The Forest of Doom

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune,
						30 GP, map
  1  Follow Yaztromo up the stairs
261  You thank Yaztromo and leave		-16 GP, Holy Water,
						Ring of Light,
						Rope of Climbing,
						Armband of Strength,
						Glove of Missile Dexterity,
						Garlic Buds
177  Go east at the huge old tree
160  Pay the crow for its advice
343  Turn north as advised			-1 GP
  8  Meet the owners of the arguing voices
317  Fight both HOBGOBLINS 6/6 5/7
301  You search through their pockets		3 GP, brass flute, 2 biscuits
157  Continue walking northwards up the path
337  Examine the large cave
230  Pick up a rock and throw it at the Ogre
137  You possess a Glove of Missile Dexterity
 55  Take a closer look at the creature
168  Unlock the cage door
117  Fight the GOBLIN 5/4
232  Leave the cave and continue northwards	Ebony hammer handle	Lu+1
358  You cut yourself down from the man trap				Lu-1
 40  You curse and continue northwards
274  Climb up the vine to the tree house
195  Attack the ape-like creature
352  Defeat the APE MAN 8/7						At-2
207  Put the copper bracelet on your wrist
302  You climb down the vine and continue	Bracelet of Skill	At+1
109  Go west on the plain
124  You decide to head north
180  Go west through waist-high grass
361  Face the oncoming pack of dogs
396  Start a conversation with the masked man
364  Carry on the conversation
194  You set off west again			Belladonna
208  Keep going west at the crossroads
 99  Enter the dried mud hut
209  Accept the arm wrestling challenge
 28  You possess an Armband of Strength
 52  You force Quin's arm onto the table
 78  You walk back to the junction		Dust of Levitation
349  Continue east at the crossroads
102  You decide to head north
105  See what the vultures are interested in
384  Return to the path to head north
394  Cross the river by the stepping stones
 66  You decide to make camp for the night
325  You possess some Garlic Buds
268  You head north along the path
119  Continue north down the hill
 90  The arrow misses you						Lu-1
210  Attack the arguing men
 43  Fight each WILD HILL MAN 7/5 6/4					At+1
 50  You set off north again			Silver key
188  Head east on the valley floor
359  Take a closer look at the stone well
172  Descend the ladder
256  You manage to hang on to the ladder				Lu-1
122  Crawl along the torch-lit tunnel
135  Crawl east at the junction
151  Throw back the curtain and enter the cave
 71  Fight the GREMLIN 5/5						At-2
273  You crawl back down the tunnel		Gold medallion
296  Crawl south back to the well
398  Grab the first leg that comes into view
320  You climb out of the well
362  Continue heading west
238  You decide to keep on walking west
221  Head north again
199  Rub some hot mud onto your wounds
283  You set off north again along the path				St+4
303  Fight the PTERODACTYL 7/8						At+1
247  Follow the yellow arrow
  3  You have a Ring of Light
322  You possess a Rope of Climbing		Gold medallion
 94  Climb down the rope into the tunnel
136  You crawl along on your hands and knees
 69  Attack one of the small humanoids
264  Head towards the green-topped fungus
189  Eat some of the fungus
269  You walk over to the steps						St+4
293  Look inside the barrel
215  Take the heavy iron shield
248  Try to open the wooden chest		Emperor's shield	Lu+1
389  Leave the alcove				8 GP			Lu+1
 88  Continue climbing past the second alcove
107  Fight the FIRE DEMON 10/10						At+1
152  Sit on the magnificent throne
  5  Climb up the rest of the steps
249  You run up the last few steps
164  You return to the path and head north
144  Head west in the thick undergrowth
213  You decide to head north
306  Examine the ivy-covered building
391  You possess a silver key
200  Descend the stone stairs
351  Light the candle
292  Try to lift the stone slab
 95  You have some Dust of Levitation
173  You possess some Holy Water
 58  You leave the crypt			25 GP, bronze hammer head
112  You decide to head north again
103  Look more closely at the lair
 57  The fire bolt misses you						Lu-1
132  You possess a flute
258  The Wyvern is powerless to resist
305  Try on the plate iron gauntlet		10 GP, throwing knife
374  Head north again along the path		Gauntlet of Skill	At+1
360  Give the bandits what they want
279  You pay a levy of five objects		-3 GP, -2 biscuits
246  You are out of Darkwood Forest
204  You have the hammer head and handle
400  Your quest is over				Golden winged helmet, jewels