Seas of Blood

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Banshee, crew,
						20 GP
  1  Head towards Lagash for a daring raid
 55  Two red sails appear on the horizon	{Log 5}			St+5
 68  Skillful sailing puts one warship behind
 87  Defeat the WARSHIP 10/8 with crew
135  Head back towards Enraki			5 slaves
 76  Find a way behind the mountain castle	{Log 9}			St+4
188  Continue along the path past the shrine	{Log 11}		St+2
 52  Ignore the tortured cry and proceed
111  Attack immediately by storming the wall
149  Fight the ENRAKI PRIESTS 8/10 with crew
274  You return triumphant to the Banshee	85 GP, 10 slaves
123  Try the gambling-pits of Calah
211  Play Punch-out				{Log 16}		St+5
 48  Hit the OGRE CHAMPION 11/
370  Have another go with a different champion	50 GP
385  Duel the WILD MAN 12/
101  Try the Bataar races			50 GP
270  Bet two slaves on Fazima
348  Bet on the Bataars again			2 slaves
202  Bet two slaves on Wazi Biin
131  It is a close finish			2 slaves
 73  Leave the city of Calah
262  Raid inland to the wealthy temple
335  Take the wide corridor			{Log 19}		St+3
 63  Defeat the AWKMUTE 8/8						Sk- Lu-
125  Climb up the chimney			Ebony staff
199  Take the left door
264  The pearly radiance fills you with warmth				St+4 Lu+2
289  Defeat each ACOLYTE 8/6 7/6
388  Lift the ugly statue to carry it outside
228  Sail south-east into the Inland Sea	105 GP
318  A merchantman appears on the horizon	{Log 23}		St+4
294  Attack this heavily laden ship
391  Defeat the SHADE 11/6
252  Head towards the Shoals of Trysta		120 GP, 2 slaves
 66  Tack north to sit out the foul weather	{Log 27}		St+4
142  The storm abates leaving clear skies	{Log 29}		St+2
212  Frighten the merchant vessel's master
326  Sail around the shoals to the south	117 GP
164  You head for Trysta			{Log 30}		St+1
152  Continue to explore the island		{Log 31}		St+1
 77  Follow the herald to the King
215  Tell the King the true nature of your trip
260  Give your crew 100 Gold Pieces		2 bags of wind
368  You hand over the gold to your men		-100 GP
312  Head south-west towards the Roc
 27  You see an enormous bird			{Log 33}		St+2 Lu-1
 67  Defeat the ROC 10/4 with crew
117  Land on the island
 49  Head for the higher slopes of the mountain
151  You decide to follow the tunnel down
 78  Continue past the mauled bodies
240  Defeat the INVISIBLE STRIKER 7/6					At-2
381  Walk down the rough-hewn stairs
284  Roll the boulder to crush the Troglodytes
161  The boulder crushes them
307  You emerge outside and return		100 GP
 15  Travel the Southern Sea to Shurrupak
301  Sell your slaves first			{Log 38}		St+5
349  Conduct the transactions yourself
269  You find a sucker to take your consignment
 94  You receive 15 Gold Pieces for each slave	315 GP, -21 slaves
279  Try to hire more crew
371  Seek out replacements in the market-place
253  You find a crew deprived of their ship				Lu-1
 62  You complete your recruiting		-GP			cSt+
180  You return to the Banshee
238  Sail along the coast to the Three Sisters
167  Land on the palm-covered island		{Log 42}		St+4
354  Head inland past the beach
282  Attack the competing pirate crew
393  Defeat the PIRATES 10/6 with crew
154  You find provisions and set sail south	112 GP
  7  Your crew keeps the Banshee on course
387  You were given two bags by the King
299  You gave your crew 100 Gold Pieces
 32  You disembark with all of your treasure	{Log 46}		St+4
213  Agree to fight the "keeper"
298  Take a flying kick at the Cyclops' chest	-Scimitar, {16}
206  Kick it in the armpit			{14}
305  Elbow it in the back of the knees		{12}
 46  Punch it in the jaw			{10}
196  Punch it in the eye			{8}
156  Kick it in the elbow			{6}
235  Take a flying kick at its chest		{4}
206  Kick it in the armpit			{2}
305  You have defeated the monster		{0}
311  You climb to the summit of Nippur
 36* You find Abdul the Butcher waiting for you
400  You are the greatest rascal