Assassins of Allansia

This is not the shortest or easiest path; it is more gratifying to face difficult situations and barely succeed. Rather than minimizing risk, this solution includes as many interesting parts as possible, while avoiding sections that are blatantly harmful or provide no useful information. You may need high initial scores; this path assumes favorable dice rolls.
						backpack, coin,
						10 Provisions, Potion of Fortune
  1  Stand still in the pitch-black darkness
356  Toss a coin to distract the intruder
100  Swing your sword				-Coin
315  Fight the KNIFE FIGHTER 7/6
174  Begin your daily quest for food		Scorpion pendant, dagger
 11  Explore the island for food					St-1
116  Walk on past the ripe red berries
242  Leave the dismembered hand where it is
223  Flee from the Decayer's noxious smell
359  A thick glob of drool flies past your head				Lu-1
 17  You run through the undergrowth
213  See if there is any life inside the cave
185  You sidestep the oncoming Flesh-Head
267  You walk down the stone steps to the cave	Ruby			Lu+1
201  Walk over to the small wooden cupboard
187  Lift the lid off the clay pot
122  You look around the cave			Skeleton key #44	Lu+1
365  Open the inlaid wooden chest
 56  Open the small silver box
377  Open the leather purse			Red ink, Worm Paste,	Lu+1
						silver box, 2 diamonds
319  Close the chest and scour the beach	12 GP			Lu+1
231  Swim out to the barrel			Silver coin, rusty knife
255  Battle the GIANT SEA SNAKE 7/7		-Sword, -backpack	At-2
104  Swim back with the bronze shield
  9  You climb back up the stone steps		Sword, backpack,	Sk+1 Lu+1
						Shield of the Sentinels
127  Fight the giant fire-breathing creature
289  You are carrying a shield
196  Thrust your sword at the Dragon					St-1
165  Your sword bites into sinews and bones
 82  You head back towards your hut		2 Dragon claws
217  Climb the tree to find some honey
370  Climb down and run back to your hut				St+2
147  You are carrying a shield
 13  Fight the DARK ELF PRIESTESS 8/8
 61  Spend another night on Snake Island	Scorpion pendant
302  Attack the carnivorous Bloodwort plant	-Sword, Astral Sword,	Sk+1 St+2
						bow and quiver of arrows
 43  You board the Blue Moon and cast off	Blue Moon		St-2
 71  Jump into the sea and hide behind the boat
329  Climb back on board the Blue Moon
385  You slip over the side unseen					Lu-1
209  Cut the rope towing the Blue Moon
 88  Sail south-east to Port Blacksand
310  Enter the Black Lobster Tavern
334  Talk to the stern-looking innkeeper
367  Hand over your knife
 84  Give the innkeeper 5 Gold Pieces		-Rusty knife
110  Give the one-armed beggar a coin		-5 GP
389  Fight the ELITE SWORDSMAN 8/5					St-2
190  You sail towards the Red River estuary	Scorpion pendant
 15  You walk towards the boatyard
288  Ask the man if he's interested in a boat
380  Say that Captain Crow died on Snake Island
136  Accept his offer
375  Go in the general store			20 GP, -Blue Moon
327  Enter the store
 23  Ask if the storekeeper sells Elven Boots
317  He finds a pair of boots						Lu-1
170  Buy the boots
351  Buy the food and the wizard's backpack	-5 GP, Elven Boots
364  Ask if he has heard of Garanka Vassell	-5 GP, 1 Provision,	Sk+1
						Bag of Everything
229  Look at the items in the display case
 54  You thank Harold Cornpepper and leave	-15 GP, Magic Flute,	Sk+3 St+6
						Bracelet of Power,
						Scroll of Invisibility,
						Ring of Healing
203  Wake the small man up to speak to him
 68  You wriggle out from the heavy rope net
308  Fight each GOBLIN 5/6 5/5
283  You set off again along the path		3 GP, 6 opals
244  Talk to the whistling woman in a cloak
362  Buy six arrows
250  Ask if she has heard about assassins	-2 GP, 6 arrows
164  Pull back her cloak
 86  Draw your sword
 35  Fight GRETTA MORG 8/7
321  You set off east again			2 GP, scorpion pendant
 45  You talked to Harold Cornpepper
197  Fire an arrow at the bald-headed man
 80  The arrow flies straight and true		-1 arrow
238  You ready yourself to fight the assassin				Lu+1
 53  Fight GARANKA VASSELL 10/9
