the flask of green liquid		2 GP			St+4
318  You feel strength flowing through you				St+
293  Creep slowly into the room
276  You are surprised at what you see
161  Investigate the circular room further
104  Enter the arch and talk to the voice
323  Try another arch
220  Climb to investigate the glittering lights
 56  Powdery Elven Dust showers you
405  Leave by the door in the north wall
300  Continue northwards after the portcullis
443  Turn right around a bend
 81  Investigate the particularly dark area
 20* Your pendant warns you of a hidden doorway
 40  Ignore the musty room and leave the area
279  Take the passage to the west
213* Your pendant warns you of a hidden doorway
233  Step through to explore the secret passage
369* You can understand Darramouss' sharp voice
 90* Smash the silver ring into the wall
140  Head through the north secret passageway
184  Nod at the burly dark-skinned human
  3  Make no gesture
437  Remain where you are until he returns
 38  Give him your pendant			-Pendant
442  Look around the old building
123  Take up the Women of Dree's quest
324  Head south	the next morning					St+8 Lu+2
 95  Leave Coven along a street leading west
274  Come to the aid of the Half-Orc
291  Defeat the VILLAGER 7/8
438  You continue your journey together		Grog [7* -52]
107* Grog stops past a disused building
 55  Follow his advice and go west
177* Grog is with you
125  You'll need some money to pay Rosina	2 GP
177  Enter the hut through the front door
252  Pay Rosina's price to read your fortune
 11  You leave her hut and set off		-2 GP, rope,		Lu+2
						[blue-stemmed Sculliweed]
386  You turn to the north at the crossroads
130  Follow the trail to the north-west					St+4
190  Continue into the tall bulrushes
307* Grog suggests the clearing is unsafe
255  Follow him towards the trail to the north
267* Grog is with you
215  He looks quite worried
267  Investigate the plants by the river
380  Gather a few blue-stemmed plants
106  You leave the river-bank			Plant [49]
 18  You follow a trail to a clearing
315  Fight the warty creature
145  Battle the TOADMAN 9/9
287* Grog creeps behind the circle of Toadmen
235  You leave the marshes			-Grog, knapsack, Potion of Fortune
 92* You have a plant with you
141  You awaken invigorated in a rich forest	-Plant,			St+ Lu+
						[vowels truth], Ring of Truth [-50]
423  Try to mount the serpent-like creature
127  Your slow approach seems to reassure it
  5  You arrive at a clearing and step down
366  Help the unarmed figure crying for help
429  Fight both BRIGANDS 8/9 8/7 together
448  Ask what the Elf knows of the Galleykeep
269* Show him the Ring of Truth
219  Set off through the undergrowth		[Blue symbol]
189  You find a hidden Galleykeep hunting trap				Lu-1
341  Battle both GOBLINS 6/5 5/5 together
312  Choose the delicate snowflake symbol
158  Leave the Weather Mage's room
459  Try the jug of water symbol
346  Investigate the full-length mirror
422* You have located Marr's netherworld
329  You dwell on Zharradan Marr's words
121  You are in a state of utter confusion
199  Refuse to give him Grog's box
133  You bathed in the magical Elven Dust
417  You have a crystal club
 28* You step towards the mirror
361  You choose to turn against your creator
460  You are Commander of the Galleykeep	-Scaly skin, Galleykeep