Secrets of Salamonis

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. This path assumes favorable dice rolls.
  1  Try the rough wooden door to your right
231  Leave via the tunnel past the ugly baby
271  You sprint out of the Ogre's cave
211  You hear a high-pitched screaming sound
475  You have been dreaming						St-1
 27  Ask Ruznik Ullsen about learning
138  Ask him where someone can find work	[Forest of Spiders]
118  The Adventurers' Guild posts jobs outside
270  You think about ways of making money	City Map
323  You look at the map Ruznik gave you
423  Head to the Slime and Swine Guttery
122  Tell Snouter you are looking for work
142  The stench makes your eyes water
162  You feel the gorge rise in your throat				St-1
215  You can recruit new workers		5 SC, [pig's head]	Am+2
415  You leave the foul stench behind you
188  Return to the Docks and look around
 45  Get out of the guards' way			{Recruit}
367  Tell Nanoc you are heading to the Guild
390  Nanoc's son thinks he is four		[Benboy]		Am+1
 99  Keep heading along the Grand Parade	{Recruit}
 54  Ask the stallholder if he's hiring
 11  The lean man has a twinkle in his eye
194  Try your hand at grifting
 52  Pick up the coin on the floor		[Half-Darned Sock]
246  Give it to Rodriguez
294  He lets you into a little secret		[-25]
190  Try the trick yourself to pay for a room
336* You know the two cards the Dwarfs picked
 93  Sleep in a bed for the night		10 SC			Am+2
436  You wake suitably refreshed		-10 SC
 86  You don't have the fee to get your pack	{Recruit}
107  The Guildmaster takes pity on you					Lu-1
197  Ask Jeskan for advice on where to train	10 GP, backpack		Lu+1 Am+1
						short sword, Longbeard's Legends,
						spare clothes, Adventurers' Permit
127  You've met someone who could help
110  You have learned of Benboy
222  Nanoc can teach you fighting techniques	[Caravan 150], [Testing Grounds 467]
110  You have learned of the Forest of Spiders
202  Ruznik can teach you Spelling		[Testing Grounds 467], [Spelling 357]
110  You meet Ruznik again at the Boondocks
357* You clear your mind and hear a voice	-4 GP, Spelling Sheet	St+2
206  You see a fire burning and have the knack	[Spelling]		Lu+1 Am+2
469  You feel that Libra is watching over you	Holy Symbol		Lu+1 Am+1
115  You join Nanoc escorting the caravan
150  You are alert when brigands attack		Horse,			Am+3
						[Brawling, Second Chance, Instant Death]
179  Defeat the MAN-ORC 8/7
228  You are in Salamonis once more		6 GP, -horse, Strongarm Armband
  4  You are much better prepared for adventure
297  Your experiences have toughened you up	{Stormsday}		iSk+ iSt+ iLu+
287  Pay the Royal Tax Collector
308  Pinchpenny accepts it and wanders off	-2 GP
369  You show the Guildmaster your permit
120  Collect Cauldronweed for the witches
 88  Visit the Bazaar before setting off
400  You note items that could prove useful	-5 SC, {recruit}, 1 Provision
 38  Follow the webbed footprints north-west
 14  Follow the north-easterly trail instead
 81  Slay the SWAMPSNAKE 6/6
315  The scaly skin is prized by alchemists	Swampsnake skin
335  Pick bunches of ragged dark green leaves
385  The sticky sap is quite unpleasant		Ragged leaves
268  Battle the TOADMAN 9/8
428  Follow the left branch through the marshes
448  The Toadmen are bearing down on you
 30* A still voice speaks in your mind
417  Thick fog gives you the chance to escape
295  You take the ragged leaves from your pack
218  Haggle with the toothless crone
172  She will give you something more valuable				Lu-1
101  You leave pondering the meaning		5 GP, -ragged leaves,	Am+1
						[Shivering Curse]
