Temple of Terror

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Sword, leather armor,
						backpack, shield, lantern,
						10 Provisions
  1  You reach Yaztromo's tower by mid-morning
 34  Learn the Open Door spell
 12  The spell will open any locked door	Open Door [2]
 34  Learn the Creature Sleep spell
 58  The spell will put to sleep any humanoid	Creature Sleep [1]
 34  Learn the Read Symbols spell
391  The spell will allow you to read runes	Read Symbols [1]
 34  Learn the Fire spell
264  The spell can make a defensive wall	Fire [1-2]
 34  You have learned four spells
180  Buy passage to Port Blacksand		25 GP
213  Haggle with the captain
146  You agree on a fee and shake hands		-3 GP
102  Follow the tattered old man		-1 GP
332  Fight each ROBBER 8/7 7/7
 89  You set off in search of a place to stay	Brass telescope, 3 silver buttons
379  Tell the large man not to be so clumsy	-12 GP
203  Fight the short-tempered man					St-1
 45  Defeat the PIRATE 9/8
166  You step aboard the Belladonna		2 GP, pearl
238  You get on deck as the ship goes under
308  Swim towards the man-of-war
230  Reply that the king's name is Gillibran
278  Walk east into the desert landscape	Provisions
327  Fight the giant insects with your sword
 28  Kill each NEEDLE FLY 5/6 6/7 7/6
168  Stop to look inside the leather pouch
107  You continue your trek			Golden key
 10  Speak to the desert rider
 99  You trade and bid him farewell		-1 silver button, water canister
257  You see an object protruding from the sand				St-2 Lu-1
129  You press on east				Brass handbell
 26  You possess a water canister
217  You savor the moment and press on
303  Make contact with the desert nomad
196  You thank Abjul and set off south		-9 GP, crystal key,	St+4
						Onyx Egg, Mermaid Scale Bracelet
389  Fight the GIANT SANDWORM 10/20
 18  You are able to cast a Fire spell		Sandworm tooth
177  You continue your trek in the morning				St-1
 72  Walk over to the cluster of trees
142  Continue south without drinking
207  Inspect the large pile of rocks
375  A scorpion stings you on the hand					St-4
155  Untie the small cotton sack
349  Release the Sprite from the glass ball
234  You stride off south			Headscarf		Lu+1
 39  You possess a water canister
 63  You feel refreshed and carry on
116  You are wearing a headscarf
289  Your headscarf protects you from sunstroke
164  Try to open the wooden side-door
382  Cast an Open Door spell
248  You find yourself in a deserted square				St-2
111  Open the iron casket
287  Place the polished helmet on your head
 97  You walk south along the corridor		Iron helmet		Sk+1
140  The Messenger of Death whispers "Death"
330  Pull back the patterned drapes
170  Open the plain iron door
365  Kill the GIANT CENTIPEDE 9/7
393  Cut down the bucket from the ceiling
 60  You walk over to the door in the far wall	Bone Dragon artifact
 21  You decide to walk directly ahead
 46  Jump the pit without magical aid
259  You land on the ground beyond the pit
144  You continue straight on
152  Look through your backpack
387  Use an Onyx Egg to defeat the Eye Stinger
361  You seize your opportunity and run past
340  Walk on past the iron grille
157  Go left at the junction
175  Cast a Creature Sleep spell
232  You watch the Lizard Man drop sound asleep				St-1
 33  Go left at another junction		Iron key
125  Climb up the ladder through the hole
329  Talk to the sinewy little man
 83  You have a telescope for trade		[Vatos High Priestess]
138  You bid the Gnome farewell and walk back	-Brass telescope,
						Crystal Dragon artifact
262  Fight each RAT MAN 5/4 5/5
218  Walk through the left arch			3 GP, monkey tail
315  You turn left into the new corridor
 49  Go left at the junction
250  Keep on walking past the ornate door
344  Try to talk to the bloodstained man
306  Investigate the moving lights		[Golden skeleton, shadow of stone]
339  Kill each GIANT FIREFLY 5/4 5/5 4/6
