Rebel Planet

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Laser sword,
						anti-grav pack,
						2,000 credits
  1  Continue on your way to Tropos
398  You pass Customs and leave the spaceport
299  Take the taxi to the hostel		[Bellatrix]
196  Draw the receptionist's attention
188  Wait for a response
 29  Strike up conversation with the sad man
354  Stay with him to calm him down
136  Attack the GUARD 6/8						St-
268  Go with the man
394  Enter the house with Grus			[Temple of the Five Suns]
229  You struggle and succeed in getting free	-Laser sword
113  Fight GRUS 5/8 INDUS 6/8 together unarmed
  9  Stop and search the house			Laser sword
117  You decide not to stay long		500 Cr, bracelet, scanner
132  You are hungry and go into a grocer's shop				St-2
152  Ask him the way to the Fission Chips	-20 Cr			St+4
335  You go to the hardware shop next door
382* The club is never eclipsed on its south	-650 Cr, personal massage robot
  5  You can easily find your way
204  Tell the doorman "I'm from Earth"
326  Submit to the search			-250 Cr, membership card
358  The doorman soon finds your sword
 37  Ask the barman where the visiphone is	-10 Cr
 81  You did not try to catch a taxi here
311  You collapse and tumble down a chute
207  Ask for proof of the rebels' identity	-Laser sword,		St-2
						-anti-grav pack
105  You are convinced this is the right place
168  Do not agree to kill the barman
274  You need more proof he is a double agent
343  All your equipment is returned to you	[ONE O ONE],		Lu+2
						laser sword, anti-grav pack
 25  You sleep and return to the spaceport				St+2
213  You did not let an Arcadian guard escape
318  You reach the Customs checkpoint		-Membership card
 33  You have an infra-red scanner
339  You persuade the officer it is harmless
374  You relax during your journey to Radix	-Bracelet, -scanner	St+
 47  Stay at Porky's Palace
101  Ask Porky about Radix in general		-50 Cr			St+2
 77  Wait outside the university for a while				Lu+1
178  Browse the archaeology museum by yourself
111  Ask the watchman what is through the door
356  Accept his offer to show you around
392  You look around the cellar for a while
215  Fight the WATCHMAN 7/8			Baryon grenade
320  Take the right-hand passage		Keys
257  Go north in another cellar
142  Turn east
333  Turn north in the dusty passage
277  You raid a show-case and turn back		Soviet-Brazilian coins
346  Take the passage heading south
 62  Head south towards dripping water
154  You quickly find the hatch key
 50  You lose yourself in the university
146  Go to the Science Floor
266  Keep quiet in the group of students
 11  Do not confide in Mehita
202  Go to the Arts Floor
258  You do not have an introduction
 76  Wait for a bit
244  Fight both LOUTS 6/8 5/6 together unarmed
337  Go to the University Secretary's office				St+3
214  Fight so you can investigate the files
107  Assault the ARCADIAN SECRETARY 7/8					At+1 Lu-1
 15  No guard passes by to hear the noise
 66  Take the computer disks away with you
316  You leave and must find a computer		Computer disks
235  Get off the monorail at the next station
162  You duck down and lose yourself in shadows				Lu-1
183  You follow side-streets to your hotel
285  You have a baryon grenade
388  It explodes destroying the killer robot	-Baryon grenade		Lu-1
 63  You make your way back to your hotel
309  You need to find a computer
158  You are at Porky's Palace
  3  Offer Porky a personal massage robot	-Personal massage robot
119  You did not kill Porky for information	[Zacharias]
 74  You ring Professor Zacharias at home	[11 am]			Lu+1
134  You have an appointment in the morning				St+4
376  You find a clue and are arrested		[First century 2100-2200],
						-laser sword, -anti-grav pack
 43  Tell the police about the underground
345  Go through the left-hand door
397  Stay by the door
  4  Kill the RADICIAN SPIDER 5/6 unarmed				St+1
