Appointment with F.E.A.R.

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Enhanced Technological Skill,
						Accessory Belt, Crimewatch
280  You know the true identities of villains
 88  The Alchemists are planning bank raids	[128th St and 10th Ave]
  1  See if you can break up the argument
263  Step into the crowd in street clothes
 99  Talk to the police officers					St-1
305  See if you can pick up news on the robbery
228  Investigate as the Silver Crusader
112  Interrogate the Branch Manager of the bank
420  Find out more about the deposit-box owners
 83  The name "Sylvia Frost" rings a bell	[Ice Queen -20]
 60  Do not go to the beach straight away
 98* You have not finished with the Alchemists
118  Wait to nab them as they leave the bank
309  The gang has not noticed you					Lu-1
128  You prepare a Sonic Confuser
210  Put your gadget away and fight them
243  Defeat each ALCHEMIST 8/6 7/7 7/6
336  Brilliant minds should be used for good				He+4
372  Head for Starkers Beach
 72  You cannot risk using your Electrifier
299  You tackle the shark with your bare hands
294  Defeat the RIPPER SHARK 10/8
197  You excuse yourself and head for home	[Lion's cage +50]
 18  See what is happening at Cowfield Dairy				St+6
369  Take the hungry cat to a Cats' Home
278  You have no time to use the Accessory Belt
168  Defeat the TIGER CAT 9/8
124  You see a clue at police headquarters	[Mantrapper +60]	Lu+1 He+2
 67  You must head for work
111  Look for a suitable gift for your boss
429  Head upstairs to the Games Department
355  You prepare your Micro Extinguisher
156  You douse the Fire Warriors' flames
380  Take the subway train to work					He+4
409  Go help the man crying pickpocket
185  You catch up with the running man
166  Defeat the PICKPOCKET 7/6
296  Take the cigarette packet
423  Run it through your Decoding Computer
329  Spend the rest of the day at Wisneyland	[FEAR meeting 176], phenolic acid
 15  Enjoy yourself at the Fun House
174  You examine clues with a Sensor Scanner
271  Something strange is going on here
143  Investigate the trampolines
 90  Defeat the SCARLET PRANKSTER 9/8
 74  You hand the villain over to police				He+3
103  Make your way downtown to do some shopping
202  Ask questions at the bakery
 41  Go outside to the scene of the kidnapping
331* Investigate the engraved metal slug
391  Get up on the roof and through the window
396  Defeat MANTRAPPER 8/7
 16  You peruse his work-bench and diary	[Sidney Knox -40]	Lu+1 He+3
428  Resume shopping at Epiphany's jewelry
300  You get a good night's rest		[Poisoner -30]		St+6 Lu+1
327  Set off to Warnum and Wailey's Circus
  4  Head for the lion cages
310* Search for the ringmaster's secret office
360  Fight THE RINGMASTER 8/6
207  You turn controls on your Aroma Emulator
 92  He is appalled and gives himself up	[Quicksilver password]
433  You hand him over to the police		[Ice Queen -20]		Lu+1 He+3
148  Head for the Egyptian Museum downtown
158  Ask the curator to show you around
135  The exhibits seem to be all intact
240  All seems to be in order and you leave
276  Go visit Gerry the Grass
 38  The rest of the evening is uneventful	[Sidney Knox -40]	St+6 Lu+1
215* Search for Knox at the observation tower
175  You have saved the whole of Titan City	Circuit Jammer		He+5
125  Go down to police headquarters
412* You know about the Poisoner's plans
382  Your hand moves to your Accessory Belt
235  He has spotted your plan
 25  The danger is over and you leave
107  Follow up the summons to Stanley Pool
 97* You see evidence of the Ice Queen
 77  You had better rescue the swimmers first
 97  You take out Concentrated Antifreeze
231  You pour it around the two girls					He+2
129  You draw a Low-Powered Heat Laser
182  You bind the Ice Queen's hands and feet	[FEAR meeting 3rd Ave]	St- Lu-1
241  The Police arrive and you leave					He+4
362  Visit Colonel Saunders at his army base
342  You do not fly out to investigate
 58  Try to get the Macro Brain on his own
208  You set the Alpha-wave Emitter going
427  The F.E.A.R. troops surrender to the army	[FEAR Chinese laundry]	He+6
311  Stay in town							St+6
 70* Make your way towards the secret meeting
 30* You find a three-story building
179  Go in the scruffy-looking Chinese laundry
266  You have a password to try
206  Try "Quicksilver"
130  Voices are coming from the door
298  You have a Circuit Jammer with you
159  Defeat the TITANIUM CYBORG 9/10
440  You have saved the world from F.E.A.R.				He+10