The Rings of Kether

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Blaster, spy beam,
						scout craft, 2 Smart Missiles,
						4 Pep Pills, 5,000 kopecks
  1  Begin your search on the moon
328  Survey Rispin's End from orbit
289  Give up and head for Kether
333  Ask a few questions around the starport	-Spy beam
394  See what the local law-enforcement have
255  The duty proctor takes you to Mr Samuel
297  Meet him at the restaurant Viqueque
 11  Go to meet the unemployed navigator
284  You enter the canteen and talk
245  Keep an eye on the woman behind you
343  Wait and then follow the woman
265  The woman remains unaware of you
 70  Stay and watch her apartment		[Zera Gross]
 51  Follow Arthur towards the city center
  2  Go to meet him at Hotel Mirimar
395  Enter the door to 1201
236  Force your way into the room
158  Go to the City Central Library		[Zera Gross, Blaster B]
 80  Look for old vidinews on organized crime
 41  Go look over "Blaster" Babbet's address	[Satophil-d trafficking]
256  You find a large run-down warehouse
217  Have a look around the outside
188  Go through the right door
  3  Continue to explore the warehouse
354  Do as the gunman says
100  Try kicking the thugs off the gantry
383  You send the first thug flying					Lu-1
305  Follow the crouching man waving at you
227  Meet Clive Torus tomorrow morning
315  Ask the cafe owner if he's seen Clive
 81  Run from the clean-cut fellow
364  Find somebody in the space industry
384  Conduct inquiries at Kether's starport
345  Begin in the administrative block
150  Continue at the starport hangars
306  Do not offer the shuttle pilot cash
228  Go back to the city to verify information	[Asteroid C230]
189  You are confronted by two men
316  Attempt to escape
277  The gunmen are taken by surprise					Lu-1
238  Double back to the house and break in
199  Try climbing onto the roof
 43  You discover an alarm
 14  You disarm it and climb through the window
365  Try to hear what is being said
326  Go to the set-up meeting tomorrow
 44  Look around the grounds first
 15  A search reveals two very suspicious items				Lu-1
327  Take out the sniper
288  The sniper is sent plummeting to the ground
249  Tender aid to Mrs Torus						St-
210  You need a new clue now
231  Search for C230
 73  Enter via the air-conditioning vent
229  Push out the grille and enter the room
171  Leave via the open doors
132  Speak with the monstrous serpentine beast
 54  Shout a question at the beast
356  Ask what place have you stumbled upon
278  You are in a monastery to Thuvald of Kyth
200  Continue to explore the asteroid
346  Sit with the Grand Keeper for a while
268  Take his advice and visit Customs
337  Hide in the Customs building
308  Secrete yourself in the freight depot
211  Stay where you are and hide behind a coat
 84  The security guard strolls off for a beer
 45  Check out the communications satellite	[Isosceles Tower, satellite L16]
 36  You discover the satellite
377  Take a space-walk across to look at it
399  The jets carry you about half-way		{Fuel 4}
260  You reach the satellite safely		{Fuel 3}
221  You know where the Isosceles Tower is	{Fuel 2}, [Satophil-d asteroid]
320  Follow the wood-paneled wall to the left
331  Search through some of the files
242  The vidilink is a goldmine
125  You have the coordinates of a tiny island	[Paradise island]
330  Take a look at the antigrav dray
281  Drive it into and through the freight door
292  You dismount to have a look around
 28  Search the curled-up body of a man
350  You leave the room				4 Pep Pills
389  You exit into a corridor
253  The answer begins with "A"
214  You answer "Antares"
 58  Go left in the corridor
360  Engage Zera Gross in hand-to-hand combat
282  Defeat ZERA GROSS 8/11
243  She is extremely dazed			[Up then left]
126  You need to take out the production	[Asteroid location]
 87  Carefully maneuver through the mines
 19  You make it through safely
370  The production asteroid is a short way off
312  Destroy the ASTEROID DEFENSES 9/6,		-2 Smart Missiles
     dock at an emergency airlock
273  Continue down the zero-gravity tunnel
195  Try to dive past the cubic device
 39  You dive past it
341  You head towards the exit
185  Choose the left tunnel at the crossroads
332  Take the continuation of the tunnel
293  Jump from sphere to sphere
137  You make it to the first sphere
 59  You make it to the second sphere
361  You make it to the third sphere
244  You easily make it to the other exit
283  Take the corridor
205  You go back through the laboratory		Satophil-d tablets
166  You possess some Satophil-d
127  The alien chews and slips into the pit
 49  Turn to the left at the junction
352  The corridor leads to a tiny cubic room
225  Press the up door button
313  The door opens into an identical room
186  Press the left door button
381  Think of an alternative course of action
147  Defeat "BLASTER" BABBET 10/8
400  You have smashed the drug ring