 71  Wait to see what may happen
301  You must try your skill at the arena				Lu+1
349  Let the guard lead you away					St+3
231  He opens the door and urges you through	[Scabrok 262],		Lu+1
						laser sword
313  Battle the LAPHODORM 7/12
106* You know the Scabrok's weakness
262  You distract it and hit a vulnerable spot				Lu-1
341  Fight the SCABROK 7/12
 54  You may return to your ship		-Laser sword
191  Investigate the agricultural station	Anti-grav pack		Sk-1 St+
173  Ask someone in a blue uniform
102  Ask the technician how to get a pass	[North-east]
 38  Go with him to someone who can help
399  Allow him to knock on the door
145  You did not kill a human on the way here
187  Ask the heavy-jowled man for a sword
286  Pay the exorbitant price			-1,000 Cr, laser sword
 84  Fight the BLACK MARKETEER 6/10
112  You only have time to grab a jet pack
253  You decide to leave the spaceport		Jet pack
336  You have a jet pack
128  Risk using it to propel you over the fence
 57  Your fall to the ground only winds you				Lu-1
359  You discard the now useless equipment	-Jet pack
 30  Go east from the spaceport
245  Enter the left-hand cave by a cactus
294  You narrowly miss impaling yourself				Lu-1
193  You enter the gloom of the cave
100  You do not have any food
 73  In the morning follow the left branch				St+1
171  Investigate the large bird further					St+1
383  Jump onto the ledge to fight it
298  Kill the ROCKBUZZARD 6/8
 40  Insert your hand into the right fissure
355  Climb back down the path to continue	180 Cr, staff, mind-probe
 10  You are carrying a staff
 49  You were not bitten by a Saw-toothed Rat
232  You make it down without difficulty				Lu-1
147  Take the branch to the left
108  Run away from the alien shadow
120  Try to talk back to it
195  See if it wants the strange staff
267  The staff is not broken			-Staff
308  Ask if it knows the man you are seeking
377  The alien calls out "The bitter sea"	[Dorado -100]		Lu+2
114  Approach the humans in the fields
 22  Try to break through the circle of fire
216  Your speed carries you through the danger				Lu-1
323  Sprint for the rocks						St-2
259  The silver craft explodes above you				Lu-1
228  The shock-wave knocks you unconscious				St-2
 46  Send Mizar away to defend the pass
255* Identify yourself to Dorado
155  You thank him and race off			[Palindrome], food,	St+4 Lu+1
						gray uniform
163  Use the gray uniform as a disguise		-Food
344  Say you have been taking provisions out
220  You make your way to your spaceship	-Gray uniform
 78  Throw open your cabin door						Sk+1 St+
350  Invite the startled Arcadian in
230  Admit that Musca is with you					Lu+1
361  Tell the Arcadian that you know everything
167  You have thrown down the gauntlet
126  Do not attempt to escape
387  Allow the experiment to continue
116  You will be linked directly to his brain
300  Clear your mind
141  You become calm and fearless					Sk+1
 55  Defeat the SPHINX 8/8
251  Carry on past the computer screen
375  Fight the DRAGON COMET 8/12
159  Do not take the Minarong crystal
391  Defeat the VAMPIRE LEECH 8/10
269  Leave the room full of machinery
 94  Order the Arcadian to free you					Sk-1
 65  Tell him to hurry up
241  He collapses and you wait for a robot
278  You put the Arcadian in your place					St+2
292  You are now approaching Arcadion		[Arsenal 110]		Lu+2
118  You quickly get through the spaceport
185  Go straight to the computer building
219* Enter the code "100101001"
297  Go down to the basement first
169* You know the arsenal code
110  You have time to take two items		Elmonite explosive, photon grenade
348  Use the grenade against the patrol
 86  You duck down to avoid the blast		-Photon grenade
381  Use the elmonite on the computers
395  Break the elmonite into three pieces
222  A muffled explosion sounds behind you	-Elmonite explosive
400  The Arcadian Empire is finished