Crystal of Storms

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						Short sword, Sky Watch uniform,
						hovers, Coin Bag
  1  The farming island Cirrus is your home
 84  You manage to steer the hovers gently down				Lu-1
 36  You stare across where Nimbus used to be
321  Investigate the plume of blue-green smoke	10 GP, Silas		At+2
137  Charge up your hovers' crystal with Silas
 51  Visit the local Watchhouse			Storm crystal shard	St-2
 49  Fight the RABID RAT HORDE 6/10 with Silas				At+2
109  You continue to the Watchhouse		2 ears of corn
243  Cirrus is your home island
 15  Search your own chest
217  See what Silas has found			2 GP, 2 dried fish, Healing Potion
134  Search the unlocked chest			1 GP, Potion of Might
 65  Fight the CHEST CREATURE 5/6 with Silas				At+2 Sk-1 St-2
238  A name has been circled on the page	Incus ledger page [Talliman], fire oil
177  Take a nap
 91  You awake to Silas tugging at your arm				St+2
395  Silas's boot strikes the flying eye
387  Leave the Watchhouse			Strange Metal Object, [Eye-Spy]
335  Fight the GRAPES OF WRATH 7/8 with Silas				At+2 St-2
 32  Follow the sound of indistinct yelling	Corrosive grapes
168  Battle the								At+2
303  Tell "Maude the Mauler" the truth					Lu+1
 24  She gives you a hard stare
364  Head north to locate a Goblin flyer	War-Hammer,		At-1
						Healing Potion
255  The pilot is muttering angrily to himself
346  Pay to charge up your hovers
 80  Fly to the water island Altos		-1 GP
164  You leave the green fields behind you	-Silas
103  Lightning sends you tumbling to the ground				St-3
 30  Subdue the STORMKIN 10/10 with the woman,	Cloudkin staff		At+2
     Altos is not your home island
277  Go towards the Altos Watchhouse		Pear
 40  You dodge the globule of sticky goo				Lu-1
  7  Fight the creature blocking your path
 44  Battle the GIANT TOAD 5/7
181  You continue towards the Altos Watchhouse	Toad goop
131  Use corrosive grapes on the locked door
380  The lock breaks and you head inside	-Corrosive grapes
306  You duck and roll out of the way
225  Altos is not your home isle
110  Defeat the SKY WATCH OFFICER 7/7
374  Dispense the killing blow
260  Visit the Great Waterfall			1 GP, Calming Potion,	St-1
						Crumpled note [Paxlo], apple
328  Walk along the bank past the deep lake
 75  Investigate the paw prints in the mud
299  Enter the cave hidden behind the waterfall
237  Nemi is not with you
 50  Use a Calming Potion on Flapps
285  Investigate the Goblin flyer		-Calming Potion,	At+1 Lu+1
						longsword, -short sword
361  Charge your hovers
 96  Fly to Cumulus, the island of trade	-1 GP
140  The waters of Altos sparkle beneath you
193  You drop safely into a soft haystack
 12  Cumulus is not your home isle
 88  You browse a nearby market stall
227  Engage in a game of chance			-2 GP, Healing Potion
304  You bet at one of the gambling stalls	-GP
273  Head for the far side of the market	+GP
351  Your Coin Bag still has money in it	-Coin Bag
355  You chase the thieving beast without Dav
307  Head for the rooftops
117  Venture further over the rooftops
 70  Kill the COCKROACH QUEEN 7/7					At+1 St-3
 35  You head back to your adventures		3 GP, Gold Bag, healing honey, dried fish
336  You have the crystal shard from Cirrus	[Hazi]
282  Hazi examines it closely and hands it back
185  Go to Methedus over at the mill		Ornate dagger,		At+1
						dried cuttlefish
261  Dav is not with you
311  Fight the TUNNELER BEAST 8/9					At+1
289  You keep heading for the mill		Silk cloth, 2 dried stink fruit
 64  You are flung across the ground					St-2
104  You have the crystal shard from Cirrus	[Bubble]
  5  Secretly follow Methedus
121  You gasp as you fall to the ground					St-1
 46  Find the local Goblin flyer and head on	Methedus's shard,	Lu+1
 27  Investigate the Sky Bridge to Cirrus
