Freeway Fighter

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Revolver, knife, leather jacket,
						10 Med-Kits, fuel, 4 rockets,
						3 iron spikes, 2 oil sprays,
						2 spare tires, Flat-U-Fix,
						200 Credits
  1  Get out to investigate the shotgun sound
126  Reply that you are from New Hope
274  You thank Johnson and screech off		[Joe's Garage]
 34  Drive up onto the highway
167  Destroy the RED CHEVROLET 8/15		-1 rocket
188  Drive west over the highway		-Fuel, [Sinclair]
 66  Turn around at the bridge and drive east
159  You continue east along the road
341  Stop to investigate the ambulance
267  Open the rear door to look inside
195  Crawl into hiding in the grass					St-
182  The bullet thuds into the ground					Lu-1
227  Kill the HIGHWAYMAN 8/12						At-1 Sk-
131  You limp back and burn up the road east	150 Cr, knuckle-dusters
 22  Keep cruising east past the turning
203  Fire a rocket at the road-block
372  Drive after the leather-clad armed riders	-1 rocket
 95  Destroy the MOTOR CYCLE 6/9
249  Open the locked side-pannier
206  You decide to change your tire		200 Cr, handcuffs, [Rockville]
346  Drive south to Rockville			-1 spare tire
157  Somebody has fired a bazooka at you				Lu-1
222  The shell explodes harmlessly to your left
 53  Chase after your attackers
 78  Fire a rocket at the farmhouse
199  Get out to investigate the desperate cry	-1 rocket
262  Search the general	store			Iron bar		Lu+1
112  Search the nearest house			Fuel			St+2
252  Open the door on the left
185  Leave the house				Wire-cutters
246  Drive off south
353  Head west at the good road
371  You turn south towards San Anglo
225  You have picked up a full fuel canister
197  Find a building to spend the night inside	-Fuel
321  Sleep in the room above the cafe
 55  The bed is very comfortable
 14  Run over to the incoherent chanting man				St+3
217  You pull the robed man to the ground
285  You let him go and drive off south					Lu+1
254  You drive through the minefield
101  You continue your journey south					Lu+1
303  Keep driving south at the major junction
189  Drive down the rough road on your right
 24  Drive through the gate to the race
300  Challenge the scarred man to a Blitz Race
240  You race off ahead of the yellow Ford	-200 Cr
  3  You steer into the skid and keep control				Lu-1
354  Accelerate away
183  Accelerate over the grenade
 43  The grenade fails to explode					Lu-1
175  You are racing ahead of the yellow car
340  Empty iron spikes onto the road
318  The canister bursts all over the road	-1 iron spikes		Lu-1
 63  Ram the YELLOW FORD 8/16
334  Keep your accelerator pressed to the floor
 35  The Ford driver's courage deserts him
379  Swerve to the left to block the Ford
 20  You have won the Blitz Race					Lu+1
111  Reply "Black Rats"				Fuel
156  You drive off to the main road
207  Let the mechanic modify your engine
 28  Give Pete 100 Credits and some medicine
141  You feel the extra acceleration and smile	-100 Cr, -2 Med Kits,	Lu+1
 88  Keep going south at the edge of the desert
271  See if there are any spares worth taking
166  Look inside the crashed Interceptor	1 spare tire
253  You still possess Med-Kit supplies
  2  You shoot the snake and drive off south	Plastic tubing		Sk-1 St-2
 13  Release a spray of oil						Ar-1
361  The cycle combination skids off the road	-1 oil spray
 96  You are carrying a full can of fuel
180  You do not have enough to reach San Anglo	-Fuel
243  Stop to see the abandoned police car
109  You do not have a crowbar
 49  Battle the CHARIOT 9/15			-1 rocket
 91  Turn left and head east at the crude sign
230  Talk to the busy man about repairs
 15  You wish to have your car repaired
169  You thank the man and set off east again	-200 Cr			Ar+10
259  Engage the masked man in a pistol duel
291  Shoot the DUELIST 9/9
208  You thank him and drive through the canyon
196  You steer around a landslide to continue
351  You have a supercharger
210  You cross the finish line first
 54  Stop and examine the articulated truck
104  You have a length of plastic tubing
306  You siphon the fuel and continue south	Fuel			Lu+1
118  You filled your fuel canister recently
 99  Carry out some repairs on the Interceptor	-Fuel
 21  You repair the car and set off south again				Ar+2
221  Amber urges you to turn off the road	Amber			Lu-1
  7  Amber hands you							Lu-1
319  Energy synthi-pills						St+4
 32  The guard is distracted by jokes					Lu-1
 76  You crawl up to the fence
198  You possess a pair of wire-cutters
 85  Explosions start and you run like the wind
107  You both jump inside the Interceptor
158  Combat the STATION-WAGON 10/19
 67  You manage to avoid a head-on collision
200  Shoot it out
102  Fight both DOOM DOGS 7/13 8/14 together				Sk-
154  The Animal is knocked unconscious					St-2
376  You feel optimistic about the mission
 90  The citizens obey your command		-Amber			Sk+1 St+4
147  You keep your head as low as possible				Lu-1
235  You run without being caught in crossfire
 40  Your reactions are faster than the raider
 81  Sleep inside the cabin of the tanker
218  You just manage to keep control and halt
 52  Agree to a duel with the biker
164  You beat your opponent to the draw
132  You escaped being bitten by a rat
380  Civilization is on the road to recovery