181  You set off south for Salamonis again	{Moonsday}
383  It is time you got some much-needed rest
403  You sleep rough on the street					St-1
427  Head straight to the Adventurers' Guild
120  Accompany Garreau's caravan to Shazâar
282  Nanoc can make use of your skills
 98  Take a shortcut through the foothills	10 GP, {recruit}, horse
306  Stay with the caravan in the pass
384  Call upon the Oracle for guidance
360* You hear the voice inside your head
267  The magical shield saves everyone					Am+1
404  You learned how to fight in the saddle
424  Defeat each GOBLIN WOLF RIDER 7/6 6/7
464  You leave the Craggen Heights behind	5 GP, 8 SC
373  You suddenly notice movement and shout				Lu-1
393  Something bursts from the sand
219  Attack the GRETCH 9/10
433  Search the Gretch's hiding place
453  You dig about in the sandy hole		Brass ring
  6  Agree to deliver to Noreth Janagen
 26  The Lizardine hands you a velvet bag	8 GP, parcel
 46  You have a parcel to deliver		10 GP, -horse, {Fireday}
 66  Complete the delivery to Brightstar Street
247  Sell the Swampsnake skin to the Hamakei	Medusa Grass		Am+2
479  The bird-headed scholar is curious		3 GP, -Swampsnake skin
473  The sun is setting as you leave
383  A pair of burly guardsmen walk towards you
253  The guards ignore you
403  You wake feeling less than refreshed				St-1
427  Stop at the Bazaar on your way
446  Two thugs are bawling their wares
144  Odious Pinchpenny approaches
 32  Pay him a percentage of your earnings
 55  You hand over your hard-earned cash	-3 GP, token
 70  You peruse the Bruise Brothers' wares	-43 GP,	Elven Blade,	At+1 iSk+1
						Dragon Carnyx, Silver Chainmail
400  You examine the Guild's Quests Board	-5 GP, {recruit}, beeswax,
						Shazâarian Ale, 2 Provisions
120  Solve the mystery of the screaming sky
203  Inspect the scene of the recent attack
236  Examine the dead Shrieker			[Clue 24]
259  Question the sole survivor of the attack	[Clue 50]
220  Continue your investigation elsewhere	[Clue 10]
279* You have collected a number of clues
 84  Set off south towards the silver mines				Am+2
273  You are not here for the pest control job
334  Say you are here to see Picky the Dwarf
411  You set off into the mine						Lu+1
441  Take the right branch towards the voices
461  Share some Shazâarian Ale with the Dwarfs
 69  Return to the left-hand tunnel		-Shazâarian Ale		St+2
109  Head left at the junction			Torch
395  Enter the right-hand tunnel
394  Kill the ROCK GRUB 7/11						At+1
161  Follow the echoing footsteps		Rock Grub head
182  Follow the right-hand branch
 44  Fight six GRANNITS							At+1
     4/3 4/4 4/3 4/2 4/4 4/3 three at a time
 64  Follow the tunnel into the darkness	6 tails
 85  Step out onto the rickety rope bridge
112  The Shivering Man shouts to stay away
154  You push lumps of beeswax into your ears
175  You flee ahead of the swarm of Shriekers
195  You stop back outside in sunlight
214  You brought back proof			-Torch
233  The foreman pays you and you bid farewell	7 GP, {Earthday}	Am+2
						-Rock Grub head, -6 tails
383  It is time you got rest and recuperation
403  You take a room at an inn			-1 GP			St+2
427  Head to the Guild to take on another quest
120  Obtain the horn of the Black Unicorn
437  The ancient Forest of Yore is dangerous
305  Go face the challenge alone
349  Visit the market first
400  There are all manner of stalls set up	-4 GP, {recruit}, empty bottle,
						length of rope, 3 Provisions
368  You stumble upon the Silver Pool
458  The black beast bows its head to drink
361  Creep up and take it by surprise
277  You get within a few feet before it snorts				Lu-1
