Shadow of the Giants

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Broken sword, map,
						backpack, Potion of Luck
						10 Provisions, 50 GP
  1  Ask Amaric if he knows Dunbar Lapp
 84  Buy a new sword from the armorer		-10 GP, -broken sword, Vampire Sword
297  You thank Dunbar for his help		-2 GP, dagger
381  Accept the arm wrestling challenge
311  The crowd shouts as you win the contest
 29  The Dwarf's friends toast your victory	2 GP
340  Hire Higgly's treasure-hunting services
128  Visit Mystic Mary the soothsayer		-4 GP, Higgly
247  Put one Gold Piece in her money box
112  You memorize the rhyme and leave Anvil	-1 GP, [Green dragon eyes]
191  Walk on inside Firetop Mountain
 49  Press the emerald eye of the dragon chest
327  Let Higgly try on the iron crown
166  You manage to avoid the Giant's huge sword
146  Talk to the old man asleep in a rowboat	[Marik Om-Yash],	Lu-1
						-Higgly, Crown of Chaos
215  Cough loudly and draw your sword
 92  Attack him
176  Fight the WERERAT 8/5
104  Continue walking along the riverbank	2 GP, gold key #3	Lu+1
 58  Knock on the door of the old log cabin
388  Knock on the door again
121  Ask if you can buy one of the man's horses
348  Tell Hogget you are headed to Hamelin
 34  Ask him if he has heard of Marik Om-Yash
333  Tell Hogget about the the Iron Giants
262  The fate of Allansia is in your hands	Silver dragon medallion
344  Help the man tied to an old oak tree	Horse
220  You bid him farewell and gallop off	Wooden clover
134  Give Rosa your horse to cross the river
195  Look at the weathered gravestones		-Horse
189  Examine the vine-covered tomb		[Velma Om-Yash 43]
 86  Defeat the WRAITH 10/8						At+2
159  Open the stone sarcophagus
365  Take the sword from the skeleton
 67  Take the leather pouch			-Vampire Sword, Dragon Sword
100  Open the pouch
171  Walk straight into Hamelin			3 skulls, 3 engraved bones
 26  Pay Binny Brogan for a tour of Hamelin
125  Enter the pie-eating contest		-1 GP
320  The angry Barbarian is disqualified				Lu-1
143  You get a good night's rest					St+4
364  Ask the two odd-looking fellows a question
 37  Ask if they know where Marik Om-Yash lives
324  Faye Bibble the florist might know		[Blue orchids]
164  Accept the face-slapping challenge
 94  Call the coin in the air heads		-1 GP
 55  You smack the Ogre as hard as you can
378  You shake hands and look around the fair	5 GP, Ring of Strength	Sk+1 St+2
252  Look at the vendors' stalls
317  Buy medicines from Honest Jon		-8 GP, Bat Balm, Spider Oil,
						Fever-Free Tonic, Goblin Earwax
209  Sell a gold key to the singing salesman
346  You have a numbered key to sell
231  Demand 30 Gold Pieces for the key
102  You walk on to the next stall		30 GP, -gold key #3
119  Wait for the florist to return
308  Buy some blue orchids
363  Ask Faye if she knows Marik Om-Yash	-4 GP, blue orchids
185  You thank her for the information		[Dead End Alley ladder]
141  Leave the fair via Brass Street
330  Refuse to give the Trolls your gold
 51  Fight BONEHEAD 8/6 TOADY 6/5 WEEZLE 7/4
367  Tell the man you were defending yourself
148  You hurry on up the street			3 gold necklaces
386  Turn right into Brick Lane
 10  Examine the items on the young lad's tray
245  Decide which five items to buy		-2 GP, iron key, leather gloves,
						picklock, copper ring, empty bottle
 43  Enter the abandoned warehouse
114  Fight each GIANT RAT 5/4 5/5 5/5
371  Luckily the rats are not plague bearers				Lu-1
289  Go down to the musty-smelling cellar
250  Wade through the filthy water to the steps
107  You have a dagger
 78  You hack the bloodsucker from your leg				St-1
239  You have an iron key
350  Take the amulet from the glass Dragon
 71  Draw your sword to fight
  7  Destroy the EMERALD DRAGON 9/8
167  You leave and go back to the warehouse	Gold snake amulet
 95  Reach down into the black water
225  You climb up the steps to leave		6 GP			Lu+1
172  You turn right into Silver Street
213  Take the shiny brass lamp
291  Put the lamp in your backpack
