Robot Commando

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						5 medikits
  1  Take a light flyer robot
 47  Choose a place to go to			Dragonfly Model D
 70  Go to the City of Industry
209  You set a course in the Dragonfly Robot
265  Go to the Robot Experimental Center
 25  You have heard rumors about secret work
333  Go to Interface Mechanisms
392  Explore further				Interface Transponder	Sk+1
333  Go to Weapons Development
182  Attack the man-sized robot
142  Defeat the GUARD ROBOT 8/10
 48  You hurry out of the lobby			Seeker Missile
206  Go to another city
309  Go to the City of Pleasure
165  Visit the arcades
288  Play Wasp Fighter
221  Play the Advanced Game			[Wasp 200]
324  You play for another twenty minutes				Lu-1
 79  The machine goes dark						Sk+1
288  Play Dinosaur Hunt
112  Leave the arcade				[Cloak Model 3]
165  Visit the airfield
 41  Take the sleek experimental fighter	-Dragonfly Model D, Wasp Fighter
165  Leave the city
131  You are in the Wasp Fighter
359* You know the Wasp Fighter's model number
200  You know how to handle this robot properly
378  Go to the City of Industry
265  Leave the city
309  Go to the City of Knowledge
361  Go to the Dinosaur Preserve
 66  Go to the Administrative Building
 85  Look for a specific object
 17* You know what you might find
 53  You find an unused coat-hanger		Cloak of Invisibility
 85  Leave the Dinosaur Preserve
150  Visit the Thalian Museum
 14  Ask for military information
 36  Go to Hall Beta to look at exhibits
146  Enter the "Favors of Fortune" curtain
202  You hear an alarm go off and hurry on	Luck Amulet		iLu+1
168  You go back to the main desk
 14  Ask for information on the Karosseans
 58  Go to Hall Epsilon to study history
124  Take an hour to study the exhibition
180  You stumble across an interesting book	[Champions duel 111]
224  Investigate the trail of devastation
374  You return to the front desk		Karossean uniform
 14  Ask for information on sleeping sickness
 80  Leave the museum
102  You possess an Amulet
250  You dodge underneath the mechanical arms
272  You quickly climb into your robot
396  Go to the College of Medicine
 54  Seek treatment for your own injuries
 77  Continue to search	the hospital		Medikit
185  Try to repair the robot surgeon
148  You activate the robot surgeon					Lu-1
 91  Look for information on sleeping sickness				St+ Lu+1
126  Try to compound the medication
104  Check your work one last time		Blue Potion
372  You set out for your robot			[Flower in jungle]
302  Fight the trio of red-eyed creatures
328  Slay each GIANT LIZARD 7/4 6/6 7/5
254  Leave the College of Medicine
210  Go	out of the city
380  Travel to the City of the Jungle
137  Explore the small city
366  Explore to the south
225  Investigate the long gleaming shape
208  Stop exploring the city			-Wasp Fighter, Serpent VII
137  Explore the jungle
170  You are equipped with a non-flying robot
356  Go left at the fork
 73  Go left at the sign
128  Pick a flower from the huge plant
373  You possess a Blue Potion			Flower
211  You hear a scratching noise outside	-Flower, -Blue Potion, Lavender Potion
248  Defeat the MAN-TRAP PLANT 9/8		-Seeker Missile
 97  Nothing remains of the vicious vegetable
237  Switch back to the robot you came in				Ar-2
 45  Run for cover				-Serpent VII
159  You jump in the Borer Robot
338  Go to the City of Worship			Stilter
166  Visit one of the temples
 49  Visit the Temple of Glory
339  Reply "Yes" you are willing to risk all
286  Fight the SOLDIER 10/10
352  You seem to hear victory trumpets					iSk+1 St+
166  Visit one of the temples
 49  Visit the Temple of Peace
365  Pray for freedom
107  A feeling of well-being comes over you				Lu+
166  Go to another city
244  Go to the Capital City
308  Go to the Capitol Building
 10  Travel on foot				-Stilter
 71  Use the Cloak of Invisibility
106  Try to take the sword by stealth
190  You remove the sword and leave					Lu-1
296  You escape easily				-Sword, Sword of State	Sk+1
358  You make your way back to your robot	-Cloak of Invisibility
308  Go to the enemy encampment
  4  Go on foot
 32  You have used the Cloak of Invisibility
103* Settle the dispute by choosing champions
111  Challenge Minos to a personal duel
253  The sentries take you directly to Minos	-Possessions
158  You possess the Sword of State
242  You may now fight Minos himself		Sword of State
330  Battle MINOS 12/12
355  You are truly and forever a hero