Sword of the Samurai

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Katana, wakizashi, battle armor,
						backpack, seal of the Shogun,
						10 Provisions, Iaijutsu
  1  Go east at the fork in the road
 29  The attitude of the peasants changes
 43  Punish the insulting youth
 59  Tell them to abase themselves at your feet
111  Make them swear an oath of allegiance
163  Show clemency and journey on alone					Ho+1
195  Yoro Ginsei's proud face is unmistakable
209  Wait to see what the traitor will do
241  Use the skill of Iaijutsu
275  Kill GINSEI THE RONIN 9/14
399  Investigate the hut he had been hiding in
383  Open the chest inside the secret cupboard
359  Look beneath the puppet dragon
303  You feel your way to the door		Brass key, greasy parchment
287  Scrutinize the key and parchment					Sk-2
251  You explore the woods for a resting-place	[Spider Fens pagoda]
371  Head towards the villages of Kanshuro				St+3
219  You take a path into the Vale of Tinshu
  5  Ask one of the peasants for hospitality
 71  Mend the melancholic old woman's house
215  Ask her what is wrong
175  Quit the village
 15  Fight the ROKURO-KUBI 7/8						St-2, Iaijutsu
153  You head away from the Village of Undead				Lu+1
397  Fight the BLACK ELK 9/18						St+4, Iaijutsu
391  You keep the antler as a talisman		2 Provisions, broken antler
381  You walk down to the Hiang-Kiang River
227  Cross near the green depths upstream
201  Lunge at the nearest scaly green figure
233  You have the skill of Iaijutsu
357  You just have time to reach the far bank
395  Stand your ground and fight it out
 13  Fight three KAPPA 8/14 8/12 7/13 together				Iaijutsu
 31  You will soon be surrounded
 41  Your foes press in on all sides					St-2
129  Try their strange flat-topped heads
255  You knock them off balance
393  Try to talk to the Kappa
325  You catch the trident						Lu-1
367  Threaten them and speak to them		Trident
361  They disappear and you decide to move on	Phoenix Ruby
335  Lie prone where you are
103  The ground starts to shake once more
273  Run into the cave near by
329  Leave the small grotto straight away
375  Slay the GROUNDHOG 8/22						Iaijutsu
305  You climb to the crest			Seventh Seal armor	Sk+1
295  You set off down to the Spider Fens
 17  You have a map showing the scarlet pagoda
107  Follow the route west along a dyke
317  Brave the peat bog
217  Do not turn back
369  Cross the immaculate pagoda's threshold
299  You are standing in a beautiful garden
137  Take the path to the silver Samurai
379  Accept his challenge to single combat
341  Battle the SILVER SAMURAI 10/12					Iaijutsu
291  Refuse to let your honor be tarnished
 81  Take the path to the priestess and demon
185  Take the path to Hammurabi
 75  Your way to the fountain is open
 95  Fill the silver ewer
243  You ascend to Ikiru's stronghold above	Waters of Knowledge	Lu+1
  8  Go to the Mountain of Ineffable Holiness
 66  The Ki-Rin eyes you distastefully
352  You find yourself back at the Hub
  8  Go to the Endless Sands of Akhon
 78  You have the Phoenix Ruby
348  The Phoenix regards you strangely		[Phoenix]
  8  Go to the Swamps of Primordial Mire
 98  Use an item against the tremendous serpent
258  Touch the serpent with an antler
290  A pulse of magic flows through you		-Broken antler, serpent rod
  8  Go to the Enchanted Wood
126  Use some item on the vacant woman
 48  Use the Waters of Knowledge
 96  Eleanor looks at you gratefully and bows	-Waters of Knowledge, [Eleanor]
  8  Go to the Place of Battle
138  Use the serpent rod against Graalsch
228  Send the Phoenix against K'rllk		-Serpent rod
320  Commit Eleanor against Gargantus		[-Phoenix]
 22  You will have to fight the Dai-Oni alone	[-Eleanor]
292  Defeat the DAI-ONI 10/10						Iaijutsu, Sk- St- Lu-
 74  Ask the Secret of Singing Death					Sk+ St+ Lu+
206  You do not have a jade amulet		[Harmony]
270  Fight the SHURA 9/8						Iaijutsu
 76  You know the secret of Singing Death
152  You must fight the semi-corporeal shadow	Singing Death		Sk+2 St+4 Lu+2
174  Fight the SHADOW DEMON 9/10					Iaijutsu
212  Stride boldly through the shadowy forms
298  The shadows are instantly vaporized
121  The bolts of dark energy slam into you
131  You reel back and Ikiru hisses with joy				Sk-1 St-4 Lu-1
199  Hit IKIRU 12/12							Iaijutsu, Sk- Lu-
235  Ikiru hisses and is destroyed utterly
400  An age of peace and prosperity lies ahead	-Singing Death