387  Try on his chain mail vest			3 GP, scorpion pendant
246  Go in the tavern				Chain mail		Sk+1
341  Pay 2 Gold Pieces to Tall Tom
 26  Go over to talk to Sidd the Seer		-2 GP
 74  Ask him the whereabouts of Lord Azzur
208  Pay him
282  Walk out of the tavern and head north	-1 GP
133  You have a spare pair of boots to sell
 32  Sell your old pair of leather boots
384  You thank the Gnome for his advice		1 GP
179  Open the sealed wooden box
232  Try on the gold signet ring		10 GP			St-2
346  The Luck Gods smile on you						Lu-1
218  You set off north again in good spirits	Ring of Good Fortune	Sk+1 St+2 Lu+3
121  Stand behind a tree and wait
 69  Strike the Orc as it passes by
  4  Finish off the ORC 6/2
311  You are wearing Elven Boots
241  Follow the silver-haired woman
 63  Follow her through the doorway
224  You dodge left with lighting-fast reflexes
 93  Fight the NINJA WARRIOR 7/6
254  Try on the thin copper headband		Scorpion pendant, dice	St+2
118  Look at the books on the bookshelves	Headband
355  Open the book entitled The End of Time
 12  You walk back up the stairs outside	Warp Ring
305  Follow the path north towards the forest
101  Investigate the pair of legs sticking out
173  You continue your journey			3 GP
363  You have a shield
  2  Draw your sword and ready for combat
266  Fight the ZENGIAN ULTRA 9/6					St-2
 22  Try on the snake-shaped gold armband	2 GP, scorpion pendant
318  Keep it on your burning bicep
 57  Head east along the new path		Mamba Band		Sk+2 St+2 Lu+1
222  You turn north towards the town
369  Keep heading towards town past the sound
189  Walk up the path to the farmhouse
 70  Open the front door
 28  Take the golden pig idol
  6  Tell the Dwarf twins you are on the run				St-2
291  Say the person on the Wanted poster is you
349  Fight DAX THE AXE 9/8
103  Offer the brothers half the Gold Pieces	18 GP, scorpion pendant, 2 emerald rings
 10  You wave goodbye and set off towards Kaad	-9 GP, -emerald ring, axe
307  Put your hand up to stop the carriage
120  Enter the gates of Kaad
243  Talk to the portly man carrying a sack
 19  Ask the Monk if he would like to sell
211  Do not buy the map to the Wishing Well
  3  Walk across the market to Clock Street
140  Knock on the Clock Tower door
249  Reply that you are the rat catcher
383  You have a flute
280  You thank Balthazar Wittle and leave				Lu+1
 89  Draw your sword
160  Fight BLACKTHORN 8/7
109  Follow the anxious young woman		Scorpion pendant
293  You are wearing a copper headband
344  Fight RED RUTH 5/5
 33  Turn left on Brick Street			Scorpion pendant
137  Keep your boots on
360  Battle the GIANT 8/9
178  Run up Quiet Street
 55  Run down an alleyway on the right
150  Climb over the high wall
320  You regain your balance and jump up				Lu-1
212  Go into the small house
 98  Tell the blacksmith you are being hunted
371  You thank him and go back outside
330  Go left up Bell Street
123  You see the Public Gardens up ahead
268  You are not wearing a Snakefang earring
237  You start to shake uncontrollably					St-10
271  Fight TUNKU YANG 5/6
326  Ask the mean-looking man for a ride	1 GP, scorpion pendant,
						bottle of poison
303  Ride with the horseman to the log cabin
153  You are looking forward to sleep		-2 GP
264  Pay to stay at Otto's Outpost
339  You thank Otto and set off			-1 GP			St+2
378  Look inside the small wooden hut
297  You decide to ring the brass bell
 39  Punch Zeedle in the face
132  You row across the river to Fang		Scorpion pendant
163  Fight URZLE IRONFACE 12/12
247  You stumble and suffer a deep wound				St-2
106  You agree to enter the Trial of Champions	Scorpion pendant, helmet
309  Leap onto the podium to attack Lord Azzur	Violet scarf
 65  You are wearing a Warp Ring
130  You decide to show restraint and wait	-Warp Ring
233  Take off your helmet
145  You have an odd number of pendants
259  You have thirteen pendants
216  Azzur looks at you closely
276  Accept and enter Deathtrap Dungeon
347  You salute Baron Sukumvit
400  The toughest challenge of your life awaits