Space Assassin

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Electric lash, 1 grenade,
						1 gravity bomb, 4 Pep Pills
  1  Take a look through the pile of refuse
 39  Remove the electronic device from the body
141  Examine the right maintenance hatch	Device
 77  Open the hatch
103  Try to engage the robot in conversation
192  You will have to fight it
228  Defeat the GUARD ROBOT 7/6
264  Look in the cell emanating sounds		Assault blaster
 63  Leave the room via the tunnel		[Thinkin' pilot]
134  Open the rather warm hatch
  3  Leave the rodent hench-beings alone
172  Go right at the junction
 59  Open the small airtight hatch
135  You head back down the left-hand passage	[I hate Cyrus]
175  Open the hatch to the side
266  Try to befriend the man in overalls
284  You chat and leave through the other door	Security key
356  Continue down the corridor
100  Open the door on the left
138  Destroy the RAZOR DISK 9/1
195  Wear the light polymer battle armor
231  You leave and continue up the corridor				Sk-1 Ar=14
267  Destroy all eight PORTABOTS		-1 grenade
     7/2 7/2 7/2 7/2 7/2 7/2 7/2 7/2
303  Take the standard security door
249  Take the case of explosives					St+4 Lu+1
285  You chose the explosives
321  The case contains two grenades		2 grenades
  6  You inspect the other door
213  Pull the left short black lever
 10  Go right at the alcove
 48  Defeat the MICROHELICOPTER 8/2
124  Snatch up the plastic cylinder and case
162  The plastic cylinder
 29  Is full of ball-bearings			Ball-bearings
181  You have not found out your second item
162  The light plastic case
 67  Contains a book of extra-terrestrials	Encyclopedia
181  You go back down the left-hand path
200  Continue down the corridor past the door
308  Defeat the DEITY 5-10/12			-1 grenade
344  Leave via the other exit
254  You notice the door blends into the wall
201  Investigate the pool of water
237  Ease yourself into the water
273  You find yourself under an alien sky
102  Go north on the grass-covered plain
253  Go east towards some low hills
289  Explore these hills for a while
325  Have a closer look at the village
246  Stand fast as the aliens near
336  You would like to possess the device
148  You have the matching piece
296  You convince the chief via sign language
187  The two pieces plug together		-Device, Homing Device
368  Take a canoe and paddle downstream
 96  Shoot the rapids
287  You are carried down a gigantic chasm
324  You have not read the book on mollusks
 85  Defeat the BIVALVE 9/8 unarmed
182  You surface into the Vandervecken					St+4
309  Follow the floating path right
 50  Go through the door in the aluminum cube
 88  Revive one of the sleep capsule occupants
164  Revive the first occupant
 31  Attempt to communicate with the spider
107  You make clicking insect noises
145  Leave the room				Anti-Mollusk Formula Four
126  You trudge back down the left-hand route
345  Turn right on the path
219  Enter the aluminum cube
395  Go up to the unconscious tentacled man
291  Tell him you are an assassin
363  He whispers to you and passes out		[Middle]
327  You zip back along the left-hand branch
 70  Look for means of overcoming the guards
184  Use the container of ball-bearings
347  Take the simple sliding door
257  Stay in the kitchenette for a while to eat
293  You leave through the security room exit				St+5
109  Cross the room by taking the path
185  Search for some other means of defense
240  Use Anti-Mollusk Formula Four
394  You run to the exit			-Anti-Mollusk Formula Four
373  Look for other means of passing the brute
295  Employ the book of extra-terrestrials
326  Attempt to answer the Zark's question
 15* Answer "N"
140  Go through the center door
 14  Go back and take the left door
381  You are at the controls of a vehicle	{Status 0}		Sh=5
223  Move ahead east to point B			{Status 1}
331  Move ahead east to point C			{Status 2}
 53  Your vehicle is at point C, facing south	{Status 3}
 66  The enemy is at point-blank range		{Status 4}		Sh-
 53  Turn on the spot to face west
365  Your vehicle is at point C, facing west	{Status 5}
176  The enemy is exposed and turns left	{Status 6}
365  Move ahead west to point B
167  Move ahead west to point A			{Status 7}
349  Your vehicle is at point A, facing south	{Status 8}
 33  The enemy is driving straight at you	{Status 9}		Sh-
349  Turn on the spot to face east
223  Your vehicle is at point A, facing east	{Status 10}
 66  You have eliminated your opponent		{Status 11}		Sh-
190  Send a gravity bomb into the beast's maw
 52  The bomb collapses into a gravity field	-1 gravity bomb
332* Step on 54, 8, 12, 49, 2, 81, 15, 22, 12
255  You stride boldly across the floor
131  You have not read the book on robotics
 36  Jump for the hanging girders as cover
150  You reach the end of the gantry					Lu-1
207  Swing between the Sentinels to the exit
243  You jump at a stout-looking pipe					Lu-1
297  You swing through the blazing crossfire
369  Talk with the ship's pilot
 18  Hazard an answer
132  Risk making a possibly irrelevant answer
 56  You part the best of friends
 75  Go through the "Computer" door
113  Wreak a bit of havoc on the computer
151  You go through the other door
208  Move in and capture Cyrus immediately
280  Grab him and finish it now
262  Go for him regardless
370  You dive into a chute after the scientist
171  Look for another means of defeating him
152  Use the cylinder of bearings
114  You make Cyrus's Waldo a bit unsteady	-Ball-bearings
 95  Defeat CYRUS 8/12
400  Your mission is a complete success