Masks of Mayhem

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune
  1  You set out through the Gate of Skulls	Helmet, [Hever horn]
 53  Strike out west through Affen Forest
 21  Camp by the lakeside
316  Settle down to sleep straight away
226  You suddenly wake up						Lu-1
257  Seize your sword and face the Kraken
322  Use burning branches with your sword
207  Battle each TENTACLE 6/6 6/6 6/6 6/6 6/6				St-
346  You can summon the spectral army		[Galrin 100]		Lu+2
385  Press on through the dark forest
171  Defeat each SPRIGGAN 6/8 7/8
106  In the morning take the north-east path	10 GP, garnet ring
398  Duck down into the undergrowth					St-
251  Stand up and extend friendly greetings
334  Let yourself be taken away
 28  Tell the Wood Elves of your quest
218  Your hands are not tied
154  Ask what they have seen in the mirror
169  You must continue your quest elsewhere	[Between two oaks]	Lu+1
382  Press on in the mist-shrouded hills
138  Turn left on the animal trail
156  Fight the WIGHT 9/12, stay where you are	-Sword, ancient sword	Sk+1
362  Look around the dilapidated buildings
181  Investigate the fairly intact hut
107  Look around the gloomy hut
279  Question the groveling hermit further
 92  You translate the runes and leave		Iron scepter [one ruler]
231  Investigate the main shaft
 36  Go down the ladder into darkness
289  Let yourself go into space
 54  You land safely							Lu-1
124  You pick yourself up and look around
313  Go west in the mossy tunnel
237  Continue along the main tunnel		Copper nugget
364  Carry on past the small fissure
 57  Plod on through the darkness
352  You cross a span of stone over a chasm				Lu-1
373  Keep to the left-hand wall
309  Fight the DORAGAR 9/10
172  You have time to grab three items		5 GP, Snattacat's tusk, stone statuette
141  You cross the chasm safely again					Lu-1
 86  You pass the main shaft and carry on east				St- Lu+1
388  Continue past the horrible smell
370  Wade through the pool of stagnant water
151  Carry on struggling through
104  You struggle to the other side of the pool
 15  Take the left branch at the fork					St-
399  Press on stealthily in the darkness
 51  You use your head							Lu-1
 33  You grope for something on the floor
 64  Fight the NANDIBEAR 9/11
222  You met the Doragar family in the mine
112  You have a Snattacat's tusk
301  You screw the lid off the engraved tusk	8 seeds [11 dragons]
112  You have a statuette
 30  The goddess's name is Cholumbara
112  You have inspected the items you acquired
121  In the morning you leave the deadly mine	-1 Provision		St+ Lu+2
343  You have more than two Provisions left
200  The journey to Fallow Dale is uneventful
178  Pass through the village
305  Go into the village inn
 99  Buy food and drink then leave the village	-1 GP			St+2
 24  Cross the plowed field
396  Offer the farmer Cholumbara
 66  You make your way to the castle gates	-Stone statuette	Lu+1
 78  Go straight away to join Lord Hever
 42  Decline to have your things taken
389  Go with Hever to his Privy Chamber					St+4
184  Ask the bard to make up a song about you
232  You feel flattered and go to bed		[Scepter and orb]	Lu+1
 26  You do not have a magic crystal mirror				St+2
149  Accept Hever's test
240  Your hounds surround the Tiger		Spear, hounds
371  Defeat the SABRE-TOOTHED TIGER 11/12				Hounds
333  You have proven yourself worthy		-Spear, -hounds,	St+3 Lu+2
						Tiger's claws, Yachar horn
384  Go over to Hever
 93  Fight the HELLFIRE SPIRIT 9/12 with Hever				Horn
132  You leave Fallow Dale restocked		Provisions
 20  Wait by the tiny trail
202  Head south-west along the trail
105  Carry on along the trail
304  You dig in the earth with your sword	6 GP			St-3
140  Press on through the grass
 34  You rest for a while and then carry on	-1 Provision
 68  You followed the ant trail
291  Continue north
243  Walk through the ruined village
386  Fight SKELETONS 5/8 5/7 together, north	Bejeweled choker	Horn
 84  Poke around the lifeless houses
315  Carry on north through the village
 56  Approach the mumbling old woman
 23  Slap her face to shock her out of hysteria
164  Offer her something precious
326  Give her a garnet ring
 44  Ask her what happened to the village	-Garnet ring, [Juja marsh]
249  Leave her and head north
336  See what home-made wares Canches has
 80  You buy what you can afford		-20 GP, Cloak of Invisibility,
						Healing Potion, Antifreeze Potion
336  Continue on your way north
 13  Stay where you are				-2 Provisions
148  You realize your only hope is a fire-break
206  Start a fire to the north
168  You are safe within your fire-break
114  You go north to the edge of a huge canyon
 10  Head west along the cliff						Lu+1
 70  Do not use the Cloak of Invisibility
327  Kill the GIANT BLOODHAWK 7/12
201  You come to the lip of a large waterfall
293  Dive underwater
380  Kill the ALLIGATOR 7/8, see something				At-1
122  Dive down again to investigate the throne
261  Take the orb from the skeleton's hand
320  You still have your helmet
161  Head north for a while			Orb [21 ruler's sway]
357  Follow the rivulet upstream
 25  Use the Healing Potion on the warrior
338  Ask her about the Juja			-Healing Potion
353  Bury her and carry on north		[Middle way]
125  Explore Marsh Vile
345  Jump straight on deeper into the marsh
165  Continue jumping straight ahead
193  Go half left
264  Go straight on in the thick mist
215  Ask the Juja about Morgana's lair		[208 oak in apple out]	St+4 Lu+2
167  He guides you back to Pikestaff Plain	[Wooden door]
374  Walk around the copse			-1 Provision
126  Investigate the two flourishing oak trees
387* Raise the scepter and orb between the oaks
 22* You know how to leave Vashti's land
208* You have the apple seeds
 88  You find yourself by the oak trees		-8 seeds, [Morgana's trap]
 37  You have an Antifreeze Potion
344  You progress into the icy mountains	-Antifreeze Potion
128  Attack the two hill tribesmen
282  Fight both TRIBESMEN 8/10 7/12 together	Snow-shoes		Horn
173  You are alone deep in the mountains
287  Carry on trudging through the snow
341  Take the pass west of Krill Garnash
284  Remain in the narrow western pass
123  You are wearing snow-shoes
198  Kill the CHION 7/13						Horn
267  Use the Cloak of Invisibility
 46  Slay the ICE DRAGON 10/10, search cave	-Cloak of Invisibility	Horn
204  You find yourself at the mouth to a tunnel
256  Take the wooden door in the middle
 32  Go right at the fork
224  Continue down this branch			Torch
 49  Carry on past the side-passage
 16  Enter the large cavern
 59* Call on Galrin
100  You leap towards Morgana's throne
295  Slay MORGANA 11/6, you were not cursed				Horn
 81  You talked to Vashti
258* Your suspicions have fallen on Ifor Tynin
 40  Kill THE TRAITOR 8/10						Horn
400  Victory is yours