334  You carry on along the street		Magic lamp [Twixle]
376  Enter the Illusionist shop
261  Attack the undead creature with your sword
 56  Buy some of the magic items		-5 GP, Potion of Healing,
						Ring of the Zombies
390  You leave and walk up the street
202  Go in the dusty junk shop
 19  Rummage around and buy the helmet
 35  The helmet will protect you in battle	-5 GP, helmet		At+1
278  Turn right into Back Alley
380  Drink from the rusty iron spout
298  Swap your boots for the worn out boots				St+2
151  You feel fleet of foot and run back	Elven Boots		Lu+1
259  You leap over the barrels rolling downhill
 23  Go left down Dead End Alley
263  Climb up the ladder
208  Climb over the wall and knock on the door
309  Tell the man Hogget told you to come
273  You are wearing a silver dragon medallion
 64  Ask Marik about the Gorgon's tomb		[Rust Beetles]
316  You should look for the Koder Stone	[Shadowed cave]
222  You feel inspired and hurry back					Lu+2
103  Help the frail old lady
179  Drink the Spider Oil
 52  Fight the SPIDER HAG 7/6			-Spider Oil		At+1
294  You search and continue walking downhill	4 GP, black silk handkerchief,
						silver hairpin, Ring of Entanglement
 59  Speak to the man shouting at the crowd
190  You sense somebody opening your backpack				Lu-1
304  Speak to the cursing and muttering man
 83  Tell Goose the Ranger about the Giants
249  Invite him to join your quest
353  Draw your sword to fight the Pixies	Goose
321  Sit on the throne of a Stone Golem					Lu+1
339  You send a pebble flying harmlessly				Sk+1 St+3 Lu-1
140  You set off again full of energy
 11  Enter the cave on your left					St-2
216  Fight the LICH 8/6							At+1
312  Try on the gold ring
192  A surge of energy makes you tremble	Ring of Healing		Sk+1 St+4 Lu+1
395  Turn back and go inside the other cave
 54  You pass the twitching corpse of the Lich
368  You escape from the Vampire Bats		Torch
115  You set off down a narrow twisting tunnel
256  Miraculously none of the darts hit you				Lu-1
 13  You walk on past the tripwire
194  Follow the left-hand tunnel
236  You are wearing Elven Boots
 40  Cross the junction and walk straight on				Lu+1
314  Stand your ground and face the howling
149  You have a jar of Goblin Earwax
345  Fight the SCREAMING DEMON 10/6		-Goblin Earwax		At+1
267  Sit on the Demon's carved throne
370  Stay seated on the revolving throne
389* You know the number to say			Polished shield		At+1
 15  You climb through a shimmering white light
276  You are wearing a Ring of the Zombies
 66  The leading Zombie crashes to the ground				Lu-1
282  Open the iron-barred door
383  You do not have a gold key
288  Give your picklock to Goose
326  You hear a sharp click as the lock turns	-Picklock
131  Battle COBRAX 10/10 with Goose					At+2
 57  You are relieved not to have been bitten	50 GP			Lu+1
198  You hear the voice of Twixle helping you
379  Attack the GORGON 10/10						At+2
201  You finish her off with one mighty blow	[18 snakes]
332  The sarcophagus slides to one side		Rust Beetles, gold idol
 44  Tiptoe around the golden gate
272  You slip unnoticed through the doorway
 91  Help Goose climb out of the pit
 32  Touch the glass orb
264  Answer the skull with your own name
188* You know how many snakes there were
 18  You are free to go
323  You are relieved to be in the open again	-Torch
292  You attach a Rust Beetle to the Giant				St+2
142  You avoid being grabbed by the Giant				Lu-1
105  Go to Goose's aid
349  You have a Potion of Healing
 96  Beetles are attached to all the Giants	-Potion of Healing
174  You wield your Dragon Sword to attack
258  The blow has a devastating effect
227  Your sword cuts through the iron limb
196  Your heavy blow severs its foot entirely				Lu+2
347  You are wearing a Ring of Entanglement
116  Thrust your blade into the larger hole
274  Your sword strikes its iron heart
226  You find Goose has not broken any bones				Lu-1
254  All four Iron Giants have been toppled
400  Allansia is safe and you have a fortune	200 GP