233  Continue crossing into the mist
327  Slay the LIGHTNING SERPENT 9/9					At-1 St-
 95  You can continue to Cirrus			Aeronaut's helmet	Sk+1
232  Investigate the plume of blue-green smoke
137  Investigate the small shed
376  Battle the SCARECROW 6/5						At+1
271  Head north and search for a Goblin flyer	2 cabbage leaves, hand axe, Calming Potion
255  Grax is muttering angrily to himself
346  You have a silk cloth
200  You have some toad goop to glue it down	-Silk cloth
340  Take the flyer to Incus			-Toad goop
  8  You disembark at the fishing island
 90  Battle the GIANT CRAB 8/9						At+1
199  You ask the fishermen about Nimbus		Crab pincer, crab meat	At-1
 60  You ask how you can get down to the water
331  Ask them about the Incus ledger page
308  Look for Matix at the east dock
242  Rest for a few hours in the hammock
 10  Fight the OCTOMAN 10/10						At+1 St+3
106  Speak to the gasping fisherman
266  Ask Caleb about the Doombringer shipwreck	2 GP			Lu+1
 17  Ask more about the survivor
281  Ask him the man's name
144  Show Caleb the ledger page
 94  Ask more about the Doombringer		[Renard]
 33  Leave Caleb and continue your journey
295  Put Caleb out of his misery
 86  You hurriedly leave the shed
 56  Head to the Renard house
118  You manage to jump out of the way					Lu-1
207  You have the crystal shard from Cirrus
235  Explore the damage upstairs
 42  Explore the upper level further
274  Examine the surprisingly neat little room
296  You pull the paper out from the boards	Brass button		Lu-1
153  You showed Methedus the crystal shard	Diary page [Boreas]
345  Head to the bathysphere workshop
 74  Continue to Matix's home
161  You call out to Matix
230  You have the Strange Metal Object
 62  Charge your hovers and fly to Asperitas	-Strange Metal Object
384  You take off for the isle of technomancy	-1 GP
270  Fight both HARPIES 7/6 6/6 together				At+1
156  Help Yurik pick up the broken vial pieces
195  Help pay for the damage
169  You ask where you can find Vizigg's home	-1 GP
257  Head west towards the residential area	[Vizigg],		Lu+1
						Greater Potion of Might
293  You recognize a buzzing sound
317  You follow the flying eye surreptitiously
339  You track it to the residential outskirts
 38  Go to the back of the ramshackle house
287  Defeat each WHEELIE 6/6 6/6					At+1
358  Explore the upper floor of the house	2 GP, fire oil, dried fruit
350  Sketches of you surround a crystal ball
 29  Overload and destroy the Eye-Spies
389  Leave the property				Wotsit			St-
149  Fight the HOWL CAT 8/9						At-
302  You see the bell tower Yurik mentioned
126  Head to the bell tower in the distance
352  The locked door finally breaks
234  You deflect the darts with your cloak
309  You continue upwards and reach a door
 83* Enter the next number in the sequence
 68  Stand your ground in Vizigg's home
343  Kill the WINGED GREMLIN 5/4					At+1
122  Hold the paper close to the lamp		Blank paper
218  You head back into the maze of workshops
111  Investigate the strange metal which fell
325  Let Nix charge up the metal boulder
250  Battle the GIANT METAL HAND 8/11					At+1 St-
108  You black out							St-2
198  Go to the storm crystal charging station	Thingie
379  Fly to Matix on Incus			-1 GP
226  You have located the Thingie
125  You have a Wotsit				-Thingie
375  You have given Matix everything requested	-Wotsit
187  You begin your descent to Nimbus		Barnacle		St+2
 54  You splash into the Ocean of Tempests
186  Explore the storm-tossed surface
312  Battle the GREAT WHITE SQUARK 9/10					St-1
259  Continue exploring the surface		Fresh calamari
120  Investigate the stranded boat
215  Agree to help the Incus fisherman		[Rescue]
 22  You take the bathysphere beneath the waves
203  Head towards the caves below
 85  Take the left fork
