Trial of Champions

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Leather pouch
  1  Take the bread and bowl of soup
 49  You are led away to the Arena of Death
 22  Stay at the back of the race		Sack of rocks
107  You still have a lot in reserve
360  You are led back to your cell		-Sack of rocks
136  You are told to choose weapons		Trident, net
275  Fight the beast with a trident and net
175  Your weighted net lands on the Bonecrusher
189  You tug hard and pull it to the ground	-Trident, -net
113  Fight the EASTERNER 10/8
237  You jump and duck in a steady rhythm
 94  Step to your left in the sand		Spiked ball, shield
297  Stand and swing the ball and chain
131  Your unseen opponent cries out in pain				Lu-1
148  Step to your left
120  Defeat the FIGHTING SLAVE 8/8
 61  Battle the SOUTHERNER 10/10		-Spiked ball, -shield,	St+4
						dagger, studded glove
261  Open the door with a "Keep Out" sign	-Dagger,		St+
						-studded glove, sword
374  Kill the HELLHOUND 7/6						St-
 52  Rummage through the straw in the corner
 36  You leave to continue along the tunnel	Gold ring
 82  Head left at the junction
229  Retrace your steps back past the junction
304  Climb down the rope into the pit
355  Your lightning-quick reflexes save you
100  Attack the STRIDER 9/9
 19  Put the medallion around your neck
 70  Nothing happens and you climb back up	Bone medallion
328  Walk across the bridge without paying
152  You hurry across the bridge unchallenged
117  Reach into the small circular hole
179  Press button number one
 12  Open the door nailed with an old broom
246  Enter the warm room
186  Kill each VAMPIRE BAT 5/5 5/4					St-
142  Put the small phial in your belt pouch
300  Leave and continue along the corridor	Phial of red dust
346  Open the door nailed with a dead bird
 59  Charge it open with your shoulder
 91  The door bursts open
332  You step into the darkness before you
219  Combat the COLDCLAW 10/11						At-1
252  Break open the wax-sealed clay pot
115  Stay in the room
173  Go into the Coldclaw's cave		Gold ring
307  Try on the old boots
233  Rummage around for something else		Elven Boots of Speed	Sk+1
272  Lift the top of the gold skull
205  You are wearing a medallion
 63  Fight the BONE DEVIL 10/8						Lu+1
326  You return	to the tunnel and continue	Gold ring
150  You chase the humanoid down the tunnel
287  Open the door in the left-hand wall
156  Return to the tunnel
222  Use the finely honed broadsword
240  You continue your quest			-Sword, magic broadsword
  7  Lever the wooden boards with your sword
336  No creature investigates all the noise				Lu-1
122  At last you are able to open the door
 13  Reply "He is your son"
371  You continue along the tunnel		Iron key
 45  Keep on walking past yet another door
177  Go left at the junction
 68  Open the heavy iron door
318  Agree to wear the Liche Queen's gauntlet
212  You mind overcomes the illusion of pain	Gauntlet
 15  Go left past the junction			-Gauntlet, gold ring	St-3
227  Investigate the high-pitched cry for help
 37  Attack the huge black arachnid
118  Kill the GIANT SPIDER 7/8
348  Billybob gives you some advice and runs	Gold ring, [fountains]
397  Go down the stone staircase
 93  Open the squeaking door
146  Kill each RAT 3/2 2/2 3/2 3/2 4/2
 18  Eat the loaf
 57  Eat the salted beef			Iron file		St+2
184  Climb back up the stairs						St+4
305  Lift the lid of the old oak box
373  You open the door				Rope, hammer, anti-poison
 43  Take the shield
187  Take the winged helmet			Shield			Sk+1
126  Run for the opposite door			Winged helmet
281  You are surprised at what you see
  3  Obey Trialmaster Noy
369  Heave the CAVEMAN 7/
352* Answer "Twenty five"
 25  Ready yourself to counter a blow		Bamboo pole
204  Defend your ribs
 32  Take the initiative and strike back
239  The Trialmaster reacts quickly and blocks
248  Make an overhead strike
385  You have triumphed against the odds
362  Continue walking past the fountain
329  Fight the SKELETON KING 9/7
209  Go left at the junction			Mirror, wooden whistle
129  Climb down the pit using the rope
264  Follow the narrow tunnel			-Rope
190  Stoop to enter the cave
279  Fight the TUSKER 6/6
339  Leave the musty cave
167  Follow the dark passage into the gloom
144  Walk further into the warm slime
359  Pull the soapstone elephant's trunk				Sk+1 St+5
 60  You walk quickly towards the passageway	Gold ring
263  Jump down to the wider tunnel below
315  You see movement up ahead
195  Try to talk to the other contestant
112  Do not give him all your gold
178  He is predictably enraged by your refusal
247  Battle the CHAOS CHAMPION 11/12
180  Open the small ivory box			[Set two 358]
282  You walk on up the tunnel			Gold ring
 44  Walk on past the hole in the wall
155  Eat some of the nuts and berries
119  You set off once again			Nuts and berries	St+2
288  Try to jump across the wide pit
347  You are wearing a winged helmet
114  You float to the other side and smile
251  Ring the brass bell
 90  You walk back and turn left		Gold ring
333  Investigate the rock-pile
 96  Clear away the rocks to open the iron door
215  Fetch a torch to read the back of the door
394  You walk out towards the other door	[Set one 249]
375  Open the door
168  Help the desperate elven prince
 77  Purple blood makes the steps slippery
245  You manage to keep your balance
  8  Walk inside the cavernous mouth		Blue dye		St+6
306  Kill the TONGUE 5/6
 85  Go down the steps to the singing
364  You cover your ears and scream
203  You run through the cave into the tunnel
 21  Carry on walking up the red steps
372  You bound up the steps with renewed energy				St+3
141  Look inside the clay urns
208  Put on the purple cloak
 53  Leave the urns and walk on			Fire-proof cloak	Lu+1
 69  Open the door painted black
182  Take the brass lamp
311  Slay the IDOL 9/6
262  You leave and walk on along the tunnel	Gold ring
109  Walk right towards the bright glow
143  Run quickly through the wall of fire
370  You are wearing a purple cloak
 16  You decide to investigate to the left
 88  Cut the rope with your sword
149  The wooden box crashes to the floor	Brass clock hands
388  Give the little man some nuts and berries
309  He disappears and you set off once again	-Nuts and berries, [hunchback liar]
 58  You are carrying a file in your pouch
106  Inspect the painting of Baron Sukumvit
314  You replace the painting and walk on	[Set three 176]
228  You creep past the Hill Troll unnoticed				Lu-1
381  You walk quietly on up the tunnel
211  Battle the EASTERN WARLORD 10/9
354  You possess a phial of red dust
238  You possess an iron key			-Phial of red dust
125  You have an odd number of gold rings
 11  You have nine or eleven rings
345  You have nine rings
 35* Place three rings in order			-3 gold rings
249* Place the second sequence of rings		-3 gold rings
358* Place the last sequence			-3 gold rings
176  Attack the FIRE IMP 9/4
127  Fight the FIRE DEMON 10/10						St-
303  Put the brass hands on the clock
 81  You turn to the levers			-Brass clock hands, [3 o'clock]
 48  Pull lever number three
377  Go left in the main tunnel
232  Walk under the right archway
 28  You have a shield
 71  You see daylight at the end of the tunnel
188  Fight LORD CARNUSS 10/10						Sk+2 St+6
400  You set off to begin a new adventure	20,000 GP