321  Use a rope to take the beast captive
216  You lasso the animal with a slipknot
157  Release the Unicorn from your control
119  Leave and return to Salamonis		Golden Oak Leaf, Alicorn, {Windsday}
383  You take board and lodging at the Guild
403  You sleep deeply and dream			-2 GP			St+4
465  Enter the dark cave			Lantern
100  Turn west at the junction			[Sk St Lu]
 71  The creature remains snoring at his post				Lu-1
301  Open the rough-cut wooden door
 82  The warty creature does not wake up				Lu-1
147  The creature's pet mouse scurries off	1 GP			Lu+2
208  Continue northwards past the door
363  Investigate the hideous din
370  Draw your sword and leap forward
116  Attack each ORC 5/4 5/5						At+2
378  Open the wooden box
296  You memorize the information and leave	[Unicorn horn, Medusa Grass, breath]
 42  Turn to the west
257  Investigate the angry shouting
168  Attack the Chieftain beating his servant
 65  Continue to fight the ungrateful wretch
372  Defeat the ORC CHIEFTAIN 7/6					At+1
                  and SERVANT 5/3
 21  Smash the lock of the sturdy chest
339  A small dart shoots into your stomach				St-
201  You bandage the wound and take it easy	25 GP, silk glove
293  You walk back eastwards
113  Go northwards at the junction
285  Open the well-used door
213  The locked door bursts open
 36  Try to calm the old man down
263  You go your separate ways						Lu+1
314  Walk further up the passageway
300  Open the solid metal door
102  Jab the collapsed Dwarf and laugh
 68  You press on northwards
303  Turn east past the portcullis
 58  Now it is time to wake up
200  Money has appeared inside your purse	-Lantern, -silk glove	Sk+ St+ Lu+2
427  Head to the Guild not long after dawn
120  Bring Cardinal Zyn to justice
341  You are up to the challenge
307  Cast a spell to find the hiding cult
 28* The oracle reveals a dark portent
111  A flood of information fills your mind
 37  You arrive at the House of the Behemoth				Lu+1
140  Mercifully end the dying man's misery
166  Search him for valuables
205  Deliver the letter to the man's sweetheart
371  Use something against the shapeless horror				Sk-1 St-3
 67  A Holy Symbol might be effective
374  The hideous creature seems to recoil
 48  Kill the CHAOS SPAWN 8/12						At+1 Am+1
345  Fight CARDINAL ZYN 10/11						At+1
135  Capture his breath within a bottle
230  You have trapped his dying breath		Last Breath
264  You escape in the midst of the chaos	30 GP, {Seaday}		Am+2
383  You rent a room at the Adventurers' Guild
403  You are woken by terrible screaming	-2 GP			St+4
450  The grotesque swarm turns and flies away
478  You volunteer to cure the Shivering Man
471* He could be hiding in King Salamon's Mine
176  Hans, Longbeard and you shall start there
362  You found a Dragon Carnyx for sale
418  You use some beeswax to plug your ears	-Dragon Carnyx		Am+1
311  The feeling of panic begins to subside
238  Defeat the SHRIEKER SWARM 8/8					At+1
139  Hans fill phials with the putrid blood	Shrieker Blood
 62  You are wearing a Golden Oak Leaf
 49  The Elves welcome you to Eren Durdinath
457  You have some Medusa Grass
260  You have some Alicorn
439  You have the Last Breath
379  Hans has Shrieker Blood
355  You have some beeswax			-Medusa Grass, -Alicorn,
						-Last Breath, -Shrieker Blood
284  You use it to plug your ears
447  Use something you have collected
304  Use a length of rope
103  You lasso the Queen's deadly-looking sting
366  Defeat the SHRIEKER QUEEN 11/14					At+1
470  The curse broken, Prince Jared is restored				Am+4
480  You have saved Salamonis			Uber-Blade, Fourga's shield