231  Engage the huge monster fish in combat
 41  Battle the GIANT ELECTRIC EEL 8/8					St-
172  You move away from the falling rocks	Conductive Gland
316  Go back and explore the right fork
101  Turn back and leave the caves
 61  Kill the ENRAGED WRAITHFISH 10/12					St-2
179  You head up to find the stranded boat	Brass Rod, silver goblet
132  Investigate the winking light
305  Dive towards the large dim shape		-Brass Rod,		Lu+2
						Potion of Might, dried crab meat
191  You see Methedus inside a large air bubble
112  Methedus floats back to the surface	Potion of Power
  3  Investigate the other bathysphere
393  You make your way to the Citadel		Firesticks, Greater Healing Potion
290  Share food with the grumpy Sea Giant
166  Wrestle TIDEUS 9/18			-2 dried stink fruit
267  You enter the Nimbus Citadel		Conch shell
377  Pull the Barnacle up next to the steps
252  Fight the					-Barnacle		At+1 St-
     AMPHIBIOUS SPINEFISH 7/6 6/7 6/6 in pairs
283  Ask what's wrong with the injured officer
356  Give Bal a Healing Potion
107  Ask what happened to Nimbus		-Healing Potion		Lu+2
 77  Ask if there are any other survivors
197  You've asked everything you want to
330  You head down the fetid passageway
390  See what's left in the Citadel kitchens	[Nimbi]
  9  You hear a dull moaning coming from inside
188  You pull the debris from Captain Halleck
113  You find him a comfortable place to rest
148  Climb up to Krazic's private workshop	Cleaver, pumpkin pie
212  You jump to the hole in the ceiling
360  You easily pull yourself up into the room
313  Climb back down to Halleck			Black candle, Potion of Proficiency
 43  You arrive back in the Nimbiferous Chamber
 92  Venture down the half-flooded hallway
127  You swim strongly through the murky water
145  You dive down and pick up a fallen potion	Potion of Might
 73  Start a fire with the broken chair					St-1
124  You dry off and continue your exploration	-Firesticks		St+3
288  Fight the huge scaly beast
398  Combat the SALTWATER CROCODILE 8/8					At+1
 66  Cut open the creature's stomach
219  You heave open the library door		Potion of Might, copper ring
 18  Pick up "A Sting in the Tale"
239  Kill the GIANT SCORPION 10/10					At+1
373  You spiral down a set of wooden stairs	Stinger
292  You duck and roll under a blade trap
 34  You move ahead extremely cautiously				St-1
210  The Elder Technomancer begins to laugh	Torch
272  You tell Vizigg of Boreas the Stormborn	-Torch
 98  Ask what has befallen Vizigg
 11  Ask why Nimbus crashed
 82  Ask about the ward on the Great Hall
338  Ask about the broken storm crystals
 59  You are done asking questions
170  You have a copper ring			Greater Healing Potion
228  You have a silver goblet			-Copper ring
115  You have a black candle			-Silver goblet
  6  You have given all the requested items	-Black candle
206  Give Vizigg your hovers						Lu+1
 63  You sweep up the elderly Goblin		-Hovers
 28  You run from the falling debris
216  You enter the eerily quiet Great Hall	Torch
224  The rubble exposes an inert metal giant
370  You dive for cover and just make it
165  The rubble crashes down beside you
208  A small pair of webbed clawed hands appear
391  Fight the MUDCLAW 5/4						At+1
392  Give Tideus a Greater Healing Potion	[9/10]
 99  Give Tideus a Potion of Might		[9/15], -Greater Healing Potion
114  Give Tideus a Potion of Power		[11/17], -Greater Potion of Might
324  You've given him everything you can	[12/20], -Potion of Power
129  Battle the								At+2
     GOBLIN WAR GOLEM 11/30 with Tideus
222  Tideus leaps and hurls back the rubble
155  The two colossi continue the battle
388  You run around and weaken the legs
300  The War Golem topples to the ground
100  Continue until the War Golem is beaten
 69  Nimbus is taking to the skies once more
400  Your deeds will not be forgotten