 38  Walk to the right of the massive idol
381  You walk towards the tunnel entrance
 74  You are wearing a Mermaid Scale Bracelet
396  You escape down the tunnel
 91  Continue straight on at the branch
347  Reach into the alcove at the dead end
212  Open the small silver box
 29  You walk back to the new branch		Silver Dragon artifact
 59  You keep control of your mind
280  Rummage quickly though your backpack
244  Throw a silver button at the Phantom
350  You set off with renewed spirit		-1 silver button	Lu+1
190  Turn right towards the tapestries
 40  Pull one of the tapestries from the wall
 19  You hurry down the corridor		Phoenix tapestry
263  Press on past the Sphinx chair
202  Cast a Read Symbols spell
 37  No harm can come if you bathe your wounds				St-1
269  You walk back feeling confident					St+4
364  You walk straight on to look at the murals
161  Reply to the smiling man's question
296  Reply that you like the artist's work
181  You shake hands with Murkegg and press on	[Leesha 300, golden rain]
376  Turn the handle and push the door open
206  Help the unfortunate captive
328  Fight the TORTURER 8/8
141  You wish Thitta luck and leave the room	Brass keys, [golden casket]
 66  Try to unlock the door with a golden key
110  The key fits and you open the door
 98* You know Leesha's art competition prize
300  You feel as though destiny is with you				Sk+2 Lu+2
 17  Open the door to your right
216  Fight the FIEND 6/8
233  Search through the storeroom
 64  Put the gold medallion around your neck
163  You walk back into the last room		Gold medallion		Lu-1
298  Walk through without making a donation
268  Step slowly into total darkness
326  You feel blood run down your leg and panic				St-2 Lu-1
 79  Search for some other weapon
309  The bolt of light flies past your head				Lu-1
145  Pull a brass handbell from your backpack
198  Pick up the silver rod
290  You have a crystal key to open the door	Silver rod
178  You step through and look around		-Silver rod
  2  Take a closer look at the wood-carving
302  You open the door in the wall opposite	Ebony Dragon artifact	Lu+1
 93  Tell the Dark Disciples you have a gift
 11  You are wearing a gold medallion
258  Cast a Creature Sleep spell
195  The three robed figures fall fast asleep				St-1
341  Defeat each SWORD 6/4 6/4 6/4 6/4
191  Step through the golden rain
354  Fight the SLAVE GUARD 8/8
235  Let yourself fall asleep on the cushions
267  Hide behind the drapes						St+2
 44  You set about opening the door
336  Hack the lock open with your sword
 68  Open the Moon door
273  Lift the lid of the white clay pot
 14  Place the engraved ring on your finger
277  Walk through the chamber to the archway	Copper ring
 20  Open the door in the far wall
307  Take the golden skeleton statuette
386  Open the golden casket			Golden skeleton		Lu+1
 82  Leave the room in a fit of rage
  3  Go left in the well lit corridor
320  Climb up the flight of steps
271  Walk back down along the corridor
358  Eat the fresh grapes
112  You walk on further down the corridor				St+4
237  Attack the Skeleton Men with your sword
211  Defeat each SKELETON MAN 9/6 9/8
 53  You run into another chamber
119  Fight the SERVANT 8/8
 73  Fight Leesha using a Giant Sandworm tooth
219  Run through the doorway after her
137  Stop and inspect the bronze dog idol
186  You chase after Leesha			Golden Dragon artifact
 47  Speak to the delirious Dwarf
171  You run down the passageway		War-hammer of Stonebridge
314  You have collected five Dragon artifacts
 35  Crush the Bone Dragon first
 87  You are carrying a war-hammer
362  You hear thunder coming from the pit	-Bone Dragon artifact
288  You are wearing a copper ring
334  You draw your sword to fight a last battle
380  Kill MALBORDUS 10/18
400  Your ordeal has saved Allansia		-Crystal Dragon artifact,
						-Silver Dragon artifact,
						-Ebony Dragon artifact,
						-Golden Dragon artifact