Demons of the Deep

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						10 Provisions
  1  Explore the overgrown sunken courtyard
173  Go confront the watchers in the building
211  Swim down the dark shaft			[Black Pearls], Lucky Charm
233  Go to the left in the hallway
270  Fight the two glowing Skeletons
 75  Destroy each SKELETON 8/5 7/6
328  Ignore the rusty box and leave the room	4 Black Pearls
374  Swim back up and out of the building
 16  Visit a huge red dome with a broken roof
223  Swim down towards the floor of the arena
304  Swim towards the ground-level exits	Harpoon
161  Swim towards the blue phosphorescence
251  Talk to the little old Merman
 57  Offer Black Pearls for his spare Toolfish
373  Choose one fish for each Black Pearl
316  You pay him and leave the workshop		-3 Black Pearls,
						Sawfish, Axefish, Glowfish
150  You swim towards a strange patch of sand
196  Listen to the voice inside your head
321  Help the Ghost gather his bones
101  He leads you to a green sealed bottle	1 GP			St- Lu+2
360  Open the bottle
184  You placate the Genie and swim away				iSk+1 Lu-1
159  Use the harpoon on the fat fish
280  You stab the Grouper with your harpoon
246  It flees taking the harpoon with it	-Harpoon
340  Lift the jade crown from the statue's head
 11  Fight the Statue for your prize		Crown of Atlantis
232  Defeat the STATUE 6/16
257  Open the huge trapdoor in the floor
 90  The trapdoor opens							St-
271  A whirlpool sucks you down into darkness
 12  You possess a Glowfish
258  Swim upstream in the large coral grotto
384  Press ahead in the tight passageway				St-1
345  The tunnel opens into a small cubical room				St-1
372  Attempt to parley with the Water Elemental
327  You have a Black Pearl
115  Give the Elemental a Pearl to free it
343  Go through the hole and see what happened	-1 Black Pearl,		iLu+1
						ice crystal
310  Go back down through the coral grotto	2 Black Pearls
 42  You are getting rather tired of coral cuts				St-1
197  Continue downstream from the trapdoor
221  Kick the round door open and burst through
307  Attack the wizened old Sea Hag
254  Kill the SEA HAG 8/8						Sk- Lu-
 56  Leave the room				Necklace, 3 Black Pearls
162  Go slightly downward and to the left
 49  Go left in the tunnel			-Glowfish
245  You have emerged from the face of a cliff
 53  Swim out over the extensive city
 64  Investigate a huge domed palace
103  Swim slowly down and hail the guards
 35  Offer King Seamoss the jade crown
265  The king is very impressed			-Crown of Atlantis,	At+1
						jeweled arm-bracelets
296  You thank the Deep Ones and leave		[Fish shaped island]
347  Investigate the great sunken ship
282  Investigate inside
 24  You feel your way away from a huge Clam				Lu-1
348  Kill the Clam with your sword
 97  Kill the SEA SPIDER 7/10			Silver Pearl		At+1 St-2
371  Go to the treasure-hold
192  Check the captain's cabin			1 GP
 40  Study the maps and leave			[Fish Island]
222  You swim towards the underwater gardens
  2  Go to the right from the gate
174  Go forward to see what made the roar
 38  Swim to the top of the seaweed trees
293  Eventually the baffled Lionfish swims away				Lu+2
234  Go around the cottage and meet the old man
135  You have not heard the name Greylock
225  Wait and see what old Greylock does
376  You have some Black Pearls
175  You have a Silver Pearl			[Derd-nu-Heno, Derd-en-Parr]
241  Accept a Potion of Fortune in exchange
285  You take a bottle full of green liquid	-Silver Pearl, Potion of Fortune
154  You would rather not meet the Sea Dragon
261  The current carries you downstream		Glowfish
 96  Investigate the smashed little house	-Glowfish
172  Examine the cluster of big Sea Anemones
297  Drag the wooden chest out with your sword
325  Your blade slices through the tentacles				Lu-1
212  You pull the chest away from the Anemones
195  Open the heavy chest
 83  Take the dagger							iSt+1
263  You feel a thrill of magic			Swiftstinger [215]
381  You leave and swim ahead to the dark chasm
  6  You do not possess a Glowfish
180  You see a huge shadow moving towards you
256  Offer the Ogre a bribe to release you	1 Provision
226  Your offer does not interest the Ogre
256  Shout insults and challenge the Ogre
109  Kill the SEA OGRE 7/18						At+1
163  Take the carved brass spiral ring		2 Provisions
248  You leave and swim along the abyss		Spiral ring		iSt+2
148  Attack the pair of Giant Crabs
219  Kill each GIANT CRAB 7/11 8/10					At+1
 92  Sample the white crab meat
400  Leave the brick building			Crab's claw		St+4
389  Go towards a cliff with a dark cave
 62  Tell the huge Sea Dragon your story
  7  Appeal to its good will
334  You are of interest to it only as a snack
 28  Use Swiftstinger against the Sea Dragon
215  Swiftstinger hits its target and vanishes
 28  Kill the SEA DRAGON 10/14						At+1
 86  You swim out of the back of the cavern	12 GP, 2 Black Pearls, sapphire
202  Pick seaweed and approach the Sea-horse
166  Try to jump on it and ride
108  You throw your arms around it and stay on				Lu-1
  9  You direct it towards the cathedral				Lu+2
269  Look around the huge Gothic cathedral
339  Explore the interior further
191  Stay and look at the unusual pictures
367  You are being drawn into the scene
244  Ask the fishy-looking man what is going on
335  You have the price for a lesson
267  Take a lesson from the swordmaster
 22  Wound CYRANO 11/10				-2 GP			St+
176  You find yourself back in the open ocean				iSk+1
111  Offer the little Octopuses some food
 34  You possess a Crab's claw
205  Examine the huge coral formation		-Crab's claw		Lu+2
 87  Hide in a niche in the coral wall
 99  Use a Toolfish
 31  Use the Axefish
214  Release another Toolfish			-Axefish
 31  Use the Sawfish
342  Try something different			-Sawfish
 99  Attack the Kraken with your sword
253  Kill the KRAKEN 8/16						At+1
125  The ocean is turning blood-red		3 Black Pearls		Lu+3
382  You possess an unmelting crystal of ice
303  Ask to be taken to the pirate ship		-Ice crystal
167  Have the Elemental take you to Fish Island
207  You are left floating below the Troll
 47  Use the Black Pearls you have gathered
358* You have learned the magic word
100  You throw down ten Pearls to the deck	-10 Black Pearls
236  You sail your ship into Port Blacksand	The Troll, treasure